DHA Multan will transfer ownership of Sectors G and N this month

DHA Multan will transfer ownership of Sectors G and N this month

In a recent thrilling news, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Multan revealed plans to transfer possession in Sectors G and N later this month. On September 19, the authority’s official Facebook page published a message in which this crucial development was disclosed.

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Although the authorities has stated that possession will be awarded in September, they have not yet provided the precise date. For its subscribers, they have nevertheless offered some alluring incentives. Notably, members can expect to save a lot of money—up to PKR 40 lakhs. A rare offer is also available: if building is finished within a year, all development fees will be entirely waived.

Another development is that Sectors Q and M are included in the Monsoon Plantation effort that has been started by the DHA Multan. Their goal of building a Clean, Green, and Sarsabz-O-Shadab Pakistan is in line with this attempt.

The housing society’s commitment to protecting trees and fruit orchards, with a focus on conserving mango orchards, is one of its most notable characteristics. This proactive strategy turns these orchards into delightful Mango Parks, which not only improves the environment but also contributes to the project’s overall beauty.

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