Body Form to Resolve Land Disputes in the Twin Cities' Boundary Areas

Body Form to Resolve Land Disputes in the Twin Cities’ Boundary Areas

Islamabad: City administrators of the twin cities met in Islamabad to deliberate on aligning the eastern bypass proposal. Additionally, they established a distinct committee to examine land concerns in the boundary regions between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

A meeting occurred at the CDA headquarters with a delegation led by Rawalpindi Chief Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha, Chief Commissioner & CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq. According to sources, the commissioner of Islamabad apprised his counterpart that the revenue department of Rawalpindi was continuing to postpone the transfer of property records for certain estates (Mouzas) to Islamabad.

Mr Haq informed the commissioner that this region was a part of Rawalpindi before the establishment of Islamabad; however, the CDA acquired land and incorporated it into the new city after the federal capital was established.

Mr Haq, however, stated that the revenue department of Rawalpindi was still handling some Islamabad estates and issuing fard, etc. He requested that the land records be transferred from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.

The Pindi administration requests that the CDA modify the alignment of the proposed eastern bypass in light of the modifications made to the beginning point of the Ring Road at Rawat. According to sources, both parties assembled a committee of additional deputy commissioners of revenue for both districts and other concerned officers to resolve the dispute amicably.

Mr. Chattha and his team apprised the assembly that following the CDA’s previously sanctioned alignment, and the eastern bypass would commence at the Radio Pakistan station in Rawat, which was also the designated starting point for the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Nevertheless, it was disclosed to the meeting that the initial stage of Ring Road had been shifted, and construction had already begun. It commences from Banth, a few kilometers away from Rawat, in the direction of Jhelum.

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The Rawalpindi administration instructed the CDA to realign the eastern bypass so that it would commence at Banth. As per the sources, an agreement had been reached for the CDA to initiate a study to readjust the eastern bypass’s alignment shortly.

Five interchanges are planned along the 38.3-kilometer length Rawalpindi Ring Road at Thalian, Chak Beli Khan, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Chath. Along the route, a trade sector will also be established. The project’s Rs31.7 billion total cost is Rs6.7 billion for land acquisition.

To connect Margalla Avenue with Ring Road, the CDA will build an approximately three-kilometer road near G.T. Road in Sangjani. Concurrently, the eastern bypass will be developed to connect the Ring Road with Margalla Avenue.

The CDA board approved the alignment of the proposed 51-kilometer eastern bypass in December 2020. Initially, the bypass was proposed to initiate at G.T. Road Rawat near the radio station and conclude at Satra Meel near Bhara Kaku. Upon traversing several regions, including a portion of Kahuta, Nilor, and Rakh Tumair along Kallar Syedan Road, the road will terminate at Satra Meel on the Murree Expressway.

According to the sources, fourteen kilometres of the fifty-one kilometres fell under the jurisdiction of Islamabad, thirty-seven kilometres were under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, and five kilometres of the road would traverse forest property.

The road’s construction will contribute to the progress of the rural regions of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by creating fresh commercial opportunities. In 2019, the federal cabinet approved the project, concurrently endorsing an interim report compiled by a commission established to modify the master plan of Islamabad. Also, the CDA reportedly intended to establish a special economic zone along the diversion road as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

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