Despite Ghani's charges, the outlook of Islamabad remains positive : FM

Despite Ghani’s charges, the outlook of Islamabad remains positive: Qureshi, Foreign Minister

Afghan President Ghani’s has continued his claims against Pakistan, but the outlook of Islamabad remains positive. The FM stated, “We want things to improve in Afghanistan, adding that the Afghan people desire peace as well.

According to him, Pakistan has played positive role in the Afghan peace process, and he went on to say that a Pakistani delegation is now in Doha participating in peace talks. He said. “No one can deny our constructive contribution and efforts for peace, and the world is appreciating Pakistan’s conciliatory efforts for Afghan peace today.’’

According to the foreign minister, unnamed forces in the region are working against peace and must be monitored. “Attempts are being made to blame Pakistan for the crisis in Afghanistan,” he added, adding that a force outside of Afghanistan is “playing spoiler.”

According to the minister, Pakistan is part of a global consensus, and shares the same “objective” of peace and the outlook remains positive. “We shall keep working for peace and positive attributes.” Pakistan’s stance on the matter was explained by FM Qureshi, who reiterated that Pakistan had “no favorites in Afghanistan.”

“It would have been attained if there had been a military solution to the Afghan crisis. “However, no such military answer has surfaced,” According to the foreign minister, Pakistan is in contact with Afghanistan’s neighbors and wants to develop an “integrated strategy” for peace.

“We are concerned about Afghanistan’s rising bloodshed. However, he emphasized that “all countries in the area must work together for peace.”

He said, “We do not want to meddle in Afghanistan’s internal issues, but we are ready and eager to outlook the good and positive neighbor.”

FM Qureshi also mentioned installing fencing on the Pak-Afghan border to prevent “unwanted elements” from crossing. “Every day, 25,000 to 30,000 individuals cross the border, and we don’t want dangerous elements to enter Pakistan and exacerbate the country’s situation,” adding that he should monitor border movement.

When asked about India’s role in the crisis, the foreign minister said that the country’s behavior at the UN Security Council meeting was “regrettable” and that the international community and the Council should have noticed.  “Pakistan is not a Security Council member, but it is more affected by the situation in Afghanistan and has already paid a high price. Pakistan will be the first to be affected if the situation in Afghanistan escalates.’’

Also, according to the foreign minister, Pakistan is ‘wary but unconcerned’ as India takes over the UN Security Council presidency in August. Pakistan intended to make its case before the Security Council, according to the FM. But, on the other hand, “unfortunately did not adopt a responsible attitude” as chair of the Security Council.

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