PM has called for the growth of beach and coastline tourism in Baluchistan

PM has called for the growth of beach and coastline tourism in Baluchistan

PM has called for the growth of beach and coastline tourism in Baluchistan and has emphasized the importance of developing beach and coastline tourism by fully exploring the untapped tourism potential of various places, resulting in significant cash generation. The prime minister told a crowd of locals following a tree-planting drive and inspection of the mangrove forest at the Sonmiani beach that it was the government’s role to improve people’s living circumstances by making significant reforms.

He noted that each place has its unique features. Therefore, they should focus on tourism spots that might draw Muslim people worldwide, and the growth of beach and coastline tourism would increase.

The government intends to develop beach and coastline tourism and will seek scientific advice from qualified consultants in this regard, he said, adding that the hilly or mountainous areas were created by the British during their rule, but that these areas were slowly degrading, citing Murree as an example of a town that had undergone significant changes as a result of massive construction.

He stated that the government was creating new hilly terrains and investigating other attractive areas for the first time to attract as many tourists as possible.

The prime minister stated that the country’s coastline was still undeveloped. He highlighted preserving and expanding mangrove forests, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in large quantities.

The prime minister highlighted the need to properly developing and arranging these contributions. Once these locations are developed as tourist destinations, they will help improve the locals’ lives by creating jobs and providing better education and health care.

The prime minister stated that the world was suffering severe climatic consequences, such as flooding and forest fires, in several parts of the planet.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Pakistan had already taken the lead in global efforts to mitigate climate change. The growth of beaches will prove helpful in this regard.

According to the prime minister, a recent report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of scientists, human activities were changing the world’s temperature in an unprecedented way, warning that the temperature rise would make the planet uninhabitable if the world community did not take immediate measures.

Baluchistan lacked progress and development due to the previous federal governments’ lack of interest, adding that the earlier rulers preferred to live in London rather than travel to these neglected places. He went on to say that the Baloch leaders were likewise unconcerned.

The federal government was spending Rs1 trillion for the development of Balochistan for the first time in the country’s history. He said that such a sum had never been granted or spent in the province and that Balochistan’s prosperity was linked to the country’s overall development.

Khan also declared that an extra 12,000 acres in Balochistan would be set aside for mangrove forests. This significant statement was made as part of the nationwide “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami” campaign.

According to PM, Pakistan is the only country on the planet with a growing mangrove cover that stretches from the Indus delta to the coastal parts of Balochistan. These unique ocean-growing trees were not only the guardians of the coast but also one of the essential weapons for carbon sequestration, according to a briefing provided by Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam. Because they store four times as much carbon as typical forests, they are a valuable natural resource for Pakistan and the rest of the world, which is feeling the effects of climate change.

The prime minister also visited with local Nighabaans, who have been instrumental in protecting and expanding mangroves of Baluchistan.

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