Before elections, RDA will concentrate exclusively on the Ring Road development

Before elections, RDA will concentrate exclusively on the Ring Road development

Rawalpindi: Until the next elections, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will focus exclusively on the Ring Road development initiative.

The caretaker administration of Punjab has allocated Rs6 billion for the RDA’s four-month budget (November-February).

The funds will be allocated exclusively for construction purposes, given that the RDA has given Rs6 billion for land acquisition for the project. The project has a total expenditure of Rs33.7 billion, of which Rs6.7 billion is allocated for property acquisition and Rs27 billion for construction.

A senior RDA official informed that the municipal organization was investing Rs99 million in the restoration of the 6th Road Metro Bus Station, which was not included in the annual development program.

According to him, the government provided the funds through the director of repair and maintenance, and the repair work was initiated at the Punjab Mass Transit Authority’s request.

He stated that although the RDA had submitted over five development initiatives to the government, only funds were allocated for the Ring Road. The civic body has no other development responsibilities at this time.

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Conversely, for four months, the government has allocated Rs1 million to the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) to acquire land necessary for a project to supply water from Daducha Dam. Establishing filtration facilities and installing a water supply system from Daducha Dam to the garrison city will cost a total of Rs900 million.

The official stated that a total of Rs19 million has been assigned for two Wasa uplift programs, out of which Rs18 million has been specifically allotted for the restoration of the sewerage infrastructure in Satellite Town and its neighboring areas.

The project has a total budget of Rs200 million, with Rs18 million designated for the upcoming four months.

He stated that one million rupees were allocated for a Rs5.195 billion Phase-I project to construct four sewage treatment facilities and sewerage lines near Rawal Lake.

He stated that the Capital Development Authority would oversee the execution of this project, with the Punjab government contributing 35% of the cost.

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