Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Greens

Beautiful societies in an ideal location, Gulberg Greens Islamabad is presently accepting reservations. Gulberg claimed to have previously given you a green and serene environment. In 2007, the society gained notoriety, and it now consists of several entirely constructed blocks with unequalled amenities. In addition, it is a Pakistani Intelligence Bureau program with outstanding security standards.

Developers & Owners

The Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) started this wonderful housing society initiative in 2005. IBECHS Phase III, Islamabad is another name for the project. It reflects the importance of a well-executed project that provides maximum security for the occupants in minds.

Location of Gulberg Greens 

Gulberg Greens Islamabad is in a prime location on the main Islamabad Expressway, with connections to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Gulberg Greens is the only housing society in the area to benefit from such a favorable location.

Gulberg Greens Islamabad Location Mapp

Points of Entry

Gulberg Homes Islamabad is about 12 kilometers or 10 minutes from Zero Point, 14 kilometers from Abpara Market, 8 kilometers from Civil Lines, and 15 kilometers from T Chowk Rawat. An underpass can also reach it from Chak Shahzad and Naval Anchorage.

NOC and Permits for Gulberg Greens Garden

CDA authorized the layout plan for the Gulberg Greens Islamabad Project in 2011 and issued the official NOC in 2012.

Features of Gulberg Greens Garden

  • From Zero Point, it’s only a 10-minute drive without a signal.
  • The main boulevard is 220 feet wide.
  • All plots are on roadways that are 50 to 160 feet wide.
  • Islamabad Expressway has a dedicated underpass.
  • Community with a fence around it.
  • Underground power, gas, and water supplies.
  • Remarkable progress.

Gulberg Islamabad is being designed as a brand new city within the capital to satisfy the demands of the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Resources
  • A beautiful way of life

Details of the Project

After Karachi and Lahore, the Gulberg Homes Islamabad, also known as IBECHS Phase III Islamabad, is one of the developers’ significant accomplishments. The Gulberg Greens Farm Houses and The Gulberg Green Residencia are the two phases of the project. The farmhouses are into three sections: the Jasmine Enclave, having 4 Kanal plots, the Rose Enclave, having five kanals, and the Tulip Enclave, having 10 Kanal farmhouses.

Development Process

Gulberg Greens Islamabad is growing at a quicker rate than the rest of Pakistan. As a result, they were named the most refined development of the year by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce. According to development statistics, approximately 80% of Gulberg Greens is complete, while around 60% to 70% of Gulberg Residencia is under construction. As a result, many residents of Gulberg Residencia have already begun to appreciate their lovely Gulberg Homes in Islamabad.

Master Plan

The Gulberg Greens Master Plan is based on current needs. Although it covers a wide area, most of it is in lush foliage. The green-covered gardens and parks are a delight to behold. The society’s natural environment is ensured by planting fifty thousand flowers and more than three lac trees.

The Gulberg Greens Master Plan is a perfect blend of technology and nature. It is, specifically, the New Islamabad mini-city. It is made up of the following components as a whole:


Master Plan of Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Commercial District

Apart from the residential sector, the society contains several current business developments. Many communities have commercial zones, but they are few and expensive. On the other hand, Gulberg Green offers a different commercial sector where one can purchase plots at meagre costs. Residents in the neighborhood have fantastic prospects to invest in real estate and make a lot of money. As a result, we’ve listed two of them below:

Blue Commercial Zone

The area is attached to the Gulberg residencia D block.

It is the most recent, excellent, exceptional, and luxury commercial blue area, with additional commercial developments planned. Furthermore, plots measure 80 by 80, 50 by 50, 40 by 40, and even 8 Kanal in size. Many people are drawn to the commercial sector because of the high and magnificent structures.

Furthermore, the famed commercial blue region benefits from outstanding infrastructure, building designs, modern facilities, a pleasant lifestyle, and expected returns on investment. Karakoram Greens, Gulberg Arena, Aurum Residences, and Fortune Destiny are significant constructions surrounding the location. Numerous other elements distinguish it from other modern societies.


It is one of the two commercial areas. The importance of D-Markaz is undeniable in terms of increasing demand for Gulberg green. In commercial districts, many retail malls are being built. You may require groceries, clothing, cosmetics, a salon, or other services; the site is a miniature world for its inhabitants. Marvel Mall, Elanza Gulberg, The Acradia, and Opal Square are well-known places close to the D-Markaz.

Blocks in Gulberg Residencia

Block A 

The developers accomplished 30% of the work, with the remaining 60% to be completed. They just revealed that they now own 250 plots totalling one kanal. Some plots near the settlement will be given to owners of plots in other locations since they are not ready for possession.

Block A Prices (PKR)

7-marla 60,00,000 – 85,00,000
10-marla 9500,000 – 160,00,000
1-kanal 115,00,000 – 250,00,000
2 -Kanal 225,00,000 – 275,00,000


Block B 

The developers did not announce possession for 7 marlas 120 plots in block B, even though there is no unfinished work on these plots in Gulberg Residencia. It only accounts for 10% of the entire piece. The remaining 90% of the job is still to be done. There isn’t a single legal case in this industry. However, due to a lack of machinery, work is moving slowly.

Block B Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,000,000 – 65,00,000
10-marla 75,00,000 – 90,00,000
1-kanal 115,00,000 – 225,000,000


Block C

90% of the development work has been finished, and possession has been given. The remaining 10% is in the middle of a legal battle.

Block C Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 70,00,000
10-marla 110,00,000 – 140,00,000
1-kanal 175,00,000 – 225,00,000


Block E

The most fascinating and attractive block in the gulberg residencia is Block E. It is in those few blocks where all of the work has been accomplished. Block E is the most popular among all the blocks, and investors eagerly seek out a plot in this sector. However, as compared to other plans, the price is a little more.

Block E Prices (PKR)

1-kanal 175,000,000 – 250,00,000


Block F 

Block F has completed 80% of the development work. Furthermore, the plot owners have taken possession of their properties. This block is popular among Gulberg residents.

Block F Prices (PKR)

7-marla 100,00,000 – 125,00,000
10-marla 140,00,000 – 160,00,000


Block G 

This block G still has 80% of the work to be done. The developers have yet to begin construction work for a variety of reasons. However, we are not able to provide a precise date for the building work to resume. In addition, raised rates in this block.

Block G Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 70,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 90,00,000


Block H

It would helps you if you weren’t worried about the 40% of land in Block H subject to a judicial trial. On the other hand, the developers will ensure that the plots existent in the region in different blocks are adjusted. After CDA has issued the map, you can locate your property. In the meantime, the owners have taken ownership of ten marla plots. Seven marla plots are also nearing completion and possession.

Block H Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 85,00,000
10-marla 55,00,000 – 150,00,000


Block I

In Gulberg residencia, smaller plots are available in this block. This block has completed 100% of the work and has also been handed possessions. However, just half of the construction work has begun.

Block I Prices (PKR)

7-marla 100,00,000 – 125,00,000
10-marla 150,00,000 – 190,00,000

Block J

The work on this block is 60% complete. The developers have granted possession of developed plots. During this time, work is being done on the project.

Block J Prices (PKR)

7-marla 65,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 75,00,000
1-kanal 100,00,000 – 225,00,000

Block K

The development of Block K is yet to begin. However, there is good news that developers and landowners will reach an agreement that will expedite the construction process.

Block K Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 65,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 90,00,000
12-marla 95,00,000 – 125,00,000

Block L 

Landowners in Block L can now take possession of plots that are 90% finished. The remaining 10% of the property is only levelling the ground.

Block L Prices (PKR)

7-marla 65,00,000 – 100,00,000
10-marla 75,00,000 – 140,00,000
12-marla 95,00,000 – 150,00,000


Block M

30% of the work has been accomplished in this block. The developer announced the possession of 100 7-marla plots. The developers plan to finish this block as soon as possible.

Block M Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 85,00,000


Block N 

Development work is now on hold, with only 5% of the block’s work completed. However, the developers would soon take action to resume work.

Block N Prices (PKR)

7-marla 45,00,000 – 55,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 75,00,000
1 Kanal 150,00,000 – 250,00,000


 Block O

This block contains 1300 plots. Only 150 properties have been granted possession in the O block. Developers will begin work on the gulberg residencia soon.


Block O Prices (PKR)

7-marla 48,00,000 – 60,00,000
10-marla 65,00,000 – 150,00,000
12-marla 55,00,000 – 70,00,000
1 -Kanal 60,00,000 – 80,00,000


Block P 

Work on 95% of the land is already underway, while the remaining 5% is still in the legal process. Because this area is on the outside of society, the rates are low compared to other blocks.

Block P Prices (PKR)

7-marla 33,00,000 – 75,00,000
10-marla 42,00,000 – 90,00,000
1-kanal 75,00,000 – 130,00,000
2 -Kanal 130,00,000 – 150,00,000


Block Q

The developers did only 40% of the development work. Furthermore, the result is being done at a breakneck speed.

Block Q Prices (PKR)

10-marla 60,00,000 – 80,00,000
1-kanal 90,00,000 – 200,00,000


Block R

The majority of the development work has been done, and plots are now available for purchase. However, the remaining 20% of the work is delayed due to legal concerns. Nevertheless, society will soon obtain a favorable ruling.

Block R Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 90,00,000


Block S

A total of 30% of the plots in Block S are available for possession. Because this block only deals with one Kanal plot, the transaction rate in block S is a little low. The block is, in fact, free of any legal issues.


Block S Prices (PKR)

1-kanal 90,00,000 – 180,00,000


Block T

Possession of a plot with 90% of the work completed is available. The advantage of this block is that it is entirely devoid of any legal difficulties. In this area, the need for plots is rapidly expanding.

Block T Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 65,00,000 – 115,00,000
1-kanal 100,00,000 – 180,00,00

Block V 

While 40% of the land in Block V is in dispute, 60% of the development work has been done. However, 20% of that 40% will be evident shortly. As previously stated, the owners of plots with a plot in the litigated area would have their properties in different blocks.

Block V Prices (PKR)

7-marla 40,00,000 – 75,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 80,00,000
12-marla 50,00,000 – 125,00,000

Gulberg Greens IBECHS employee payment plan

Gulberg Greens IBECHS employee payment plan

Gulberg Greens Farm Houses

 According to the newest Gulberg Greens Farm Houses layout plan, there are about 400 farmhouses available. It covers a total of 3862 Kanal of land. Master Plan is in six blocks: Executive Block, A-Block, B-Block, C-Block, D-Block, E-Block, and F-Block. 

Farmhouses are in a variety of floor plans. Gulberg Greens Farm residences are available in the following categories.

  • Jasmine Enclave is a name given to four Kanals.
  • Rose Enclave is a name given to a group of five Kanals.
  • Tulip Enclave is a name given to a group of ten Kanals.

Keep in mind that, according to the policy of society, you must keep nearly 80% of the land for flora and natural landscape. To put it another way, only 20% of the land is suitable for building.

Gulberg Residencia

 Gulberg Residencia is a splendid work of art in contemporary residential design. According to the Gulberg Residencia Layout plan, it comprises around 10,000 residential plots. In all, it encompasses roughly 15000 Kanals. Furthermore, it includes 21 blocks, from Block A to Block V, excluding the letter U. Residential plots are available in the following categories.

  • 200 Sq. Yd. (6.6 Marla)
  • 272 Sq. Yd. (8.99 Marla)
  • 356 Sq. Yd. (11.76 Marla)
  • 500 Sq. Yd. (16.5 Marla)
  • 1000 Sq. Yd. (33 Marla)

Pros & Cons


  • Rawalpindi and Islamabad are both easily accessible.
  • There are multiple entrance points from various areas.
  • Development is assured.
  • Previous successful projects.
  • Safe Environment.
  • Utilities that aren’t interrupted.
  • Simple payment plan.


  • After a year, you will be able to take possession.

Why Invest in Gulberg Greens ?

High Returns on Investment

Gulberg Green has always attracted a lot of attention from home buyers and investors. The high likelihood of a return on investment is one of the main elements that attract investors to Gulberg Green. The main reason for this statement is because of the location. It is more practical for people to move there because of its central location between the twin cities. It is only a 10-minute drive from GT Road and is easily accessible from both twin cities on the main Islamabad Highway. So it’s only natural that people will plan to move to the venture soon.

Gulberg is better positioned than Bahria Town and DHA, two of the most well-known lodging societies. Aside from the location, the property has exceptional beauty and architecture, which naturally draws potential occupants. Furthermore, depending on the current development process, the property is expected to be completed in the next two to three years.

Facilities and Amenities

We envision a rich and comfortable existence when we imagine ourselves living in our dream home. Gulberg Green provides a tranquil and green setting where one can be near to nature while still having access to modern conveniences. A large portion of the land dedicated to vegetation (approximately 80%) will be closely associated with nature and serenity of mind. Not only are there refreshing parks nearby, but there is also a lovely lake. The lake is one of the property’s most prominent points of appeal, attracting tourists from all over the world. A gorgeous gateway with a boundary wall adds an extra degree of security and security guards and CCTV cameras.

The venture has adequate infrastructure. The developers installed underground electric wires, drainage pipes, gas lines, and water lines to reduce the annoyance. In addition, standby generators are available as a backup. Furthermore, the land has various underground and overhead water storages to meet the necessity of people. Keeping in mind Islamabad’s weather, even the telephone wires are underground to minimize any damage.

Payment Plans and Plot Prices

The cost of the plots and flats is another appealing aspect of the property. When we compare Gulberg Green to other well-known developed developments in the area, we can detect a significant price difference. Furthermore, purchasers of various price ranges have a variety of options. To make it more accessible to customers, the developers have introduced a new range of sizes.

Easy payment options are one of the reasons to invest in Gulberg Green. The developers offered buyers a three-year payment plan in 12 quarterly instalments, with a minimum down payment of 35% of the entire cost. Because the prices and payment plans are relatively flexible and accessible to a wide range of people, there is a reasonable probability that the project’s property rates will climb shortly. Therefore, investing in Gulberg Green may be the most acceptable option in Islamabad right now.

The following are some additional reasons to invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad, in addition to the ones listed above.

  • The developers have created a means for an underpass to enter society without causing any traffic congestion or highway limits.
  • The project has set aside a large area for parks, lakes, and green spaces, all of which subscribe to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • The society’s infrastructure was well-planned and executed by the proprietors. The roads are well-maintained and well-connected, with spacious boulevards.
  • Furthermore, they have ensured high-tech security for the residents’ protection. The deposit is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using modern technology and a crew of efficient security officers.
  • Many well-known schools, such as Froebel’s International School, are already providing high-quality education to local students.
  • They’ve also given residents medical and clinical services, including modern medical equipment and trained doctors.
  • The developers also constructed several commercial complexes in the area, including retail stores, shopping malls, and hotels. In addition, the planners also created several leisure centers for amusement.
  • Gulberg Green provides all of the required services, such as water and power, to its residents.
  • The project includes a fail-safe sewerage system and all water lines and electrical cables underground.
  • Solar lights are erected on the streets to reduce energy usage and promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Gulberg Residencia Plots 3 Year Instalment Plan


Plot Size Down Payment Remaining Amount Total Price
1 Kanal 44,00,000 25,00,000 69,00,000
10 Marla 30,00,000 15,00,000 45,00,000


Gulberg Commercial Plots for sale

6 Marla Payment Plan

Block Plot No Street Price Detail ID
Square 108 10 80,000,000 Develop Possession, Next to corner AA


12 Marla Payment Plan

Block Plot No Street Price Detail ID
Square 75 7 110,000,000 Develop Possession, Near Chai Khanna AA
Square 76 7 110,000,000 Develop Possession, Near Chai Khanna AA


Gulberg Greens is an exciting real estate project that is multiplying in a short amount of time. It has a high investment potential as well as all of the necessary dwelling amenities. As a result, purchasing a plot at Gulberg Greens may be a wise decision.

As a result, Estate Land Marketing strongly suggests that investing in this civilisation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To discover more about similar features that are available at a modest cost.


Q1: Are the Gulberg Residencia and Gulberg green projects the same?

A1: Gulberg Residencia is a part of the Gulberg Green initiative.

Q2: Was it approved by the CDA?

A2: It was approved by the CDA.

Q3: What is the license number of this vehicle?

CDA/PLW/HS-(127)2020/vol/V/23 is the license number.

Q4: In society, how many blocks are there?

A4: Many blocks are alphabetically arranged from A to Z.

Q5: How many households have relocated to this location?

A5: Nearly 20 families have made the transition to society.

Q6: How many property owners have begun construction?

A6: On their home plots, about 150 owners have begun construction work.

Q7: Is there a residential plot of one kanal in the society?

A7: It is available in today’s society.

Q8: Is it only for IBECHS? Q8: Is it only for IBECHS?

A8: No, it’s also for government employees.

Q9: In this society, may non-government personnel book a plot?

A9: They will be able to book their plot effortlessly.

Q10: Can you tell me which blocks have plots for sale?

A10: Plots in the E, F, I, G, and J blocks are available for purchase.

Q11: Does the society offer plots in manageable chunks?

A11: Plots in society are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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