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DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is a renowned and exceptional housing society that offers its residents a wide range of services and amenities. To begin with, only the highest and most elite members of the armed services and public servants are keen on DHA projects. Lahore is an antique and historic city. Individuals from all lifestyle sectors are willing to invest in DHA, Lahore, because of its clean and green setting.


DHA Lahore is Pakistan’s most well-known housing society. It was established in 1976 as the first initiative of the Defense Housing Authorities. DHA Lahore is located away from the hustle & commotion of the metropolis of Lahore. DHA is well-known for its opulent and luxurious lifestyle. Lahore is among the region’s most populous and oldest cities. It is Pakistan’s commercial and business center.

Developers and Owners

DHA Housing Society is among the most stable and dependable housing societies. DHA’s initial project was Lahore DHA, which is currently operational. DHA Lahore is a residential society that is part of the Defense Housing Authority. Hence it is evident that it is affiliated with the military. Senior army officials are in charge of the project for development purposes.

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Lieutenant General (Retired) Ikram ul Haq is the society’s chairman, while Lieutenant General Majid Ehsan is the vice-chairman. The development managers are Brigadier Waheed Gul Satti & Colonel Sajid Javed, Brigadier Ahmad Abbas, and Mr. Nawabzada Babar Saleem Haider.

Location Map

DHA Lahore is the established institution of Lahore city. It is divided into several phases to accommodate esteemed clients and provide inhabitants with cutting-edge amenities. DHA Lahore is located all along the ring road of Lahore. The DHA is accessible via Shabbir Shaheed Road along Lahore Ring Road. DHA Lahore is based in a residential neighborhood, which is a long way from the hustle and bustle of central Lahore. As a consequence, it provides you with a refreshing and clean breath. The vital residential societies and communities nearby DHA  are listed below.

Saqib Town Sultan Colony Formanites Housing Society Gulshan Colony Askari 11 Eden city Paragon city Green city DHA Lahore is only a 20-minute drive from the Lahore Cantt Railway Station and the Fortress Mall. All of Lahore’s major shopping complexes are within a 7-kilometer radius of the society. Each phase of the Community is only 5 kilometers away from LUMS University.

dha lahore location map


As you may be aware, DHA is a housing authority. As a result, no NOC is required for any DHA project. The government, on the other hand, is in charge of approving the permit.

Master Plan

The master plan for sections in DHA Lahore is prepared individually, as just one phase was established initially, but developers gradually erected many more stages due to society’s success. DHA Lahore has a total of 12 phases.

dha lahore master plan

DHA Phases 1 to 4

DHA Lahore Phases 1 to 4 are the old phases of Lahore DHA. The standard road width in Phases 1 to 4 is 40 feet, and an overhead electricity cable is used. Sectors H and F, which are well-known & significant commercial markets, are included in Phase 1. These t Two notable business sectors in Phase 3 are Sector Y and Sector Z. In the Y Business district, the previous DHA headquarters was also located. The National Hospital is also situated in Sector N DHA Phase 1 Lahore.

DHA Phase 5

DHA Phase 5 is situated near LUMS University, next to DHA Phases 4 and 3 in Lahore. Lahore DHA was the one to build a project with underground electricity and a road at least 50 feet wide. Due to its excellent location and proximity from the Lahore Ring Road, Phase 5 has been the preferred location for construction. DHA Lahore Phase 5 is being constructed on a sum of 12354 Kanals. DHA phase 5 is perhaps the most costly residential phase of DHA Lahore, even though it is included on the list of Lahore’s most premium societies. This is owing to the high-end living standards and convenient location. This phase is broken down into several Sectors.

DHA Phase 6

DHA Phase 6 Lahore is located around the Nawaz Sharif Interchange. DHA Lahore’s new headquarters has also been relocated to DHA Lahore’s Phase 6, Sector A. The DHA Lahore Phase 6 development is already fully operational, with extensive development activities underway. DHA Lahore Phase 6 is being constructed on an area of 27045 Kanals. Phase 6 of DHA Lahore combines economy and sophistication with security and comfort. It is conveniently accessible from all of Lahore’s significant locations. It is located in DHA Lahore’s fully developed areas. During this time, all facilities are readily available. It’s similar to the DHA Lahore housing society’s intermediate phase. DHA Lahore’s new primary head office has been relocated to sector A of phase 6 of DHA Lahore. In DHA phase 6, the boulevards are around 150 feet wide. The most appealing aspect of DHA Lahore Phase 6 is that it offers the same amenities and facilities as Phase 5 but at a lower cost.

DHA Phase 7

DHA Phase 7 has been constructed over a combined area of approximately 32516 Kanals in DHA Lahore. Phase 7 of the DHA residential project in Lahore is magnificent. It is adjacent to DHA Lahore Phase 6. It is nearly 95% completed, and possession of the region is pending. Because construction is still ongoing, you may still be able to purchase a unit in DHA Lahore at a discounted price. DHA Phase 7 is located on Barki Road, opposite DHA Lahore Phase 6, and is close to the Lahore Ring Road and the BRB. Ferozepur Road in Lahore is around 20 minutes away from DHA phase 7. The housing community is around a 10-minute commute from the Allama Iqbal Airport road. The best university in Lahore, LUMS, is about 5 minutes away from this part of DHA Lahore. Phase 7 of the DHA Lahore consists of 12 sections. To make life easier for its residents, Lahore DHA phase 7 includes four critical commercial zones. We can find these areas in various DHA phase 7 sectors.

DHA Phase 8

DHA Lahore Phase 8 is regarded as among the most appreciated DHA phases in the urban sector. DHA phase 8 pricing is higher as a result of its exceptional location. Including an iconic housing society, DHA phase 8 is also recognized as an unquestionably profitable area to buy a house or plot. No matter how substantial the market value of the place is at the moment, it will never be high adequate to cause a loss. Here between Lahore ring road & Barki Road, Lahore sits Lahore DHA phase 8. Shabir Shareef street also connects to Phase 8 of DHA Lahore.

DHA phase 8 features a corner that runs parallel to Badian Road. DHA Lahore Phase 5 is found on the lower side of phase 8, and it is equally lovely. The housing society is about a 10-minute drive from the Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport. DHA Lahore phase 8 is unlike any other DHA Housing Society phase in town planning and construction. This phase provides a stable and comfortable living environment with sealed-off urban design and an excessive amount of parks and recreational spaces. DHA Lahore Phase 8 is now being constructed on 31238 Kanal of area. Phase 8 has been further subdivided into four major regions.

DHA Phase 9

DHA Lahore Phase 9 is the city’s most significant phase. It is a new design. DHA’s Phase 9 will give you state-of-the-art amenities and a luxurious lifestyle. Phase 9 has already been balloted. In this phase, the residence is also under construction. Access routes to Lahore DHA Phase 9 include Ferozpur Road, Lahore Ring Road or Badian Road, DHA Lahore Phase 5, and many others. Phase 9 Prism of DHA Lahore is being built over a total land size of 41857 Kanals. For development purposes, it is separated into two primary components. DHA 9 Town is a smaller town with a land area of 4211 kanals. DHA 9 Prism is the most significant phase of DHA Lahore, with 37646 kanals of land.

In contrast to the other sectors of DHA Lahore, Phase 9 prism is by far the most architecturally and technically sophisticated. It is also a short distance from other DHA Lahore sectors, although it is conveniently accessible from all central Lahore locations. DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism covers significantly more land than previous phases. Residents of Phase 9 prism can expect every innovative and modern amenity and technology. Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Airport is only a 10-minute drive away. The DHA phase 9 prism is situated in Lahore’s residential sector, flanked by several other residential communities. Phase 9 Prism at DHA Lahore is divided into 16 sections.

DHA Phase 10

DHA Phase 10 was previously referred to as DHA Phase 9 Extend. It is planned to be erected near Phase 9 in the direction of Qssoor, among Rohi Nala & Sue-e-Asal connecting road and between Bedian Road & Ferozpur Road. It would be the most extensive phase of DHA Lahore. There are currently lawsuits pending regarding property for selling on the marketplace. Different possible routes cross over DHA Phase 10 in the New Lahore Master Plan.

DHA Phase 11

The society is situated on New Defence Road. The project’s (Rahbar Sector & Halloki Gardens) joined with Lahore DHA and is now one of its Phases (Designated Phase – XI). The project is doing well, and the occupancy is constantly rising. Phase 11 of DHA is split into four sectors, with Sector 4 holding a recent ballot.

DHA Phase 12

Phase 12 of the DHA is strategically positioned on Multan Road, immediately across from the historic Lahore Canal. The distance between Thokar Niaz Baig and Thokar Niaz Baig is approximately four kilometers. A thoroughly created society that offers high-quality lifestyle possibilities to individuals living on the city’s outskirts along Multan Road. DHA Phase 12 offers residents a contemporary living atmosphere in a legitimate environment. There are additional commercial zones, significant academic facilities, and medical clinics in DHA Phase 12 Lahore.

Phase 12 has been planned to be a fantastic piece of property that spans hundreds of Kanals and is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and great town design. The society’s main topic is the area’s gorgeous architecture and décor. The housing society’s attributes include grand entrances, lush green parks and playgrounds, modern educational institutions, lavish shopping malls, and, lastly, the most beautiful setting filled with state-of-the-art buildings for inhabitants’ peace of mind and delight.

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Salient Features

  • Best transport system
  • Postal service
  • Shopping malls
  • Sewerage disposal system
  • Pure water supply
  • Police headquarters
  • Community club
  • Green parks
  • Fire brigade service
  • Horse riding clubs
  • Mosques
  • Sports clubs
  • Commercial markets


Defense Lahore is acknowledged for its high-end businesses and renowned food chains. In addition, the Allama Iqbal International Airport and the Lahore Ring Road are both nearby. This makes it easy for frequent passengers to get around without having to worry about traffic.

Commute Ease

Inhabitants of the DHA have historically had limited access to public transportation. However, they can now take advantage of cab-sharing services to make their commutes more convenient. There are many additional commute options available for folks who want to get to and from the region. There are presently various bus stops located across the city that connect DHA to the rest of the town.


DHA has a high-tech, fail-safe security system in place to deter illegal behavior. There have been no big carjacking or mugging events in Lahore DHAbecause the army controls the region. The neighborhood is among the safest in the city. The DHA Security Department is situated in Phase 3’s Z Block.

  • Traffic Control Mobile security teams
  • Rescue 1122
  • Neighborhood Watch System
  • Security Guard Patrolling
  • Guarded Exit and Entry Points
  • Security Picketing
  • Traffic Control Mobile security teams

Markets and Malls

DHA has it all for shoppers of all ages, from Pakistani brands to worldwide names. Although the marketplaces in H-block & Y-block are by far the most famous in the neighborhood, T-block has some intriguing tiny markets with various salons and cafes that cater to a broad spectrum of customers. DHA has several prominent malls in complement to local shops.

Educational Institutions

Because DHA is one of Lahore’s top housing projects, inhabitants have access to some of the city’s most outstanding educational institutions. Various institutes provide international-level education to students of all ages. Lahore Grammar School, Roots Millennium School, & Allied School are some of the most well-known schools in DHA. The prominent Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), as well as the Suleman Dawood School of Business inside LUMS, is the area’s highlights. These are some of South Asia’s best educational institutions. As a result, students and professors at this internationally renowned university opt to live in DHA.

Medical Institution

If you live in DHA, you will have easy access to a variety of medical facilities. In Lahore, the neighborhood is home to several outstanding healthcare facilities and hospitals. All of the facilities are well-equipped, and the personnel is well-trained to assist people from all around the city. The Defence Dental Care, Diabetes Wellness Centre, and Pakistan Kidney And Liver Institute were some of the most famous healthcare facilities.


Various exotic restaurants in DHA serve Japanese and Chinese food, among other things. Yum Chinese & Thai, Wasabi, & Sumo are some of the most popular eateries. Bundu Khan & Dampukht Kada are by far the most recognized places for locals who like desi food. Most notably, there are a plethora of burger joints in Lahore. If you need a fast bite, there are a few well-known burger places in Defence Lahore.


Lahore is known as the Garden City and with good reason! DHA is home to large playgrounds, beautiful green gardens, and high-end exercise centers, all of which encourage residents to live a healthy lifestyle. Residents decompress after a long day at Flora Park or Sheeba Park, where they can rest and enjoy the fresh air. Popular parks in the vicinity include CC Park & AA Mini Park.

Salons and Spas

There are numerous salons & spas in the city, ensuring that DHA inhabitants have a luxurious lifestyle. Almost all of these establishments in the area employ qualified personnel and use the most up-to-date equipment to give sanitary and competent services to consumers.

Other Attractions

DHA has various premium marketplaces, large mosques, high-quality academic institutions, and other amenities that make it a wonderful place to live. As a result, inhabitants enjoy easy access to many mosques, banks, and entertainment facilities. Various hotels and guest homes provide outstanding tourism services to tourists and locals, among other features.

Payment Plan

Plots are ready for purchase in several phases of DHA Lahore.

dha lahore payment plan

DHA Phase 7

Overseas Enclave Block Lahore DHAestablished an overseas enclave block in Phase 7, with residential and commercial units available on a three-year installment plan. This block includes 1 Kanal housing and 4 Marla, 8 Marla business plots scattered over 692 acres of land.

Residential Plots in the Overseas Enclave Block

They are providing just 1 Kanal residential property in Enclave Block only for foreign Nationals. A total of 100 housing units are offered for purchase with a three-year payment plan.

Commercial Plots in the Overseas Enclave Block

In addition, commercial plots of 4 Marla & 8 Marla would be offered for sale in the Enclave Block exclusively for Pakistanis living abroad. A set of 24 retail properties are offered for purchase with a three-year payment plan.

Development Status

Society is rapidly developing. It has begun subsurface wiring for phase 9 and is in the midst of construction on phase 8. DHA phase 6 is currently constructing and creating dwelling units and commercial plazas. Sectors Q, R, S, T, U have been finalized, and sectors P, V, W, X, Y, Z are in the process of being completed. In addition, phase 9 is about to begin. The developers are attempting to complete all parts of the project as quickly as possible. They’re trying to make it one-of-a-kind and unrivaled. A Giga mall is now being built. This will be a one-of-a-kind and lovely design.

Pros and Cons


  • DHA initiatives are highly regarded all around the country.
  • You can earn a good yield on your investment in the end.
  • DHA Lahore is a haven for your money.
  • It’s a fantastic and breathtaking place to live.
  • Many services, including schools, hospitals, and parks, are easily accessible, and the vast and clean roads provide a lot of value.
  • There are also numerous entertainment options.
  • Professionals of the highest caliber designed them.


  • Some sections and sectors of development work have yet to be completed.
  • Armed services people have a vast range of opportunities.

Why invest in DHA Lahore?

When it concerns real estate investment, you have a lot of options. However, there is something unique about DHA Lahore that makes you want to invest. Indeed, of all other societies, it is the most exemplary secure housing society. You’ve probably heard about several instances such as thefts, phone snatchings, robberies, and road accidents.

DHA, on the other hand, has been able to deal with all of these heinous instances. It has pledged to provide the highest level of protection to its citizens. People invested in DHA, Lahore for various reasons, including the green environment, attractive parks, spacious roads, and a well-developed master plan. When you look at society’s amenities and features, you’ll be hard-pressed to resist investing in it.


Put your investment in a community that will fulfill your dreams. DHA Lahore is a community where you and your family can build a life in a conventional society. DHA, Lahore is also an excellent real estate opportunity to start your business career. We at Estateland Marketing are happy to be of any assistance.


Q1: How do I obtain a DHA senior citizen id?

A1: You can pick up the file at the DHA office & then complete the form along with the relevant documents.

Q2: Which DHA Lahore phase is the best?

A2: DHA Phase 6 is the most significant phase to purchase 1 Kanal plot in DHA Lahore because of its ideal position between Bedian Road & Barki Road.

Q3: Is phase 9 of the project finished?

A3: No, it isn’t finished yet.

Q4: Are they a backup plan in case of a power outage?

A4: Yes, there is indeed an electricity generating installation solution.

Q5: Where can I get a second copy of my water bill?

A5: Acquire a duplicated water bill at the DHA main office.

Q6: Do they have any commercial plots in society?

A6: Yes, business plots are accessible for purchase with meager monthly payments.

Q7: What is the cost of property authentication?

A7: To authenticate your ownership, you must pay Rs 2000.

Q8: Is it possible for me to purchase a residential plot of 5 marlas?

A8: Yes, five marla housing plots are available for purchase.

Q9: Do they have any commercial plots of 10 marlas available?

A9: No, only four marla & 8 marla business plots are available.

Q10: Should I anticipate a higher return on my DHA investment?

A10: Yes, the Association can generate a sizable profit for you.

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