Real Estate market graph 2023

Real Estate market graph 2023

The real estate market graph in Pakistan has been growing more since past few decades. The country had faced some issues like severe pandemic, yet the housing market remained strong. Even, today this sector has continued to gain more investment from both local and foreign investors. A lot of real estate investors in Pakistan are willing to increase their financial portfolio. For that, they must go through the real estate market forecast 2024 to understand the present and upcoming trends in real estate business.

Real Estate Market Graph

2023 Year in Pakistan

The real estate market graph of Pakistan suggest that that this business is likely to grow more with the passage of time. If one looks at the current report of Pakistan’s Economic Survey, it states that real estate is the biggest employer. It contribute greatly towards the economy of Pakistan apart from agriculture. The real estate market news tell us that it would grow around 2.3 percent more in coming years, which investors consider optimistic. The demand for housing is growing, due to rise in population, and urbanization. A lot of real estate investors irrespective of income are looking for affordable housing. Since it is a lucrative market, so a lot of foreign investors have begun showing their interest.

Real Estate Forecast

The current forecast by the Economic Survey of Pakistan show that real estate market growth in Pakistan might be at its peak. The only reason behind such growth is rising demand of affordable housing. The real estate market graph of Pakistan shows that the business is getting boost from government incentives like Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Government of Pakistan greatly understands the importance of real estate business and aims to attract foreign direct investment into this sector. Every individual is willing to start of his own business by starting with the real estate consultancy.

Future Real Estate Projects

A lot of real estate project in Pakistan have received the approval from government authorities since the beginning of 2023. Many of such project are taking Place in Karachi and Lahore, which are largest cities of Pakistan. The most famous housing project is Bahria Town Karachi, that is near its completion. Another housing project that got the approval recently in Dream Valley Housing Scheme that has attracted various investors. Both of these project have the potential to cater to thousands of real estate investors, which would double their profits. Even, Islamabad has a lot of housing project that are among favorites of the real estate investors. One of them is Park View City, which is an epitome of natural beauty and innovative infrastructure. The Real Estate Graph of these three cities is high due to upcoming innovative housing projects.

Investment Opportunities

The real estate business on Pakistan offers some huge investment opportunities for foreign investors especially overseas Pakistanis. They are the ones wishing to invest their capital in Pakistan’s real estate sector to gain profits. One of the most important opportunities within the real estate business is the increasing demand for affordable homes. The government of Pakistan had provided some incentives like tax rebates and subsidies, which has made this business an appealing investment choice. Apart from that the infrastructural projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor have been instrumental for real estate market health of Pakistan. Many of the housing project in Islamabad are currently under development at the route of this corridor.


Many of the real estate experts think that the demand of affordable housing would be beneficial of real estate market graph. Some of the millennials have aged into their home purchasing year, and have become the enthusiastic buyers of properties. The record of millennial property ownership was low but situation has evolved dramatically. The recent report suggest that baby boomers and Generation Z of Pakistan are very much into real estate business. They plan to generate huge amount of wealth by purchasing properties in upcoming housing projects. Majority of the real estate investors believe in getting more wealth by renting out their properties at expensive rates. For more details about the financial trends in this sector, please visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing. Our consultancy firm is notable in Islamabad for dealing with the clients of current and upcoming real estate projects.


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