The Gwadar port will soon be operational: CM Domki

The Gwadar port will soon be operational: CM Domki

GWADAR: The Gwadar port will soon be operational, which will boost trade and commercial activity, according to Baluchistan’s acting Chief Minister Mir Ali Mardan Domki.

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During his visit to Gwadar, he spoke with journalists and said that the port was already being utilized for Afghan transit commerce because of its advantageous location.

The chief minister claimed that this year’s below-average rainfall has made Gwadar’s drinking water shortage worse.

The public and the administration, he continued, “are drinking water very carefully.”

Mr. Domki claimed that the Iranian power supply arrangement only had two months of problems. The remainder of the year is trouble-free, Mr. Domki continued.

A later meeting to assess the progress being made on development projects was presided over by the chief minister. He went to the Fisheries Department and the GDA Hospital.

Mr. Domki stated that all initiatives for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor were actively being worked on in order to boost economic activity.

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