Factors affecting the health of the real estate market

Factors affecting the health of the real estate market

Real estate business highlights some amount of portion of any wealth of individual. It is especially for the ones residing in countries like United States or Pakistan. According to Economic Survey of Pakistan, the homeownership rate in Pakistan has increased since past few decades. Real estate business is very lucrative, if any real estate investor monitors the real estate market health in the territory. Many of real estate market prediction for coming years has been very encouraging for the investors. This business has potential to increase with the passage of time, as it might give positive return in investment.

Real Estate Market Health


Demographic includes that data that mainly relies on population factors like migration, growth rates, gender, race and social status. Major changes within the demographic has a drastic impact on real estate market health. The main aspect of this depends upon other economic factors like property costs or their types. Some of the demographic trends like baby boomers born after 1980s have huge impact on real estate business. Real Estate Over time has been mainly dependent on the real estate transformation, i.e. from paperwork to digitalization. For instance, previous generation use to work mainly on papers, and now the current generation utilizes digital transactions.

Governmental policies

Any government would implement a legislation that would have significant impact on the demands and rates of the properties. Such legislation includes factors like subsidies, Taxations and FDIs that might boost real estate market health. The individuals need to aware themselves of such government incentives through which one would learn about supply changes. From 2018 to 2022, many of Pakistani investors took advantage of tax incentive by previous government. Despite sluggish economy, the real estate business of Pakistan has been progressing by leaps and bounds. Such policies are also instrumental in getting more foreign investments, which would boost up the national economy.

The Economy

The economic trends of any country would impact the worth of real estate, as it represent significant chunk of national economy. Some of the key values of economy like rates of goods, inflation data, GDP, and manufacturing capacity would impact the value of real estate. The better the situation of national economy, the more real estate market news would be positive. The circular system of economy involves all these key factors that might become reason of decline in real estate business. For instance, Security Exchange commission of Pakistan includes the list of those investments that are integral part of real estate business in Pakistan. So, one needs to be aware abut such circular system that runs the real estate economy.

Interest Rates 

Other important impact on real estate market health relies on Interest rates. For instance, one willing to purchase home with mortgage should use mortgage calculator to inspect interest rates. The changing interest rate would have huge affect on the rates of property purchase. The change in interest rates also equally impacts the ability of a person to buy any residential property. Lower interest rate may make borrowers optimistic, as it would create huge demand for real estate. However, the demand for this business might be lower, if the interest rate rise due to increasing mortgage cost. The future real estate market trends would equally depend on the changing nature of interest rates. In terms of finance, the link of rate to cost would be identical to the link of bonds with interest rates.


The economy of any country would have drastic affect on the real estate market health, which might affect the cash flow of the country. Many of the governmental incentives globally suggest a huge link between cause and effect of economic trends. The recession or economic doldrum poses a bigger threat to real estate business, as it would not provide positive return on investments. Also, it would create hurdles in job creation, and the current household income would completely decline. In such cases, individuals might force themselves to pay off their property as a mortgage. For more knowledge about real estate economy, you should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy firm enjoy huge popularity among the real estate investors of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

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