PKR 2.2 billion will be allocated for Ring Road Land Acquisition

PKR 2.2 billion will be allocated for Ring Road Land Acquisition

Rawalpindi: As permitted by the Punjab Board of Revenue, PKR 2.2 billion will be spent on land procurement for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. Payment will probably commence on December 5.

A senior district administration official said Rs2.2 billion would be used to acquire 5,300 Kanals.

He said the impact would extend to over 200 residences and structures, and Rs500 million had been set aside for this purpose. He stated that construction on the Rawalpindi Ring Road had commenced on the land that had been purchased in 2021. He noted that the proprietors would receive payment for the land at the rate in effect in 2021.

He stated that 8,992 Kanals were needed to construct the 38.3-kilometer road, of which 3,692 Kanals had been acquired, and 5,300 Kanals would be received formally shortly. Also, 200 structures and dwellings will be impacted by the endeavor.

The overall expenditure for the undertaking amounts to Rs33.7 billion, with land acquisition accounting for Rs6.7 billion. The principal carriageway spans a total length of 38.3 kilometers.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road project encountered controversy during the administration of former prime minister Imran Khan, who halted construction on the previous alignment in response to allegations of misappropriation.

The administration subsequently canceled the alignment and constructed a 38.3-kilometer-long new alignment from Rawat to the highway. Following this, the project was formally commenced by Imran Khan, who also awarded the contract to the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO). After the National Assembly’s April 2022 approval of a no-confidence motion against him, however, the project could not commence.

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Former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif instructed the RDA to employ a consultant to obtain third-party validation for the Rawalpindi Ring Road project’s optimal route last year. Throughout the PTI’s tenure, two project routes were devised. According to the 2020 plan, the PKR 64 billion project delineated its way from Rawat Radio Pakistan to Thalian & from Thalian to Sangjani as a total of 66.3 kilometers.

The road’s length under the new alignment in 2021 is 38.3 kilometers. The route commences at the Baanth exit of National Highway (N-5), traverses Chakbeli, Adiala, and Chakri roads, and reaches its terminus at the Thalian Interchange of Motorway M-2.

Nevertheless, the consultant substantiated the 2021 alignment, which Imran Khan also endorsed. In August of 2023, Shehbaz Sharif subsequently unveiled the project’s cornerstone.

Under Mohsin Naqvi, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, the apparatus utilized in the undertaking has been augmented from 317 to 450.

An assortment of machinery is in operation, comprising 69 excavators, 205 dumpers, 18 dozers, and three batching plants. A high-ranking district administration official predicted that the project’s work would be concluded on schedule.

As of August 2024, this endeavor must be completed. “The road’s design velocity will be 120 kilometers per hour.” He stated, “It is a standard controlled access road with five interchanges.”

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