Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan 13 key areas are under focus

Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan 13 key areas are under focus

Gwadar: The Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan (2019-2025) has garnered substantial traction, launching a series of superior development initiatives in thirteen critical domains, as reported in the preeminent publication on November 21.

As per the specifics, the master plan calls for various initiatives to convert the former fishing village into a contemporary metropolis. The development of the above initiatives includes the revitalization of historic districts, the transformation of thoroughfares, the establishment of parks, the promotion of sustainable growth, the identification of prime tourist destinations, the implementation of digital technologies, and the cultivation of a labour-intensive economy.

The objectives are to lay the groundwork for social and civic amenities, facilitate the emergence of novel business prospects, and furnish cutting-edge healthcare and educational infrastructure.

Several successfully executed initiatives as part of the Master Plan contributed to the metamorphosis of Gwadar. Water supply initiatives have been implemented, such as establishing dams like Shadi Kaur and Sowd, linked to the city via pipelines.

Furthermore, establishing a sewage water treatment facility has effectively prevented coastal pollution by repurposing sewage water for irrigation.

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The USD 30.5 million Gwadar Indus Hospital, alternatively referred to as the Pak-China Friendship Hospital, is fully operational and poised to furnish the residents of Gwadar with medical facilities of the highest calibre.

The Gwadar Port has implemented a fibre optic cable network to embrace digitalization and facilitate automated customs procedures, easing containerized trade and transhipment. The Balochistan government has approved the establishment of a 2,500-acre “Central Business District” in the port city, per the Gwadar Master Plan. The Gwadar district has been designated a tax-free zone to stimulate further economic activity, and a road network spanning 280 kilometres has been built.

The approval has been granted for the Gwadar Port Breakwater expansion project, which seeks to improve berthing safety, mitigate coastal degradation, and offer marine protection.

Many sustainable initiatives have converted Gwadar into a verdant and ecologically aware metropolis. Additions include parks, green spaces, and an emphasis on urban greenery along city thoroughfares and roads.

The Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute (PCT & VI) is now operational, providing the youth of Gwadar with advanced skill-based knowledge.

The proposed tourism strategy incorporates initiatives such as establishing a ‘Ferry Service’ that would link Gwadar and Iran, thereby acquainting visitors with Gwadar’s aesthetic and auditory delights. Cultural and festival tourism are expected to be incorporated into Gwadar’s overall tourism strategy.

The Gwadar Safe City Project (Phase I), which is currently in progress and is anticipated to cost PKR 3,325.6 million, is primarily concerned with bolstering security by implementing multipurpose cameras and optical fibre cables.

In addition, the ongoing Gwadar Old City Master Plan pledges prosperity and development for the local populace by employing skill education initiatives, restoring city infrastructure, and preserving historical sites.

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PHA to establish Sports Corners on vacant areas of Rawalpindi

PHA to establish Sports Corners on vacant areas of Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi’s Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) intends to transform unoccupied spaces beneath the Chandni Chowk flyover and the four primary parks into sports corners. This initiative is designed to offer abundant sporting opportunities to the youth residing in the garrison city.

PHA Director General (DG) Ahmed Hassan Ranjha said the area beneath the Chandni Chowk viaduct would transform into a youth cricket arena. Additionally, a basketball court would be constructed in the vicinity.

He stated that they had leased the Commercial Market Park in Satellite Town to construct a cricket arena that would appeal to the youth.

The DG communicated that the PHA will utilize all vacant areas for recreational purposes as part of the beautification initiative.

Furthermore, he stated that work had already begun following Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatha’s directive that the relevant departments transform Murree Road into a model road.

Additionally, to eliminate unsightliness from the primary thoroughfare of the garrison city, the DG stated that every pillar of the Metro Bus elevated road would be whitewashed with a single motif.

Furthermore, the PHA has requested that Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) collaborate to optimize the signage of commercial plazas and businesses along Murree Road, spanning from Marrir Chowk to Faizabad.

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The road beautification initiative is scheduled to commence in the coming days; in preparation, the municipal organization has initiated a survey to identify various structures and areas that require renovation.

Mr. Ranjha noted that the merchants situated along the primary thoroughfares had been instructed to apply the PHA-supplied design to the signboards of their establishments. Additionally, he stated that the PHA would supply trees and vegetation to the residents from its nursery rather than purchasing them from the market.

Additionally, the DG stated that the PHA had resumed construction on two parks and flower gardens in every park throughout the city.

” Green zones along the Marrir Junction to Faizabad Metro stretch will be enhanced according to a newly developed strategy. Particular attention will also be given to Raja Bazaar.,” he further stated.

Road medians in Raja Bazaar and other inner city areas would be vegetated with trees and flora. Mr. Ranjha further stated that the PHA aimed to create an impression of improvement in visitors in the days to come. As an element of the beautification initiative, seasonal flower beds were established, and trees were planted along significant thoroughfares to bestow a verdant aesthetic upon the city.

“The PHA placed a flowery national flag near the RDA headquarters to demonstrate progress in the beautification program.

He stated that in addition to maintaining the walls and underpasses, the agency intends to plant additional trees along the major thoroughfares.

Responding to a query, the DG stated that he had requested gardeners to maintain the trees planted along the highways during his visit to Raja Bazaar and the surrounding areas. He declared that the organization would promptly devise a strategy to enhance the historical bazaars in the subsequent stage.

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Before elections, RDA will concentrate exclusively on the Ring Road development

Before elections, RDA will concentrate exclusively on the Ring Road development

Rawalpindi: Until the next elections, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will focus exclusively on the Ring Road development initiative.

The caretaker administration of Punjab has allocated Rs6 billion for the RDA’s four-month budget (November-February).

The funds will be allocated exclusively for construction purposes, given that the RDA has given Rs6 billion for land acquisition for the project. The project has a total expenditure of Rs33.7 billion, of which Rs6.7 billion is allocated for property acquisition and Rs27 billion for construction.

A senior RDA official informed that the municipal organization was investing Rs99 million in the restoration of the 6th Road Metro Bus Station, which was not included in the annual development program.

According to him, the government provided the funds through the director of repair and maintenance, and the repair work was initiated at the Punjab Mass Transit Authority’s request.

He stated that although the RDA had submitted over five development initiatives to the government, only funds were allocated for the Ring Road. The civic body has no other development responsibilities at this time.

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Conversely, for four months, the government has allocated Rs1 million to the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) to acquire land necessary for a project to supply water from Daducha Dam. Establishing filtration facilities and installing a water supply system from Daducha Dam to the garrison city will cost a total of Rs900 million.

The official stated that a total of Rs19 million has been assigned for two Wasa uplift programs, out of which Rs18 million has been specifically allotted for the restoration of the sewerage infrastructure in Satellite Town and its neighboring areas.

The project has a total budget of Rs200 million, with Rs18 million designated for the upcoming four months.

He stated that one million rupees were allocated for a Rs5.195 billion Phase-I project to construct four sewage treatment facilities and sewerage lines near Rawal Lake.

He stated that the Capital Development Authority would oversee the execution of this project, with the Punjab government contributing 35% of the cost.

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PKR 2.2 billion will be allocated for Ring Road Land Acquisition

PKR 2.2 billion will be allocated for Ring Road Land Acquisition

Rawalpindi: As permitted by the Punjab Board of Revenue, PKR 2.2 billion will be spent on land procurement for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. Payment will probably commence on December 5.

A senior district administration official said Rs2.2 billion would be used to acquire 5,300 Kanals.

He said the impact would extend to over 200 residences and structures, and Rs500 million had been set aside for this purpose. He stated that construction on the Rawalpindi Ring Road had commenced on the land that had been purchased in 2021. He noted that the proprietors would receive payment for the land at the rate in effect in 2021.

He stated that 8,992 Kanals were needed to construct the 38.3-kilometer road, of which 3,692 Kanals had been acquired, and 5,300 Kanals would be received formally shortly. Also, 200 structures and dwellings will be impacted by the endeavor.

The overall expenditure for the undertaking amounts to Rs33.7 billion, with land acquisition accounting for Rs6.7 billion. The principal carriageway spans a total length of 38.3 kilometers.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project encountered controversy during the administration of former prime minister Imran Khan, who halted construction on the previous alignment in response to allegations of misappropriation.

The administration subsequently canceled the alignment and constructed a 38.3-kilometer-long new alignment from Rawat to the highway. Following this, the project was formally commenced by Imran Khan, who also awarded the contract to the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO). After the National Assembly’s April 2022 approval of a no-confidence motion against him, however, the project could not commence.

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Former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif instructed the RDA to employ a consultant to obtain third-party validation for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project’s optimal route last year. Throughout the PTI’s tenure, two project routes were devised. According to the 2020 plan, the PKR 64 billion project delineated its way from Rawat Radio Pakistan to Thalian & from Thalian to Sangjani as a total of 66.3 kilometers.

The road’s length under the new alignment in 2021 is 38.3 kilometers. The route commences at the Baanth exit of National Highway (N-5), traverses Chakbeli, Adiala, and Chakri roads, and reaches its terminus at the Thalian Interchange of Motorway M-2.

Nevertheless, the consultant substantiated the 2021 alignment, which Imran Khan also endorsed. In August of 2023, Shehbaz Sharif subsequently unveiled the project’s cornerstone.

Under Mohsin Naqvi, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, the apparatus utilized in the undertaking has been augmented from 317 to 450.

An assortment of machinery is in operation, comprising 69 excavators, 205 dumpers, 18 dozers, and three batching plants. A high-ranking district administration official predicted that the project’s work would be concluded on schedule.

As of August 2024, this endeavor must be completed. “The road’s design velocity will be 120 kilometers per hour.” He stated, “It is a standard controlled access road with five interchanges.”

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Body Form to Resolve Land Disputes in the Twin Cities' Boundary Areas

Body Form to Resolve Land Disputes in the Twin Cities’ Boundary Areas

Islamabad: City administrators of the twin cities met in Islamabad to deliberate on aligning the eastern bypass proposal. Additionally, they established a distinct committee to examine land concerns in the boundary regions between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

A meeting occurred at the CDA headquarters with a delegation led by Rawalpindi Chief Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha, Chief Commissioner & CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq. According to sources, the commissioner of Islamabad apprised his counterpart that the revenue department of Rawalpindi was continuing to postpone the transfer of property records for certain estates (Mouzas) to Islamabad.

Mr Haq informed the commissioner that this region was a part of Rawalpindi before the establishment of Islamabad; however, the CDA acquired land and incorporated it into the new city after the federal capital was established.

Mr Haq, however, stated that the revenue department of Rawalpindi was still handling some Islamabad estates and issuing fard, etc. He requested that the land records be transferred from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.

The Pindi administration requests that the CDA modify the alignment of the proposed eastern bypass in light of the modifications made to the beginning point of the Ring Road at Rawat. According to sources, both parties assembled a committee of additional deputy commissioners of revenue for both districts and other concerned officers to resolve the dispute amicably.

Mr. Chattha and his team apprised the assembly that following the CDA’s previously sanctioned alignment, and the eastern bypass would commence at the Radio Pakistan station in Rawat, which was also the designated starting point for the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Nevertheless, it was disclosed to the meeting that the initial stage of Ring Road had been shifted, and construction had already begun. It commences from Banth, a few kilometers away from Rawat, in the direction of Jhelum.

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The Rawalpindi administration instructed the CDA to realign the eastern bypass so that it would commence at Banth. As per the sources, an agreement had been reached for the CDA to initiate a study to readjust the eastern bypass’s alignment shortly.

Five interchanges are planned along the 38.3-kilometer length Rawalpindi Ring Road at Thalian, Chak Beli Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Chath. Along the route, a trade sector will also be established. The project’s Rs31.7 billion total cost is Rs6.7 billion for land acquisition.

To connect Margalla Avenue with Ring Road, the CDA will build an approximately three-kilometer road near G.T. Road in Sangjani. Concurrently, the eastern bypass will be developed to connect the Ring Road with Margalla Avenue.

The CDA board approved the alignment of the proposed 51-kilometer eastern bypass in December 2020. Initially, the bypass was proposed to initiate at G.T. Road Rawat near the radio station and conclude at Satra Meel near Bhara Kaku. Upon traversing several regions, including a portion of Kahuta, Nilor, and Rakh Tumair along Kallar Syedan Road, the road will terminate at Satra Meel on the Murree Expressway.

According to the sources, fourteen kilometres of the fifty-one kilometres fell under the jurisdiction of Islamabad, thirty-seven kilometres were under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, and five kilometres of the road would traverse forest property.

The road’s construction will contribute to the progress of the rural regions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by creating fresh commercial opportunities. In 2019, the federal cabinet approved the project, concurrently endorsing an interim report compiled by a commission established to modify the master plan of Islamabad. Also, the CDA reportedly intended to establish a special economic zone along the diversion road as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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CDA commences studies for solid waste disposal recycling

CDA commences studies for solid waste disposal recycling

Islamabad: Research on the recycling and disposal of solid refuse has been initiated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to mitigate environmental pollution within the municipality.

The initiative, according to an official, consists of the following: waste characterization, waste generation studies, a situational analysis report, collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal of municipal solid waste, a rapid assessment report of landfill sites, and a communication and behavior change strategy.

From January to March 2023, the Urban Unit Lahore undertook research at an expenditure of Rs 21.9 million. Nevertheless, legal complications and the unavailability of land have prevented the CDA from developing an adequate solid waste disposal system.

While developing a system that will implement a mechanism for solid waste minimization, reuse, source-separated waste, and waste recycling, the governing body is mindful of the criteria for optimal landfill disposal. The duration of these activities is approximately one year. A year ago, the CDA initiated a pilot program to segregate solid refuse to reduce environmental pollution and recover recyclable materials.

It is an essential prerequisite as it facilitates the recycling, reuse, treatment, and scientific disposal of various waste constituents.

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The act of waste sorting facilitates comprehension regarding strategies to decrease overall waste production, enables the identification of reusable items, and designates those that ought to be recycled. By implementing waste segregation practices and ensuring that employees recognize the significance of segregating waste, it is possible to prevent recyclable materials from being disposed of with regular garbage.

Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and the Sanitation Directorate collect and transport an estimated 700 tonnes of solid refuse daily from the federal capital.

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In January, the Rawalpindi Safe City initiative will commence

In January, the Rawalpindi Safe City initiative will commence

Rawalpindi: In January of next year, the interim government of Punjab will install 350 CCTV cameras in Rawalpindi for Rs10 billion to ensure that the garrison city is adequately monitored.

The completion timeframe for the endeavour is one year, as stated by officials.

The cameras would be linked to a control center that would be established within the office of the city police officer.

According to a senior district administration official, an initial plan for installing over 450 CCTV cameras was abandoned in favour of 350 CCTV cameras to be placed in various squares and highways following a new survey.

One year will require the installation of at least 350 cameras for Rs10 billion.

As per the authorities, certain areas were already equipped with operational law enforcement agency cameras; therefore, these areas would be excluded from the new initiative.

The official stated that the provincial caretaker administration had approved the project. It is worth noting that the initiative received approval from the caretaker government during a cabinet meeting in October. It submitted a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan in August requesting authorization for this endeavor.

Surveillance cameras will be deployed at critical locations, such as bazaars, mosques, railway stations, and entry and exit points to Rawalpindi.

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Similarly, the initiative will encompass critical bridges, police stations, prisons, and courts.

The official stated that the optical fiber would be buried for these cameras.

He stated that the Punjab Information Technology Board would install every camera before transferring the initiative to the Safe City Authority.

Comparable to Lahore, the garrison city’s secure city initiative would be integrated with the traffic management system to issue e-challans to rule violators and enforce regulations.

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha affirmed that the undertaking will cost Rs10 billion. It will assist law enforcement and administration maintain order, specifically in religious gatherings and cricket matches. He added that because the district administration “rents CCTV cameras” for installation along the route of Muharram processions and cricket matches, this endeavor would also result in substantial cost savings.

In defending the necessity of this megaproject, the commissioner stated that the new technology was essential for civic facilities due to the growth of the population.

The authorities had initially intended to allocate Rs23 billion towards this undertaking.

The projected cost was substantially reduced after rationalizing expenditures and the quantity of CCTV cameras.

The commissioner affirmed that the CPO office would house the control room. “A grey structure has been completed at the CPO office; the building will be modified as necessary,” he stated.

Given that a comparable surveillance initiative is in operation in the neighboring federal capital, the joint venture between the Rawalpindi project and its counterpart in the federal capital will enhance law and order.

The caretaker administration would initiate a similar initiative in Murree after Rawalpindi.

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The president of the LCCI underlines construction division promotion

The president of the LCCI underlines construction division promotion

Bahawalpur: The LCCI President, Kashif Anwar, proclaimed the construction industry Pakistan’s most vital sector.

He stated that “it is directly and indirectly associated with over seventy-five industries, so it merits special consideration.”

He further stated, “during a Wednesday meeting at LCCI with Director Marketing Brigadier Muhammad Usman and Administrator DHA Bahawalpur Naveed Iqbal, that the growth of the construction industry would generate employment opportunities and increase government revenue, in addition to stimulating economic activity.”

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Kashif Anwar remarked, “We intended to establish new cities and markets but were unable to do so; similarly, the goals that guided the construction of the highways remained unfulfilled.”

Expressing admiration for the DHA Bahawalpur undertaking, he encouraged the delegation to furnish the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry with its particulars to disseminate to their members.

According to Administrator DHA Bahawalpur Brigadier Naveed Iqbal, the business community serves as the nation’s capital, and visiting the Lahore Chamber is intended to provide valuable experiences.

He stated that Bahawalpur DHA encompasses 6,500 acres of land and has been endowed with every amenity imaginable.

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DHA Quetta commenced operations at the site office

DHA Quetta commenced operations at the site office

Quetta: Tomorrow, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta is scheduled to inaugurate a site office within the city. The authoritative Facebook page published the official announcement on November 11.

Following its ongoing obligations, the governing body has now disclosed the projected commencement date of its site office. The site office at Zero Point on Kuchlak Road is scheduled to commence operations on November 15.

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The DHA team has ensured that the administration and relevant directors attend the site office for two working days each week to demonstrate its commitment to accessibility. The purpose of this action is to improve community engagement and communication.

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CDA Financial Centre is preparing to expedite building plan approvals

CDA Financial Centre is preparing to expedite building plan approvals

Islamabad: Per information disclosed by a news source on November 11, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board authorized the construction a facilitation centre to expedite the building plan approval process.

A board meeting was convened under the leadership of CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq. The committee established 48 and 72 hours to approve minor residential and commercial building plans, contingent on the payment of additional fees, as stated in the meeting minutes.

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The Building Control Wing informed the board, via a summary, that the current approval timeline was twenty-one days. Acknowledging the urgency for expeditious approvals, the Building Control Directorate underscored the necessity of establishing a Facilitation Centre.

Applicants are also encouraged to submit all required drawings and documents directly to the facilitation center to expedite the three-day approval process. In the subsequent phase, this facility should be extended to the proprietors of larger parcels, as agreed by the board.

Moreover, supplementary fees and customary examination charges were authorised to avail oneself of this expedited service. As an illustration, proprietors of residential properties measuring no more than 356 square yards will be required to pay an additional PKR 20,000 for facilitation center approval. A PKR 30,000 deposit is required for plots exceeding 356 square yards, while PKR 50,000 is needed for commercial structures measuring 5000 square feet or more in area.

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