PHA to establish Sports Corners on vacant areas of Rawalpindi

PHA to establish Sports Corners on vacant areas of Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi’s Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) intends to transform unoccupied spaces beneath the Chandni Chowk flyover and the four primary parks into sports corners. This initiative is designed to offer abundant sporting opportunities to the youth residing in the garrison city.

PHA Director General (DG) Ahmed Hassan Ranjha said the area beneath the Chandni Chowk viaduct would transform into a youth cricket arena. Additionally, a basketball court would be constructed in the vicinity.

He stated that they had leased the Commercial Market Park in Satellite Town to construct a cricket arena that would appeal to the youth.

The DG communicated that the PHA will utilize all vacant areas for recreational purposes as part of the beautification initiative.

Furthermore, he stated that work had already begun following Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatha’s directive that the relevant departments transform Murree Road into a model road.

Additionally, to eliminate unsightliness from the primary thoroughfare of the garrison city, the DG stated that every pillar of the Metro Bus elevated road would be whitewashed with a single motif.

Furthermore, the PHA has requested that Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) collaborate to optimize the signage of commercial plazas and businesses along Murree Road, spanning from Marrir Chowk to Faizabad.

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The road beautification initiative is scheduled to commence in the coming days; in preparation, the municipal organization has initiated a survey to identify various structures and areas that require renovation.

Mr. Ranjha noted that the merchants situated along the primary thoroughfares had been instructed to apply the PHA-supplied design to the signboards of their establishments. Additionally, he stated that the PHA would supply trees and vegetation to the residents from its nursery rather than purchasing them from the market.

Additionally, the DG stated that the PHA had resumed construction on two parks and flower gardens in every park throughout the city.

” Green zones along the Marrir Junction to Faizabad Metro stretch will be enhanced according to a newly developed strategy. Particular attention will also be given to Raja Bazaar.,” he further stated.

Road medians in Raja Bazaar and other inner city areas would be vegetated with trees and flora. Mr. Ranjha further stated that the PHA aimed to create an impression of improvement in visitors in the days to come. As an element of the beautification initiative, seasonal flower beds were established, and trees were planted along significant thoroughfares to bestow a verdant aesthetic upon the city.

“The PHA placed a flowery national flag near the RDA headquarters to demonstrate progress in the beautification program.

He stated that in addition to maintaining the walls and underpasses, the agency intends to plant additional trees along the major thoroughfares.

Responding to a query, the DG stated that he had requested gardeners to maintain the trees planted along the highways during his visit to Raja Bazaar and the surrounding areas. He declared that the organization would promptly devise a strategy to enhance the historical bazaars in the subsequent stage.

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