CDA Financial Centre is preparing to expedite building plan approvals

CDA Financial Centre is preparing to expedite building plan approvals

Islamabad: Per information disclosed by a news source on November 11, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board authorized the construction a facilitation centre to expedite the building plan approval process.

A board meeting was convened under the leadership of CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq. The committee established 48 and 72 hours to approve minor residential and commercial building plans, contingent on the payment of additional fees, as stated in the meeting minutes.

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The Building Control Wing informed the board, via a summary, that the current approval timeline was twenty-one days. Acknowledging the urgency for expeditious approvals, the Building Control Directorate underscored the necessity of establishing a Facilitation Centre.

Applicants are also encouraged to submit all required drawings and documents directly to the facilitation center to expedite the three-day approval process. In the subsequent phase, this facility should be extended to the proprietors of larger parcels, as agreed by the board.

Moreover, supplementary fees and customary examination charges were authorised to avail oneself of this expedited service. As an illustration, proprietors of residential properties measuring no more than 356 square yards will be required to pay an additional PKR 20,000 for facilitation center approval. A PKR 30,000 deposit is required for plots exceeding 356 square yards, while PKR 50,000 is needed for commercial structures measuring 5000 square feet or more in area.

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