Real Estate market prediction for 2024

Real Estate market prediction for 2024

It is a notable fact that real estate business is thriving all over the glove, as it guarantees huge profits in return. Many of the real estate experts believe that 2024 would be shifting year for real estate business. A lot of real estate market predictions of 2024 depends on changing mortgage interest rates. Such rates have skyrocketed two times more than the year 2022. To some extent, Federal reserves of different countries are combatting inflation due to which the interest rates remained huge. Zillow housing market trends suggest tighter economic conditions compel slowdown in implementing nominal growth of wage. The mortgage rate might be high in year 2024, and property sellers might be hesitant to sell their properties at lower rates.

Real Estate Market Predictions

Are sales going to decline?

Although the prices of the homes had not changed before 2023, but this year volume of home sales has softened. The current home sales in July 2023 declined to annual pace of more than 4 million homes. Some of the prominent chief economists like Lawrence Yun suggest that retreating mortgage rates after their dip may get more house sellers and buyers. Some other financial experts further suggested low mortgage rate may further outgrow activity of home sales. The existing sellers in real estate market may enable themselves to trade their current houses. Such trade would help them in getting more transactions by adding much needed inventory into market. Due to competitive nature of real estate market, interest rates might have a drastic impact on real estate market over time.

Other important factor behind declines of sales might depend on inventory level. The inventory levels would need to surge; however it would depend on the buying capacity of existing homebuyers. There would be some new homebuyers, who would list their current properties, or might spend huge amount to construct new homes. Buyer would prefer to sell their low mortgage rates, if they have desire to construct a new home. Other than that, mortgage rates would play huge role in determining house rates. Real estate market predictions also suggests that Interest rates would have a limited effect on real estate. Such affect would influence mortgage payments with demands of housing. Buyer interest rate has remained high despite home prices witnessing growth, as per the real estate market trends.

2024 scenario

As per year real estate market forecast 2024, housing market might continue to slow down, but would not crash. The prices for first time buyers may surge due to very low borrowing rates, and supply restrictions. The prices are expected to rise slower or remain smooth for the next two years. Growing interest rates by next year may lead to a pullback in rates, which would result in affordability. Although, it might remain a primary concern for buyers as growing prices make it difficult for some purchasers to enter the market. Technically, the real estate market will remain very strong, but they might be moving towards some balance.

Though some of national housing markets won’t be crashing, but some other regional markets may witness deterioration in home prices. The only reason behind such deterioration is the increasing interest rate that might result in further unaffordability. As a matter of fact, some regions that previously face price growth issue would definitely experience a slowdown. The good part is that it might be a temporary setback, since economic and demographic trends might evolve favorably.


The amalgamation of huge mortgage rates, vertical home rates and low inventory levels would provide challenges for house buyers. Real Estate Market Predictions of year 2023 tells us that real estate market activity might face ups and down due to changing economic trends. One needs to understand complexities of existing real estate market condition, in order to generate profits next years. Real estate investors must look into challenges of affordability that might occur due to increase in rates. The have been fears of recession among real estate experts, as they contribute towards markets rise or decline. The real estate market may potentially shift away from skewness towards sellers to more balanced situations. If you want to learn more about potential changing trends in real estate market in 2024, please get in touch with consultants of Estate Land Marketing.

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