Property Dealer in Pakistan

How to Become a Property Dealer in Pakistan

How to Become a Property Dealer in Pakistan?

Property Dealer in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where real estate is significant. People are always looking for ways to live in the most comfortable way possible in the most economical homes. When given too many options, individuals become perplexed as to which property to select.

Property dealers are also known as realtors and property counselors in Pakistan. They earn a commission by fixing deals between buyers and sellers of real estate. Typically, they charge a specific percentage of commission on both sides of the transaction. When two property dealers are involved in a transaction, each of them receives a commission. The selling side’s dealer earns a commission from the seller, while the buying side’s dealer earns a commission from the buyers.

A property dealer is frequently the individual who completes the paperwork for the sellers and buyers in a transaction. The dealer, for example, obtains the written and registered sale deed for the parties to the sales contract, i.e., the seller and buyer of a property. To get in contact with a reliable company and with their property dealers in Pakistan, you can pursue the link mentioned above for guidance .

What Makes a Property Dealer Successful in Pakistan?

Success can mean different things to different kinds of people. Still, we define success as measuring your total effectiveness and productivity in employing your administrative skills, marketing, negotiation, and customer service to successfully close property deals and transactions. Instead of focusing on immediate returns and benefits, a good property dealer in Pakistan considers the long-term potential. Successful property dealers in Pakistan know how to convert leads and contacts into long-term, loyal clients who have renewed faith in the property dealer’s capacity to meet their aims and ambitions.

Vital Tips to become a Successful Property Dealer in Pakistan

  1. Ability to foresee industry trends and consumer demand
  2. Recognize the Value of Money
  3. Understand the law, the rules, the documentation, and the drafting process.
  4. Be a skilled negotiator.
  5. Outstanding Networker
  6. Pay close attention to the details.
  7. Believe in dealing with others in a fair and honest manner.
  8. Putting Your Agency Together


 Ability to foresee industry trends and consumer demand

A successful property in Pakistan dealer has a firm grasp on the market. You gradually gain an understanding of market changes. This enables you to safely manage your customers and investors through market ups and downs, ensuring that they profit regardless of whether the market rises or falls. The ability to forecast and comprehend market moves is the single most valuable skill a real estate agent can have. This is what distinguishes the cream from the rest of the pack.

Recognize the Value of Money

An excellent property dealer in Pakistan also has a lot of expertise dealing with money. Understanding the pricing of many competing products that you may have to quote to your consumers might be difficult. There could be hidden fees associated with a specific property. As a competent consultant, you should be sure to quote exact prices. Customers are irritated by such blunders. Such errors might have serious ramifications in some situations, jeopardizing not only your business relationship with the client but also your relationship with them.

Understand the law, the rules, the documentation, and the drafting process

In property matters, there is an unending amount of paperwork. Each document that is exchanged via you must be checked for legitimacy. You should be aware of the specifics of the property registration and transfer process. You should also ensure that any agreements involving various property transfers are properly documented and written. Any errors you make may be held accountable.

A default template can save you a lot of time and work in many circumstances. To make the agreement or deed applicable to your property transaction, you must make suitable changes to the model.

Take the time to learn about the housing regulations and rules that apply to the houses you work with. Determine the appropriate tax legislation, as well as any other pertinent data.

Be a skilled negotiator

If you want to be successful in marketing specifically a skilled property dealer of Pakistan, you must be a skilled negotiator who can present intriguing and persuasive reasons to persuade your clients. You must, however, do it with tact and ensure that you never miscommunicate with the client. Negotiation is the skill of persuading someone rather than deceiving or deceiving him.

Outstanding Networker

Using your professional and personal networks is an important element of property marketing. A successful property dealer of Pakistan is a good networker who knows how to build strong ties with his contacts.

Pay close attention to the details

It is extremely difficult to please clients and effectively sell their properties unless the property dealer is capable of paying attention to every detail. This is especially true in a difficult-to-sell market. Great property dealers are aware of even the tiniest improvements that sellers can make to improve their property’s chances of being sold. Tax legislation, infrastructural development, and zoning standards, for example, are always changing. The greatest property dealers stay current and well-trained by attending real estate academies, colleges, and regional associations on a regular basis. Furthermore, these employees are extremely organized, returning client calls immediately and keeping all appointments on schedule.

Believe in dealing with others in a fair and honest manner

If you want to be a successful property dealer in Pakistan for a long time, you must always deal fairly and honestly. Your networks begin to put their faith in your ability to deliver over time. Other property dealers and companies will begin to include you in their exclusive current or forthcoming initiatives if you earn their confidence, which will add to your long-term success.

Putting Your Agency Together

Establish your agency when you believe you have developed sufficient expertise of real estate transactions and are financially secure enough to do so. After that, choose a name for your agency, open an office in a convenient place, register your business, and begin functioning as the boss!

As a result, being a property dealer in Pakistan is not as difficult as it may appear. A dealer’s most valuable assets are their industry knowledge and expertise, which enable them to succeed in the market.

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Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is recognized for its beautiful beauty and is a haven for individuals who enjoy being surrounded by nature. This well-planned metropolis recently drew the attention of property developers and investors. Well-known builders in Islamabad are creating International-level developments. In other words, Islamabad is on the move; it is spreading to the north, south, and east. Investing in new projects and prospective housing schemes presents beneficial conditions. Payment plans and pricing are available on a flexible schedule, as well as overtime. The content of this article will describe the top five real estate investment in Islamabad.

5 Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

We have a thorough list of all real estate developments in Islamabad, with each project highlighting its unique advantages. Though commercial buildings almost always have residential blocks associated with them, a commercial block on its own usually has a residence. Such a noble idea, in my opinion, is to be found in Islamabad, where each community is planned such that it is provided with everything necessary within boundaries and around it. They do not want the inhabitants to drive the furthest to have everything on-site, and in that way, the consumers and investors both gain. Therefore, a mutually beneficial scenario exists. Following are the real estate investment in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City

Future Development Holdings (a private Pakistani company) is partnering with Surbana Jurong (a Singaporean company) to build the Capital Smart City. Housing development criteria in Pakistan are set to be on pace with the modernized world courtesy of this approach. By investing in both state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge infrastructure, we achieve a Capital Smart City.

Claiming to be the only smart city in Pakistan, Islamabad’s Capital Smart City (CSC) is our top choice when looking at the top five new developments in the Pakistani capital. It also tells us what they will be doing in the future. For example, they aim to use a comprehensive IT facility to maintain an official database of operations, deliver automated utilities, use CCTV with suitable object identification, and many other valuable features.

As a result, the market for CSC’s international blocks is relatively high, making it the best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021, especially among overseas Pakistani investors. The pricing is justified because of the high-end facilities they deliver. Investing in CSC is a beautiful chance for investors because, in the following years, they will make big returns, and at the same time, customers in Pakistan will have access to a good quality of life.

Gulberg Green

A future housing project in Islamabad is known as Gulberg Green. The credit rating of this cooperative residential building is known and trusted by many. It is an excellent project to invest in, as it is situated conveniently. It is situated near Airport Chowk on the major Islamabad Highway. In 2009, the development of the project began. Gulberg Green spreads over around 50,000 Kanal of land. Fully furnished 4, 5, 10 Kanal farms and 5, 7, 8, 10, 14 Marla homes and 1, 2 Kanal residential homes are all available for immediate possession and building in Gulberg Greens.

Gulberg Green is closer to the center of Islamabad than DHA and Bahria, which gives purchasers of Gulberg Green an advantage over their competition. The location makes the property one of the best investments in Islamabad 2021. If you have a spending plan of 15 lakhs, you can join a housing society nearby even if it’s at a higher price point than other neighboring societies. Also, they predict that due to its price, the supply would increase.

Faisal Hills

Developers of Faisal Margalla City, Faisal town, and Faisal Residencia have done a fantastic job with the Faisal Hills project. One of the profitable real estate investments in Islamabad, Faisal Hills, was built to provide a relaxing, tranquil, and quiet home for its people. This position is excellent since it is conveniently close to the city’s main highway, the Grand Trunk Road, and only a short drive from the Islamabad Expressway.

Because of its massive and well-maintained network of broad highways, the magnificent sight of Margalla Hills, along with a protected manner, makes it an excellent investment project. Faisal Hills is a venture developed by sound developers, which caused its 5 and 8 Marla lots to sell quickly. As a result, we anticipate that investors will enjoy impressive profits with this project, making it the best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021.

G-Block B-17

Another noteworthy project in Islamabad is B-17, among the top five best investments in Islamabad 2021. G-Block, located in a well-populated and well-developed region B-17, has the best selection of plots in the entire area. Motorway interchange availability, a 21% reduction on full payment, and the ability to receive a plot number all inside one agreement is a superb mix of features for all investors. It’s a superb investment decision because of the enormous customer demand.

To the east of N-5 National Highway (known locally as Grand Trunk Road), the region is limited by the M-1 motorway. B-17 is a recently developed area in Islamabad Capital Territory’s Zone II. On 30 January 2008, the CDA authorized and granted a no-objection certificate (NOC) to MPCHS for sector B-17. The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) authorized the NOC to build schools in the community.

Top City

Are you looking for the best real estate investment in Islamabad? Then Top City should be your first pick. Top City-1 aspires to be the best city globally by focusing on accountability, durability, productivity, and customer happiness. It aspires to be Pakistan’s most abundant and first innovative housing development, envisioned as a comfortable and secure living area for the average man. The goal is to create a cutting-edge housing project that will serve as an example of sustainable development and establish new norms for community amenities and services with various futuristic and inventive concepts.

Top city is a standard pick among real estate investors. The best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021, and investment in this housing program resulted in a 100% profit in 2017 once developers refreshed the prices. Due to several external circumstances, including its location at the M1 and M2 interchange, direct access to the Kashmir highway, a new airport, and the launch of a metro bus line to the airport. It is quickly growing since it is leveraging cutting-edge technology, as opposed to other nearby ventures.


Given the growing demand for high-quality and financially feasible residences in Islamabad, various private real estate developers continue to establish new enterprises. Though real estate investment is a feasible alternative and an enriching experience, choosing the best investment in Islamabad 2021 is just as crucial. Before investing your hard-earned income in any real estate project, industry professionals at Estateland and Marketing recommend conducting a rigorous study. It’s critical to do your homework since not every gated community guarantees a healthy return on investment.

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Park View City Terrace Apartments

Park View City Terrace Apartments

Islamabad has become one of the primary cities in Pakistan which has seen an emergence within residential units and so many people are inclined to make an investment in this city. Park View City is among the most prestigious housing societies currently under construction. This unique housing community is being planned and built in Islamabad’s Zone IV, bordered by the beautiful green Bani Gala hills.

The Park View City of Islamabad is located in a picturesque hillside area encompassed by a botanical park with magnificent views A place where one can watch the dawn and enjoy a quiet evening. The residential society is planned in such a manner that it is conveniently accessible to both the city’s northern and southern life. This will be the most advanced civilization, with spectacular views and amenities for its investors and prospective residents. It is being built using modern art and architecture to meet the needs and expectations of the residents, who will have access to every world-class facility right at their doorstep.

Park View City offers its investors and prospective residents a wide range of facilities and services. With round-the-clock security and monitoring, cutting-edge hospitals and clinic centers, academic institutions, an international block, and a plethora of other amenities. These are absolute cutting-edge facilities of the greatest and international grade, designed to make life easier and more pleasant Terrace apartments are among the features available.

Terrace Apartments

Terrace flats are one of the many amenities offered by the prestigious housing organization Park View City. These apartment structures will be of the highest quality and will meet international standards. Apartments play an important role in any community. Particularly for individuals who choose to live in a modest, compatible space rather than a large residence. If you’re one of these people, then renting an apartment is the way to go. As the name implies, these are terrace apartments, which means that each apartment will have its own modest patio. It doesn’t matter how much of a property it is. In addition, the same distinctive qualities go for all other blocks including Park View City J Block, Golf Estate, and more. 

All of the flats have been constructed in the same way by the architects and programmers. A balcony or patio is a must-have feature in any apartment, as it provides a more pleasant mood to the overall space and decor. Park View City Islamabad is a fantastic site to invest in, particularly as a housing society close to the city center. Not only that, but the housing organization also has a wide selection of apartments to choose from.

Types of Apartments

Park View City Terrace Apartments provides its investors with three different types of bedroom apartments to select from, based on affordability. The following are the many types of bedroom apartments available:

  • Apartment with one room/studio
  • Apartment with two bedrooms
  • Apartment with three bedrooms

These flats are state-of-the-art in every way. They’re also built to the highest international standards. Any of the residential buildings can be chosen and invested in depending on one’s preferences and budget. It truly makes the Park View City investment the absolute best and incredible. 

Payment Plan for Terrace Apartments

Following is the payment plan of Park View City Terrace Apartments for the Ground Floor:

Type Apt. no Size Total 20% Down Payment Balance 18 monthly installments 6 quarterly installments
3 bed 1 2198 21,980,000 4,396,000 17,584,000 976,889 2,930,668
2 bed 2 1509 15,090,000 3,018,000 12,072,000 670,667 2,012,000
2 bed 3 1526 15,260,000 3,052,000 12,280,000 678,221 2,034,664
2 bed 4 1296 12,960,000 2,592,000 10,368,000 576,000 1,728,000
2 bed 5 1382 13,820,000 2,764,000 11,056,000 614,223 1,842,667
3 bed 6 2182 21,820,000 4,364,000 17,456,000 969,778 2,909,334
2 bed 7 1351 13,510,000 2,702,000 10,808,000 600,445 1,801,334
2 bed 8 1585 15,850,000 3,170,000 12,680,000 704,444 2,113,334

Following is the payment plan of Park View City Terrace Apartments for the First Floor:

Type Apt. no Size Total 20% Down Payment Balance 18 monthly installments 6 quarterly installments
3 bed 9 2198 21,980,000 4,396,000 17,584,000 976,889 2,930,668
2 bed 10 1509 15,090,000 3,018,000 12,072,000 670,667 2,012,000
2 bed 11 1526 15,260,000 3,052,000 12,280,000 678,221 2,034,664
2 bed 12 1296 12,960,000 2,592,000 10,368,000 576,000 1,728,000
2 bed 13 1382 13,820,000 2,764,000 11,056,000 614,223 1,842,667
3 bed 14 2182 21,820,000 4,364,000 17,456,000 969,778 2,909,334
2 bed 15 1351 13,510,000 2,702,000 10,808,000 600,445 1,801,334
2 bed 16 1585 15,850,000 3,170,000 12,680,000 704,444 2,113,334

Following is the payment plan of Park View City Terrace Apartments for the Second Floor:

Type Apt. no Size Total 20% Down Payment Balance 18 monthly installments 6 quarterly installments
3 bed 17 2198 21,980,000 4,396,000 17,584,000 976,889 2,930,668
2 bed 18 1509 15,090,000 3,018,000 12,072,000 670,667 2,012,000
2 bed 19 1526 15,260,000 3,052,000 12,280,000 678,221 2,034,664
2 bed 20 1296 12,960,000 2,592,000 10,368,000 576,000 1,728,000
2 bed 21 1382 13,820,000 2,764,000 11,056,000 614,223 1,842,667
3 bed 22 2182 21,820,000 4,364,000 17,456,000 969,778 2,909,334
2 bed 23 1351 13,510,000 2,702,000 10,808,000 600,445 1,801,334
2 bed 24 1585 15,850,000 3,170,000 12,680,000 704,444 2,113,334

Following is the payment plan of Park View City Terrace Apartments for the Third Floor:

Type Apt. no Size Total 20% Down Payment Balance 18 monthly installments 6 quarterly installments
3 bed 25 2198 21,980,000 4,396,000 17,584,000 976,889 2,930,668
2 bed 26 1509 15,090,000 3,018,000 12,072,000 670,667 2,012,000
2 bed 27 1526 15,260,000 3,052,000 12,280,000 678,221 2,034,664
2 bed 28 1296 12,960,000 2,592,000 10,368,000 576,000 1,728,000
2 bed 29 1382 13,820,000 2,764,000 11,056,000 614,223 1,842,667
3 bed 30 2182 21,820,000 4,364,000 17,456,000 969,778 2,909,334
2 bed 31 1351 13,510,000 2,702,000 10,808,000 600,445 1,801,334
2 bed 32 1585 15,850,000 3,170,000 12,680,000 704,444 2,113,334

The above table shows the payment schedule for the balcony flats, with all of the installments and down payments for the flats broken down in detail. The terrace flats are divided into three types of bedroom flats. And, depending on their budget, they could choose from any of the housing complexes available. These flats are well worth investing in, especially if you’re seeking a long-term, secure investment. These units will also come with all of the amenities that one would expect from an apartment building.

Booking Process

You may easily reserve an apartment at the Park View City Terrace Apartments by calling Estate Land Marketing, who will be pleased to help you. The Park View City developers have made it quite easy and seamless. You can also visit the workplace with the relevant requirements, which you will need at the time of the reservation:

  • Copy of the claimant’s ID card
  • Copy of the nominee’s ID card or next of kin’s ID card
  • a passport-sized photograph
  • Park View Enclave (Pvt) Limited requires a 20% down payment in cash, pay order or cross-cheque.

Final Thoughts

In the last few decades, housing societies have been on the rise. These housing organizations are working on the establishment and development of residential buildings and complexes, in addition to residential or commercial properties. Many engineers and users have adopted the vertical architecture concept instead of concentrating on a more horizontal building pattern. More land will be spared and used in other ways as a result of this.

Apartments are a fantastic investment option, particularly for those who choose to live in condos rather than houses. The Park View City Terrace Apartments are ideal for them. Individuals who are seeking solace and tranquility within their bubble. If you wish you read more about it kindly visit the Estate Land Marketing website. 

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Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) & Imperium Group of Companies (IGC) have partnered on a TMA-approved combined low-cost real estate project known as the Blue World City Awami Residential Complex.  Furthermore, in April 2020, ARC (Asian Regional Collaboration) was unveiled for Lahore and Islamabad. The building was constructed to be located as efficiently as possible between Lahore Ring Road and the main Multan Road.

Well, there is a broad choice of home types, including studio apartments, 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom family flats, 3-Marla Awami lot, and Duplex Villa, all of which are offered at an affordable price. Such properties are for sale at lower costs with repayment plans of 5 years.

NOC Approval

The Town Municipal Administration (TMA) has approved the Awami Complex. They have officially granted an approval letter, No. 241-MO Planning 20, dated 05-03-2020. Investors can also check and verify with the TMA office about this claim.

Owners & Developers

Pakistan founded the Blue Group of Companies in 1989. Before the company’s construction and construction management services, it only had a branch in Lahore, where it supplied design and building services. Blue Group of Company is now headed in the right way because of Mr Saad Nazir’s visionary CEO.

Moreover, since its founding in 1999, the Imperium Group of Companies has established itself as a significant construction and real estate firm. Its diligent work and determination in its field have earned it recognition in Pakistan recently. A consortium of international as well as local specialists governs this real estate development enterprise.


A group of enterprises formed by the IGC-BLUE GROUP OF COMPANIES partnership has risen to become the most rapidly developing Pakistani consortium. Moreover, it has an extensive list of firms from all areas of the real estate market offering expertise in various sectors. The partnership includes enterprises from both the Gulf and North American regions as well as those from overseas.

Moreover, the Group is focused on Pakistan’s severe housing shortage, as described by Prime Minister Khan, and hence its goal is to provide affordable yet luxurious housing projects. These instalment plans are available for all of these programmes.

Among the best Blue World City blocks list, the developers are selling Awami Residential Apartments. It would not be inaccurate to describe this project as a type of public welfare real estate. This is because 50% of the flats are allocated to the government, 40% to regular citizens, and 10% to older adults and widows.

Location & Map

Awami Residential Complex Lahore resides on Service Road, which is closest to Canal Road & Raiwind Road. furthermore, Real estate investors investing in these NOC-approved housing units do not doubt the Awami Residential Complex’s location. Awami Residential Complex is conveniently located close to the major sites of Lahore, making it an excellent place for both short- and long-term living.

Awami Residential Complex Location Map

Blue Group of Companies Awami Residential Complex is an officially sanctioned residence. The Awami Complex has been officially approved by the Town Municipal Administration (TMA). An approval letter, No. 241-MO Planning 20, has been formally granted.

The Blue World City discount offer for all its blocks is also making great waves. something that has been a great deal for all investors and the general masses. 

The apartments of the Blue World Awami Reside have a standard size. Furthermore, many types and sizes of apartment units are available in the Awami Residential Complex. The Awami Complex is a very well-planned and built housing development that targets lower-income citizens. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s low-cost housing units feature the poor in the budget-friendly Awami residential complex flats.


There are four distinct types of Awami Residential Complex Residences:

  • Studio apartments
  • 1-bed family apartments
  • 2-bed family apartments
  • 3-Marla Awami plot
  • Duplex Residence

Dimensions of Flats

Following are the dimensions of Awami Residential Complex Apartments Lahore:

Apartment Type   Apartment Size  
Studio apartments 375 sq. ft.  
1-bed family apartments 650 sq. ft.
2-bed family apartments 810 sq. ft.

Sizes of Apartments

Following are sizes and types of  apartments

Type   Sizes  
Studio apartments 375 sq. ft.  
1-bed family apartments 550 sq. ft.
2-bed family apartments 830 sq. ft.

Duplex Villa

Following are the sizes of the Awami Residential Complex Duplex Villa

Type   Size  
Duplex Villa 675 sq. ft.

Salient Features

Well, Blue Town Awami Complex provides several lavish characteristics to the low-income section of the community at a minimal price. These are the facilities of AWAMI RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX:

  • Low-cost living apartment buildings
  • Elegant apartments
  • Unparalleled Location
  • Legal and approved residential units
  • Uncomplicated instalment plans

How to Reserve a Plot in Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Lahore?

You can call Estate Land Marketing to reserve your dream home in Awami Residential Complex Lahore and Islamabad. They will guide you in detail through the process. In addition, it would be best if you had all of the documentation listed below before reserving a plot:

  • A duplicate of the applicant’s NICOP card
  • Copy of ID card of Candidates next to kin
  • One’s Passport size picture
  • Fill out the application form for Blue Hills Country Farms.

Moreover, one must submit the booking cost in the form of a :

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Bank draft


A new housing project for low-income people, called Awami Residential Complex Lahore & Islamabad, was based on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s low-cost housing ideas. Moreover, an online confirmation and application form for the Awami residential complex is also accessible.

Well, the developers may pay high levels of luxury over time. As a result, this investment and residence are an excellent fit for anyone interested in either of those things. This apartment complex in a great area of Lahore has been making great waves among low-income individuals since it opened in April 2020.

Anyhow, Estateland Marketing highly endorses that this is an excellent opening to invest in this project.

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Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City

Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City

Blue World City is a Rawalpindi housing project located near Ring Road. It’s one of the residential properties close to the new Islamabad International Airport, and it’s accessible from both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a beautiful housing project nestled among many others and removed from the central metropolis’s hustle and bustle. It possesses among the most crucial characteristics that you will discover once you have reserved a plot here. Let’s discuss further in detail about Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City.

Owners and Developers

Saad Nazir founded the Blue Group of Companies in 1989. Thus, he is the company owner and is Blue World City CEO. They have created an image for themselves in Pakistan’s real estate market. However, the Blue Group of Companies has extended into other fields such as information technology, marketing, and so on.

Saad Nazir, who is the owner of BGC, is the son of Lahore Deputy Commissioner Ch. Nazeer. The Blue Group of Companies inked an MOU alongside Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company of China for its establishment. The Blue Group of Companies employs over 300 people in various positions, giving it one of Pakistan’s most diverse businesses.

Furthermore, the proprietor of the Blue Group of Companies has been instrumental in the development of such lovely country farms. One of the upcoming names in this Farmhouses initiative is Chaudhry Nadeem Ejaz.

Payment Plan of Blue Hill Farm Houses

Payment Plan of Blue Hill Farm Houses

Compared to other high-class housing societies, Blue Hill Farmhouses are among the best aspects that the community offers at inexpensive rates. These are well-designed farmhouses suitable for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The society offers a wide range of farmlands at the most affordable prices. The project will also present investors with a simple payout plan. Even though the quantity of these fields is restricted, demand is considerable. It is also vital to realize that the requirements will increase in the future.

Blue Hills Country Farm Placement

The Farmhouses are well-constructed. The developers strategically created the community near Chakri Interchange, Lahore-Islamabad motorway, where the latest yet most spectacular housing complex is located. New Islamabad International Airport is also nearby. Other well-known housing projects in the vicinity of Blue World City Islamabad include Capital Smart City and University Town. You can easily find details on these housing societies on Estateland Marketing. It’s worth noting that the Blue Hills venture is only 20 minutes from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s two largest cities.

Facilities and Amenities

Among many other facilities that all Blue World City Blocks provide, the hype is real and impeccable. Anyhow, here are the facilities and facets.

Farming of fishes

Fish farming is a form of aquaculture wherein the farmers raise fish in receptacles with the purpose of being sold as food. It is the fastest-growing segment of the animal food processing industry. Nearly half of the fish consumption ratio is raised worldwide in today’s artificial environments. Blue Hills Farm Housing would provide natural amenities to its customers.

Theme Park

Blue Hills Farm Houses have an amusement park that offers fantastic entertainment, cuisine, and other activities. The developers provided a lovely amusement park with fantastic attractions for its valued visitors.

System of Surveillance

Blue World City’s management will cover various control mechanisms to sustain a good environment throughout the program. Blue Hills employs a highly trained and specialized security staff that travels around the area.

Golf course

Golf is both deceptively simple and infinitely complex; it nourishes the soul while also stimulating the mind. Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City will launch a portfolio of golf communities that will provide residents with one-of-a-kind golf services.

Horse Riding

Riding is an activity that relaxes the mind and provides relief near meditation. With its natural surroundings and appropriate setting, Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City is ideal for riding.

Commercial Fruit/Vegetable Farming

Many conscientious customers want to buy organic fruits and vegetables, thus growing veggies and fruits may be an appealing option. Blue Hills’ management allows you to select the level of knowledge and requirements required to run a fruit/vegetable field.

Community Centers

Every region benefits from a high-quality community center. Children, families, senior residents, public bodies, parks, and recreational facilities benefit from a well-run recreation center. With so many people relying on the facility, the Blue Hills administration will need to provide exceptional leadership as well as support resources for the institution to prosper.

Farming of Cattle

Animal agriculture has historically influenced the development of a powerful, well-developed nation. Cattle farming could be a daunting job or a massive accomplishment for newcomers. A central organizational structure will manage the Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City to teach individuals the fundamentals of livestock operations.

Farmhouses as a Speculative Investment

The essential relevance of a farmhouse as usable land in the city stays intact every day as a prospect for investment. Explore the delights of fantastic vision, spend leisure time in complete seclusion, and enjoy the pleasant sounds and fragrances of nature.

People will choose Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City if they desire to have a fun and unforgettable time with loved ones, relatives, or other close friends.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies have made this possible. The Blue World City Islamabad has become a reality. For investors in Pakistan, the highest quality of leisure amenities on simple and accessible payment plans is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Most investors in Islamabad & Rawalpindi have turned to Blue Hills Farm Houses in Blue World City as a viable investment option.

The appeal of country farm prices has spread like wildfire throughout the real estate sector. As a result, we positively advise that you engage in country farms with no hesitation. For more details on Blue World City, please visit our detailed blog in the Estate Land Marketing blogs section. You will also find detailed blogs about similar projects and investment opportunities in our blog’s section.

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Best Property Investment in Pakistan

Best Property Investment in Pakistan 2022

Best Property Investment in Pakistan

The wealth and income-building potential of property investment in Pakistan are undeniable. Pakistan’s property market grows according to a number of different factors. Many facets of the buyer’s interests, such as intrigue, demand, state taxes, and regulations, are represented in this statement. In order to make an informed settlement, you must keep up-to-date with all aspects of your investments. The strength of the best property investment in Pakistan lies in an excellent understanding of the demand and excellent analysis. We will go through the best property investment in Pakistan in great detail, along with up-to-date information on the patterns in Islamabad.

This city provides multiple investment opportunities and has excellent potential for new and creative real estate developments because of the high population growth. There have been a number of residential properties and commercial projects built in the current real estate market, offering excellent investment opportunities for investors.

After the emergence of COVID-19, the property market experienced positive trends, such as improved trading conditions, a significant boost of investment channeled particularly into the property sector by the foreign Nationals, and improved construction conditions following the announcement of a relief package.

Capital City Investment 

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, has also been declared one of the most stunning capital cities in the world. Due to Islamabad’s safety, real estate investors rate it as one of the most attractive cities for property investment.

Investing in real estate is a good idea because it is predicted to have the best property investment in Islamabad 2021. Investors are attracted to making investments in Islamabad for a number of reasons. At the moment, buying property is the best investment option. To get the best property investment in Pakistan, Islamabad is strongly advisable.

Well managed, by all means, Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. According to a record, it is the world’s third most beautiful city. Builders created several unique real estate projects have in Islamabad in the recent times. And all of this is accompanied by a broad array of products for customers and investors.

It is known as one of the safest towns in Pakistan, both for residential and investment reasons, due to greenery and an additional plus. Pakistan’s status as a family station for the UN is also attributable to federal law compliance agencies’ relentless and unshakeable cooperation. Also, a World Crime Index survey, which marked the federal capital as being safer than other major cities recently came out.

Best Property Investment in Islamabad

You could perhaps consider putting money in the areas referenced below for investments that are almost 100% financially successful.

Defense by DHA, Islamabad

DHA Defence scores first on our list of best Property Investment in Islamabad. Located on National Highway, the project is picture perfect. This project doesn’t need any introduction, as it is run and operated by the Defence Housing Authority of the town.

These properties in Defense Islamabad were among the first to offer modern principles of living. The scheme provides entirely secure and lucrative property units at affordable rates by incorporating neighborhood parks, playgrounds, education institutions, and carpeted roads. DHA Defense is also one of the best property investment in Pakistan due to all of the attributes we listed.

Gulberg Green, Islamabad

Gulberg Green is a growing field for property investment in Pakistan. As part of the recent growth and advancement of the real estate industry in the area, this housing scheme is located on the outskirts of Islamabad Expressway. The project showcases affordable options for the both buyers as well as investors. The area makes real estate classified as one of the best property investment in Pakistan.

Affordable investment options, as well as all the international-standard facilities, are included in Gulberg residential units. With a network of streets, green spaces, recreational offerings, and a variety of commuting choices, we can visibly see that the builders went to great lengths to build a modern community in this city.

Bahria Town, Islamabad

Between both the twin cities, Bahria Town also obviously makes it to our lineup of the best property investment in Pakistan and best property investment in Islamabad. This Bahria Town housing development does not need an introduction for our readers.

This developer is fully confident that their residential complexes use all of the essential ingredients necessary for a premium lifestyle. Not only does this neighborhood include various educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, as well as health facilities like clinics and hospitals, but it also incorporates highly sophisticated security systems, state-of-the-art construction, and other critical amenities.

With all the various benefits Bahria Town, Islamabad, offers, it is not inaccurate to claim that Bahria Town homes are well-suited for people who intend to purchase property in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts

This idea is quite commendable that at Islamabad, each society is built so that it has detailed amenities and facilities readily accessible within and in its nearby neighborhoods. Not needing the inhabitants to travel quite far for anything because everything is made accessible inside, this typically advantages the customers and the investors. The long-term result is beneficial to both parties.

Other than the projects mentioned, Islamabad offers many other ultra-modern projects with great investment opportunities, details of which you can easily find on our blogs page. Some projects that did not make it to our list of the three best property investment in Islamabad are Capital Smart City, Park View City, Blue World City, MIVIDA City, and Nova City.

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Best Place to Invest in Islamabad 2021

Best Place to Invest in Islamabad 2021

Best Place to Invest in Islamabad 2021

It is a beautiful spot to live in because of the beautiful hills, stunning views, and clean atmosphere. This is why several well-known real estate developers have made significant investments in this city. Which is why, in this blog, we will cover the best place to invest in Islamabad 2021.

Islamabad is growing and providing a plethora of real estate investment options. The city is building shopping malls, housing societies, commercial and residential facilities, and Islamabad has a lot more potential. Islamabad’s rapid expansion and burgeoning population have transformed the city into another critical investment center in Pakistan. In recent years, the real estate market has seen the rise of various creative real-estate developments.

Reputable real estate projects offer substantial returns on investment in 3 to 4 years, based on various investment alternatives. So, whether you want to move into one of these housing societies or maintain the place for few years, these residential properties are indeed the best place to invest in Islamabad 2021.

What Characterizes a Good Housing Society?

In the middle of numerous appealing developers are creating new housing communities in Islamabad, choosing the finest one among them might be a complex undertaking for a buyer and end-user. Before we go into the five best place to invest in Islamabad 2021, let’s have a look at what constitutes a substantial housing project in the property market.

  1. Location
  2. Trustworthy Developer
  3. Stage of NOC
  4. The pace of Development Work
  5. Marketing Strategy
  6. Liquidity is plentiful.

Islamabad’s best places to invest in 2021

Some of the best place to invest in Islamabad 2021 are listed here.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City bills itself as Pakistan’s only smart city. Habib-Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings have collaborated on the project (FDHL). They’ve recently completed successful projects, and their newest housing community, Capital Smart City, seems to be the town’s most talked-about initiative. This housing society boasts unique characteristics, something no other society has: Crystal Lake, an 18-hole golf course, a stadium, amusement parks, smart villas, and smart homes, among other things.

Since its start, Capital Smart City has been discussing Islamabad due to its unique offers. Smart City had a stunning inauguration on October 6, 2019, and it has remained the focus of interest in Islamabad’s real estate business ever then.

Please see our associated blogs: Capital Smart City and Reasons to Invest in Capital Smart City at Estateland and Marketing if you want to learn more about Capital Smart City.

Park View City

Park View City, Islamabad’s foremost society, has attracted a lot of interest from investors in a short period. In Islamabad, the society provides a diverse selection of residential plots, villas, and flats. The real-estate property is situated in a strategic place of Islamabad, which is only just a few minutes journey from the Srinagar Highway. The community is surrounded by the stunning Bani Gala Hills, providing a relaxing view of beautiful nature. In addition, the residential society provides all of the required features and conveniences for your daily life.

Park View City is a development of Vision Group, which has a proven track record of constructing and managing prestigious real-estate developments in Pakistan. As a result, Park View City investments guarantee a pleasant lifestyle and high investment returns. The society has received a NOC from the CDA and is quickly becoming one of Islamabad’s most sought-after societies. Park View City is the nearest to the city core of all the forthcoming residential societies.

Please see our related blogs: Park View City and Reasons to Invest in Park View City at Estateland and Marketing if you want to learn more about Park View City.

Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad offers newly developed villas & apartments in a prime Islamabad location. Because Eighteen Islamabad is a high-end housing complex, the prices sought are more significant than in the surrounding communities. Eighteen Islamabad is the brainchild of a group of respectable and trustworthy Egyptian and Pakistani businesspeople. Following their successful relationship in the telecommunications business, Mobilink, Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders launched this home project.

Ora Developers has a track record of completing well-known worldwide projects. The Saif Group has a distinct personality, founded in the 1960s and amassing an impressive portfolio since then. Builders from Kohistan have proven their worth and are well-known throughout the country. These brands give a real estate market confidence that its destiny is on the shoulders of professional and trustworthy developers. The rate of return in the real estate business is heavily influenced by the developer’s financial health and reputation, which you can quickly think about at Eighteen Islamabad.

Top City-1

Top City Islamabad is another fantastic new housing community in Islamabad. The construction of this Top City began in 2012, and it is presently at its most active stage. Top City has been carefully constructed to provide a combination of modern and environmentally friendly environments. The commercial portion of Top City will have huge malls, luxury hotels, sophisticated arcades, and multinational brands.

Top City has various leisure opportunities for its residents and customers, including swimming pools, a gym, mini-golf, Lake View Park, and more. Top City, we feel, would be among the best place to invest in Islamabad 2021. Top City, located on the Srinagar Highway and is only a one-minute commute from the Islamabad International Airport, is the closest civilization to the new airport.

TopCity-1 is significant due to its strategically advantageous position near the new Islamabad International Airport and the M-1 and M-2 interchange, providing a perfect chance for end-users to build their dream homes and real estate investors in a very profitable project.

If you want to learn more about Top City 1, check out our extensive blog, where we go over every facet of the project, including why you should invest in the project and the benefits and drawbacks of Top City One.

17 G-Block Multi-Gardens

G-Block is the solution if you’re seeking a lot in a well-developed and populous region in B-17. The multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Scheme is a project by reputable real estate developers (MPCHS). When the master plan’s planned interchange is authorized, it will provide them a significant competitive advantage over other civilizations. MPCHS has earned a reputation for delivering specialist services to its citizens. These superb facilities, along with the location’s picturesque attractiveness, entice consumers and investors to engage there.

Because of the massive demand among end-users, it’s an excellent investment opportunity. G block is ideal for investors looking for a high rate of return. Because G block is close to the highway, plot prices in this location will naturally rise over time, allowing investors to benefit.

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Where TO Invest In Pakistan 2021

Where TO Invest In Pakistan 2021

Where TO Invest In Pakistan 2021

Pakistan’s real estate market offers a plethora of potential investment opportunities. There’s a good possibility you’ll strike gold if you acquire a property, a house for sale, or invest in commercial projects for financial gains. You will see instant results on your investment, allowing you to plan for your financial future.

Best Investment In Real Estate Of Pakistan

We’ve collected a list of why to invest in real estate in Pakistan and why real estate is the safest, most secure, and most practical investment option. Let’s get started:

Theme Based commercial projects

The real estate industry of Pakistan is eventually evolving as corporations provide unique and unique attractions to competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

This burgeoning trend in the real estate sector is unlikely to fade away anytime soon. People now expect malls to provide more entertaining experiences in addition to being a one-stop shopping destination. As a result, developers are focusing on lavish amenities and exciting activities to meet expanding client demands. All of these characteristics ensure the future of malls in Pakistan and the end of investors.

CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a long corridor that includes the Gwadar seaport, motorways, trains, and pipelines. It will cover 3218 kilometres. It will have a significant influence on Pakistan’s economy and GDP. As a result, by 2025, we should expect a massive increase in property rates.

Investing in commercial and residential real estate would generate true long-term returns under the strategic significance of CPEC.

In Pakistan, the CPEC has already begun to draw foreign investment. China has announced that the CPEC has so far attracted USD 46 billion in investment. It demonstrates how important this project will be in altering the real estate industry.

Economic Development

Pakistan’s GDP would rise to 5.07 per cent in the next decade, according to Harvard University. As a result, a bountiful impact on the economy means higher production and more job openings. More residential real estate is needed to accommodate foreigners and locals who are relocating for work. As a result, investors will have more favourable opportunities.

Simple Payment Plans

In Pakistan, commercial projects offer the greatest 3 to 5-year programs for buying real estate in instalments. It consists of a 20% to 30% initial down payment followed by a monthly or quarterly payment. The buyer cannot sell the property until all of the instalments have been paid. It makes adding a new asset to your property portfolio highly cost-effective. Furthermore, by investing in a variety of property kinds, investors might avoid taking a risk. The most enticing advantage of payments is that they remain constant despite increases in property costs.

Benefits from Taxes

Investing can be challenging. They are subject to a variety of taxes and other factors. However, in the case of commercial properties, leverage in these taxes might be one’s advantage.

Building reduction has an indirect relationship with the market value of commercial projects. It indicates that the financial value of your assets will increase over time.

However, its value will depreciate over time, usually in 27.6 years. In addition, additional factors may deteriorate during the next ten years. All of these losses can be offset by a tiny percentage of market value profits.

The path will also allow Chinese citizens to settle in Pakistan. The demand for elegant and sophisticated residential houses in Pakistan would skyrocket as a result of this. Any property for sale is inevitable to provide a substantial return on investment. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Security and Transparency

The two most important aspects of real estate transactions are transparency and security. Transparency covers various topics, including fair processes, legal papers, and no hidden fees. Before you sign the cheque, double-check the documents.

Market Stability

Real estate investments have a higher level of stability than stock or stock market investments. Every once in a while, the industry experiences a downturn. It usually moves at a steady rate. It suggests there’s a reasonable probability the sector will lose money. As a result, they are great for persons who are afraid of taking risks.

When things go smoothly, which they usually do, Pakistani real estate values rise faster. As a result, unlike any other industry, it ensures security, safety, and liquidity.

To compete, we need to offer reasonable prices.

In the last decade, Pakistan has seen massive growth in development projects. The real estate market of Pakistan has become more competitive due to significant commercial and residential real estate development. As a result, markets become more competitive, giving investors more options, lower costs, and higher-quality services to help them outperform their competitors.

Excellent Rental Yields

A crucial component of property investment is rental yield. It refers to the annual rent received from real estate. Commercial properties generate higher rental profits. Luxury residential real estate, such as apartments, has higher yields than low-cost housing. On the other hand, if you own a commercial property, you are more likely to find high-paying renters.

Renting is a reliable source of income. Furthermore, when the economy grows, so do rental values, resulting in profitable capital values. All of this boils down to the real estate industry’s security, stability, and safety.


If you’re seeking a lucrative investment opportunity in Pakistan, real estate is the way to go.

These are some of the most significant benefits of real estate investment. Consider real estate investment in Pakistan if you’re seeking a safe long-term investment. Do your homework, learn about the most influential real estate investment towns in your area, and then invest accordingly.

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Reasons to Invest in Lahore Smart City

Reasons to Invest in Lahore Smart City

 Reasons to Invest in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a fantastic residential development located in the heart of Lahore. Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. and Future Development Holdings Ltd., two well-known real estate developers, present the proposal (FDHL).

After its former, the Capital Smart City in Islamabad, Lahore Smart City is Pakistan’s second smart city. As a smart city, LSC provides futuristic amenities and a premium lifestyle destination to support the Pakistani real estate industry’s long-term growth. After Pakistan’s first smart city, Lahore Smart City was designed and created. In terms of bookings, Capital Smart City has been an enormous success. The project’s creators feel it is one-of-a-kind, and they are motivated to help a larger section of Pakistan’s people live sustainably.

Lahore Smart City is, without a doubt, one of Pakistan’s most promising investment opportunities right now. LSC has been highly popular among Pakistan’s investing elite because of its ideal setting, fascinating features, and simple payment options. 

 Reasons to invest in Smart City Lahore

There are many reasons to invest in Lahore Smart City and some are given below:


The location of a housing project is what determines its worth. More often than not, investors decide whether or not to invest in a housing project based on its closeness to all of the city’s significant areas and routes. Fortunately, Lahore Smart City boasts one of the most desirable Pakistani Real Estate Housing project sites.

The Kala Shah Kaku motorway interchange is near Lahore Smart City, close to the N-5 national highway. This site is in the heart of Lahore, with access to both the freeway and the newly created Ring Road, which runs through the city and connects LSC to several vital areas.


The crew behind Lahore Smart City is the project’s second main selling feature. The Habib Rafique Group and Future Development Holdings Limited, as previously stated, own and build Lahore Smart City (FDHL). Both of these companies are well-known names in the real estate industry around the world.

The FDHL and Habib Rafique groups have worked on some of Pakistan’s most prominent real estate projects, including Bahria Town and DHA. Surbana Jurong, a Singapore-based developer, is also one of the largest developers for both Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

These well-known developers in the Lahore Smart City back-end make it very easy for investors to maintain faith in the project. The real estate industry is frequently plagued by con artists that try to take advantage of unsuspecting investors. However, because it is backed by such well-known and competent developers, Lahore Smart City has investor confidence unlike any other Real Estate project in Pakistan.


Lahore Smart is one of the few housing projects in Pakistan that gives you good value for your money. LSC is not only a top-tier smart city that outperforms any other real estate project by a wide margin, but it is also cost-effective when it comes to balancing features and costs.

Lahore Smart City is currently in its early phases of construction. That is why LSC payment plans are among the most straightforward. Because of its rapid development and high yield of return, this project may be the best investment at the moment. Lahore Smart City rates may not remain as low as they are now once the development stages have progressed beyond a certain point, which is why we advise you to reserve a site today.


The granting of a NOC is one of the most important aspects of a Real Estate project. In reality, the NOC certification is what distinguishes authentic home developments from scammers. An investor’s consideration of a NOC approval is also one of the most crucial aspects before putting money down. Thankfully, Lahore Smart City has also outperformed comparable housing developments in this aspect.

Unlike many other residential and commercial real estate projects in Islamabad, Lahore Smart City has received the Lahore Development Authority’s official NOC approval seal (LDA). As a result, Lahore Smart City is one of the few legitimate housing developments in Pakistan, not only in Lahore.


Because Lahore Smart City is one of the world’s few smart cities, the amenities it offers are well beyond what a typical housing society can offer. Lahore Smart City provides sustainable development, sustainable energy, Smart Living, and other amenities such as smart transportation and smart waste management system, in addition to the standard features found in practically every luxury housing project. Every service provided by LSC is improved by using technology, making it more efficient and effective.

The following is the list of the amenities available at Lahore Smart City.

  • Water, electricity, and gas are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A water treatment facility.
  • Production of solar and wind energy.
  • Schools, colleges, and universities are all types of educational institutions.
  • Day-care facilities.
  • Theme parks that have been planned.
  • Shopping malls and mini markets.
  • Safe environment.
  • Security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, and security guards are all part of this gated neighborhood.
  • The Main Boulevard is quite broad.
  • Well-planned drainage systems.
  • In Lahore, there is a green, smart, and sustainable housing society.
  • Mechanism of fire extinguishing.
  • Systems for civil defence.
  • A mechanism for the disposal of solid waste.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots are available for free.
  • No-load shedding.
  • Lahore Smart City has automated utility distribution.
  • A traffic control system that is automated and centralized.


Lahore Smart City is a gated neighborhood that is safe in every way for families. Society has created a failsafe security mechanism to protect its residents from danger through the use of technology.

The society’s entrance and exit points are gated. The project is surrounded by anti-personnel fencing. A boundary wall surrounds the entire housing society. Best of all, every inhabitant of Lahore Smart City is secured from danger by CCTV cameras that functions 24 hours.

Investment Returns With High Yield

An investor is a businessperson who seeks investment returns anytime he or she decides to put money into something. One of the elements determining whether a society is worth investing in is how quickly your original investment cash is converted into a reasonable return.

Fortunately, Lahore Smart City boasts a formidable position when it comes to counting investment yields, thanks to its rigorous and rapid growth and a nationwide investor trust due to the name of its creators. Lahore Smart City has attracted many investors during its pre-launch period, to the point where all reservations have been made before the launch. This high investment rate has allowed the project to expand beyond its constraints and provide a high-yield investment return to its investors.

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