DHA Lahore establishes sub-offices in Islamabad and Karachi

DHA Lahore establishes sub-offices in Islamabad and Karachi

According to posts on the authority’s official Facebook page, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Lahore has opened branch offices in Karachi and Islamabad to help its members.

According to the information, the DHA Lahore sub-office is at 27-C-Lane 11, Bukhari Commercial, Phase-6 of DHA Karachi. At the new sub-office, the members will get quick and good service.

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In early June, the DHA Lahore administration shared a post that said their sub-office in DHA Islamabad was now open. The video says that the sub-office is at Jacaranda Family Club, Club Avenue, Sector E Phase II of DHA Islamabad. Residents can use a wide range of services, such as transferring and verifying property.

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CDA and NADRA form a digital property management agreement

CDA and NADRA form a digital property management agreement

ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) signed a deal on Wednesday to create a biometric verification system (BvS) for transferring property.

A press release here said that the heads of NADRA and CDA signed the agreement. Their names are Tariq Malik and Amir Ali Ahmed.

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For the sale, purchase, and transfer of properties, the NADRA will create and use a biometric verification solution. The system will make it harder to fake documents and stop people or groups with bad intentions from trying to trick their way into transferring property in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).

About 20,000 sales, purchases, and property transfers take place in the CDA every year.

The NADRA chairman talked about how vital the biometric verification system for property transfer was. He called it a “digitised solution” meant to change the way public services were given by reducing the risk of forgery and stopping transactions that were against the law.

He said that the development of the digital biometric system foreshadows illegal acts. “The BVS will not only make the CDA system more open, but it will also meet the know-your-customer (KYC) requirements in real estate transactions,” he said.

“Biometric authentication is a unique way to prove who you are, making it easier to transfer property. In addition, the NADRA can use biometrics to check the identities of citizens and their family members, which any organization needs to do. “The NADRA’s biometric identification system will make sure that people are who they say they are and will make it less than the CDA will be broken into,” he said.

He said that with this kind of security system, transactions are done not only by affidavit but also by biometrics.

The head of the CDA said that the organization’s work to digitize was strengthened by its partnership with the NADRA. “The NADRA’s technical skills in the field of information technology and data management are not only known across the country but also internationally, where NADRA is known as one of the top system integrators,” he said.

The NADRA stayed busy and successfully finished several enterprise-level projects important to the country. It also completed several international projects, giving Pakistan a good name.

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NHA reports the development of the Chaman-Karachi Highway project

NHA reports the development of the Chaman-Karachi Highway project

During a meeting on June 29, the news said that National Highway Authority (NHA) Chairman Muhammad Khurram Agha talked about the progress of the Chaman-Karachi Highway (N-25) project.

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A group of lawmakers got together with Senator Prince Omar Ahmadzai to discuss how the Chaman-Karachi highway project was going. The Senate Standing Committee on Communications was worried that the estimated cost of PKR 222 billion might not be enough because the prices of building materials have gone up. So far, PKR 6 billion have been given to the project, according to the head of the committee.

The NHA officials told the people at the meeting about the highway project. It was found out that the project to build a road that is 790 kilometres long will be done in five parts. Here are the details of each phase:

330-kilometre long Khuzdar-Kuchlak 273-kilometre long Karachi-Uthal-Kararo and Wadh-Khuzdar 187-kilometre Kararo-Wadh and Kuchlak-Chaman
Balochistan puts out a request for bids for the first part of the Kuchlak-Khuzdar highway.

The officials also said that the PC-1 cost for the Karachi-Uthal-Kararo section is PKR 73.029 billion, and the PC-1 cost for the Khuzdar-Kuchlak section is PKR 81.582 billion, and the cost for the third section is PKR 67.671 billion. Therefore, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) will decide if the PC-1 prices are okay.

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CDWP approves projects totaling over Rs142 billion

CDWP approves projects totaling over Rs142 billion

ISLAMABAD: CDWP approved 19 projects with a total cost of Rs142.3 billion.

At the meeting, which was led by Planning Secretary Zafar Ali Shah, 13 projects worth a total of Rs34.83 billion were approved, and another six projects worth a total of Rs107.5 billion were sent to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) for formal approval.

With the financial powers it has now, the CDWP can only approve projects that won’t cost more than Rs10bn. Projects with higher estimated costs are approved by Ecnec after the CDWP gives its technical approval.

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The Rs44.72 billion “Muzaffarabad-Mansehra Road” project was one of the projects sent to Ecnec for approval.

Plans include building a university in North Waziristan.

It plans to build a road that goes from Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Muzaffarabad. This road will be 26.6 kilometres long.

Under the plan, 11 bridges and two tunnels would be built on the left side of the rivers Jhelum and Kunar.

When the road is connected to Mirpur, an industrial city in AJK, it will be a key part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The goal of the project is to build a four-lane controlled access expressway that will connect the motorway network to Azad Kashmir quickly.

Ecnec was also told about a Rs16.32bn project to connect Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Azad Kashmir.

The National Highway Authority (NHA) will build the 50 km mountain road that will connect Neelum Valley in AJK to Jalkhad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra district.

The meeting also talked about the mini-sports complexes that Ecnec is building for Rs12bn.

The goal of the project is to make sports more popular by improving infrastructure. To do this, the federal and provincial governments will split the cost of building or improving 250 mini-sports complexes all over the country.

The provincial government will be in charge of making land available, and the Centre’s Public Sector Development Programme will be in charge of building the mini-complexes (PSDP).

The CDWP also suggested building and improving 250 vocational training institutes across the country, including in AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan, and the newly merged districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This would cost a total of Rs12.61bn.

The goal of the project is to teach 300,000 young people how to get jobs.

Ecnec was also asked to approve the building of a new bridge with approach roads between Sukkur and Rohri over the Indus River. This project would cost Rs10.28bn.

Rohri is one of Pakistan’s largest railway hubs, while Sukkur is the third largest city in Sindh and is on the west bank of the Indus River.

There are three places where roads cross rivers between Rohri and Sukkur city at the moment.

The CDWP also suggested that another road project worth Rs11.58bn be approved. This project would turn the section of N-55 between D.G. Khan and D.I. Khan into a four-lane highway, make D.G. Khan-D.I. Khan into a dual-lane highway, and fix up D.G. Khan-D.I. Khan.

The CDWP also agreed to build a 132KV transmission line with a second circuit from Jiwani to Gwadar at a cost of Rs2.323bn.

It was agreed that the University of North Waziristan in the tribal district would cost Rs2bn to build.

A proposal to build a Knowledge Park in Islamabad and a “Network of Digital Libraries Capitals” at a cost of Rs6.9bn was also approved at the meeting.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has proposed a project to build a modern Knowledge Park and a network of digital libraries in the federal capital and all provincial capitals.

At the meeting, a feasibility study for the metro bus route in Quetta was also talked about.

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Strict action against encroachment and unlawful development in Malakand

Strict action against encroachment and unlawful development in Malakand

Malakand orders strict action against riverside encroachment and illegal development.
According to a story in the leading newspaper on June 27, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan has told the right people to take strict action against illegal construction and encroachment along the riverbanks of tourist spots in the Malakand division.

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CM Khan led a meeting to talk about illegal building on riverbanks in the province. The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was going on. During the meeting, he asked the officials involved to come up with a strategy and a plan for how to put it into action to stop illegal building in the future. He also told the officials to do what they needed to do to get rid of all kinds of encroachments on the riverbanks in the Kalam, Swat area and give him a report. The minister said that doing things that are against the law will not be allowed and that everyone involved should be punished.


At the meeting, the Malakand Commissioner was put in charge of the operational committee, which was made to find encroachments and get rid of them to protect the rivers. The CM also said that illegal construction hurts the natural beauty of rivers and causes damage to property and loss of life when it rains. When he talked about people throwing trash into rivers, he asked the local government to stop this and put the River Protection Act into place.

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A report identifies tax cheating by Pakistani leaders

A report identifies tax cheating by Pakistani leaders

ISLAMABAD: A report on tax evasion by Pakistan’s political leaders came out on Wednesday. It said that more than 60 percent of the cabinet and two thirds of the federal lawmakers did not pay taxes last year.

In his study “Representation without Taxation,” investigative journalist Umar Cheema criticises Pakistan’s elected leaders for paying little or no tax, even though their average net worth is estimated to be $882,000.

“The problem begins with those in charge. Those who set tax policies, run the government, and collect taxes have not been able to show others how to do things right “The report is likely to make Pakistan feel more pressure to change its tax system.

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At 9.2%, Pakistan has one of the world’s lowest tax rates to GDP ratios. The Federal Board of Revenues says that only 260,000 people out of 180 million have paid taxes for the last three years in a row (FBR).

Pakistan’s refusal to make significant changes to its tax system was a big reason why an IMF bailout program worth $11.3 billion fell through in November 2010.

Pakistan is one of the countries that gets the most money from the West. However, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and British Prime Minister David Cameron have said that it’s hard to give more money when Pakistan’s elite don’t pay taxes.

The report, which marks the start of the Centre for Investigative Reporting in Pakistan, used information from the FBR and lawmakers to conclude. It asks politicians to share their tax returns in the future on their own.

Cheema found that President Asif Ali Zardari and 34 of the 55 members of the cabinet, including Interior Minister Rehman Malik, did not file a tax return in 2011.

For one cabinet minister, no information could be found.

Most of the 20 cabinet ministers who did pay, like Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf with Rs142,536 and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar with Rs69,619, only gave a small amount.

Water and Power Minister Ahmad Mukhtar paid Rs1.09 million, which was the most of any cabinet member. On the other hand, Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah, who is in charge of religious affairs, paid the least, at Rs43,333.

The report says that of all the members of the upper and lower houses of the federal parliament, 67 percent did not file tax returns in 2011. Only 28 percent did, and 5 percent could not be checked.

It also found that 78 members still haven’t signed up for a national taxation number.

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The 10 Best Home Design Software In 2022

The 10 Best Home Design Software In 2023


Home design software is the latest advancement in technology with skilled features. Moreover, designing and creating new designs can be a sceptical task for all homeowners. Furthermore, several user-friendly software is here to help homeowners plan and renovate their homes according to their preferences. And one aspect that everyone appreciates is effectively managing time. Moreover, with the software, the homeowners might get the desired result in minutes. And that’s how they can create numerous designers and shortlist a few according to the family member’s requirements. Lastly, this blog has all the software that must be on the list of homeowners looking for home design software.

The 10 Best Home Design Software

Among various home design software, the best ones are here that are cost-effective and user-friendly. So, without further ado, let’s explore the software.


Homestyler is the first home design software we all focus on for designing purposes. Moreover, it is free software that allows a majority of homeowners. Furthermore, all individuals can use computer-aided design software to create suitable designs virtually. And 2D and 3D designs are available in this application with exact measurements. Moreover, the basic version of the tool is free and to get the specialized features like 4KN rendering and 10K panorama; individuals have to buy the premium version.

Lands Design

Landscape design is also mandatory when creating home improvement and layout. Moreover, professionals and individuals can benefit from it. Furthermore, home improvements are an inevitable aspect for all homeowners. And adequate guidance is already available to help the homeowners improve their quality of living of the individuals. So, the top 10 best ROI home improvements are here with the most suitable options. Furthermore, this home design software can help you achieve your dream remodelling and renovation ideas. Lastly, it has an extensive database of flora and fauna for 2D and 3D designers.


Another home design software that offers outstanding design services is RoomSketcher. Moreover, it has features like 3D Walktroughs and Floor Plans. Furthermore, its cloud base can sink to various devices and download anything. And the best aspect is its user-friendly interface that allows most individuals to use this app. Lastly, the app is highly customizable and affordable, depending on users’ preferences.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

virtual architect ultimate home design is one of the best home design software that offers outstanding services. Moreover, it lets the homeowners upload simple graphics and edit them accordingly. Furthermore, to help more, there will be the provision of understandable tutorials that shows all the tips and tricks to make a suitable and customizable design. However, the software is a little expensive, but the features and quality of service have worth it.

Sketch Up 

Sketchup is a perfect blend of cost and quality. Moreover, it is also one of the best home design software that offers various features. Furthermore, the best aspect is that it is free of cost. And despite being free, the software has the best quality services. Moreover, the app can be applicable on tablets and cell phones. Lastly, the app has an upgrade feature that lets users add more features accordingly.

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape

For Mac users, the turboFloorPlan Home and Landscape is the best home design software available. Moreover, the app includes automation tools that will help all the users, even at the beginner level. Furthermore, building green tools in the application helps create eco-friendly designs. And we know several housing schemes are developing in the country that follows the gree concept like the Prime Valley Islamabad.

Home Design 3D Gold

Creating 2D and 3D designs using this app is extremely easy. Moreover, this home design software is workable on apple gadgets. So, the users can make exceptional designs on the iPad, and its library has numerous plans, including furniture, plant, and décor. Furthermore, it has an augmented reality tool that allows users to take a virtual tour after completing the designs. Therefore, we can say that this can be one of the best home design software.

Home Designer Suite

If you are looking for a CAD Style tool, the home designer suite cab is the best home design software. Moreover, it is the best app if you are looking to make your hobby a profession. And it can help the designers in both interior and exterior designs. Furthermore, the best feature is the library which has several images to facilitate the users. Lastly, it is highly user-friendly, and all users efficiently operate and create magnificent customizable designs.

DreamPlan Home Designer

This software has all the answers for all the users who love doing DIY projects. Moreover, it is user-friendly with 3D models. And all individuals can create customizable designs according to their needs. Furthermore, the best DIY home improvements website has the relevant data to make more efficient designs. However, the data is not as extensive as other home design software. But it covers all the basics.

Sweet Home 3D

For smaller design projects, the sweet home 3D is the best home design software with all the user’s eyes. Moreover, the prices of this app are also highly affordable, which is a fascinating aspect. Furthermore, the quality of the work is not as up to mark as the other software, but it can help you create outstanding DIY small projects. Lastly, users can opt for this software to make small-scale and not so highly specialized designs.


Home design software is the need of the hour that helps many users create exceptional designs. Moreover, most of the software available is accessible or affordable enough that all users can easily create designs. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface will help the users develop plans without guidance. However, there will be an option of tutorials that will also facilitate the investors using the applications. And the library of images also allows the users to make great setups. Moreover, 2D and 3D home designing have become easier with the help of this software. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has more relevant information for all the users, so keep checking their website and add value to your life.

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How To Estimate Your Rental Property Expenses

How To Estimate Your Rental Property Expenses


Rental property expenses are the first thing that comes to the owner’s mind now and then. Moreover, the rental property proved the best passive income for all the homeowners. Especially in a pandemic, when all business models seem to be not working, the real estate business works wonders. Furthermore, plenty of residential projects are becoming a part of the community, with the idea of providing the best living standards to all the citizens. However, the process may require a crucial understanding of all the aspects relevant to rental properties. Therefore, guidance from experts is mandatory to avoid any inconvenience later. Lastly, the blog will cover all the pertinent details that all homeowners must know before calculating rental property expenses.

How to Estimate your Rental Property Expenses

Several vital points are here that all homeowners must know before calculating the rental property expenses. And some of the best and most relevant facts are as follows:

Property Taxes

The most vital rental property expenses are property taxes. Moreover, we know that various types of property tax are available and payable in our country. Furthermore, this is the foremost vital aspect that all homeowners must keep an eye on to make a property legally the best real estate investment. And the property taxes have various terms and conditions that all owners must complete before the allowed deadline. So lastly, keeping this point first on the list is preferable.

House Assessment

A home inspection before renting out a property is the best service a homeowner can do to their tenants. Moreover, adding these costs will significantly impact the overall home budget while calculating the rental property expenses. Furthermore, leaving this aspect earlier can cost a lot to all the homeowners later. Therefore, before the damage and any other maintenance area cause more damage, its remedy is vital to eliminate a significant financial setback.

Property Marketing

Without outstanding marketing, it will be impossible to grab the attention of all the potential tenants. Moreover, a significant budget allocation is mandatory while planning the rental property expenses. Furthermore, for marketing, professional guidance is required from light to photography; all aspects are viable to check to enhance the best features of your property. And it is the homeowners’ responsibility to spare a good amount of budget and time for marketing their properties. Lastly, several marketing firms are now available that can offer their specialized services to market the property sufficiently.

Utilities Work

The tenant must pay the essential utility bills and work for the electricity, water and gas. However, the homeowners must cover the utilities, including sewer, deep cleaning, and inspection; also, owning a property means checking and maintaining the tenants’ quality of living. Furthermore, the tenants are also entitled to take care of the property. And these utilities cost a lot of money to the homeowners. Therefore, adding these utility costs is mandatory while calculating the rental property expenses.

Home Maintenance & Improvements

Several day-to-day maintenance works cost a lot to all the homeowners. And this is also the landowners’ duty to care for their homes. Moreover, when calculating the rental property expenses adding these charges is mandatory to get an accurate idea of the overall budget. Furthermore, applying beneficial maintenance can pay back all the homeowners. Therefore, the right investment option is mandatory to get a high return on investment. Lastly, all homeowners should get adequate guidelines, and here are the top 10 best ROI home improvements lists to get high payback.

Broker Charges

Another cost that is applicable while calculating the rental property expenses is the broker charger. Moreover, we all know that finding a tenant can be a difficult task. But with the assistance of a qualified broker, the job can become more uncomplicated and efficient. Furthermore, time is a key for all homeowners, and saving time while hiring an expert realtor will be beneficial. And several options are now available which can help all the homeowners find a tenant in the most legal and authorized manner. Moreover, hiring a broker can cost money, so a lump sum and an average cost must be a part of the overall budget.


The rental property expenses are the significant aspect that all homeowners look for before renting out the property. Moreover, several houses are now building in the country. And not only this, rental property has become a primary source of passive income stream. Furthermore, despite being a developing country, the construction rate is increasing daily. Therefore, all the homeowners have to maintain their expenses more efficiently.

Moreover, several points are essential to add to the overall rental property budget, including property taxes, maintenance, inspection, utility charges and many more. And for that, professional guidance is also necessary. Lastly, visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing for more information about rental project options and advice.

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Artificial groundwater recharge site inaugurated in Kachnar Park Islamabad

Artificial groundwater recharge site inaugurated in Kachnar Park Islamabad

In Kachnar Park, ISLAMABAD, an artificial groundwater recharge site opened on Friday to help meet the demand for water in the federal capital.

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) Pakistan, the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR), and WaterAid Pakistan came up with the idea for the pilot project.

The project “Demonstration of nature-based solutions for improving the resilience of groundwater aquifers in Islamabad” has started the artificial groundwater recharge site.

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The project, which was paid for by WaterAid, found seven possible places in Islamabad where groundwater could be refilled.

IWMI’s country representative and regional representative for Central Asia, Dr. Mohsin Hafeez, spoke at a media briefing about the water problems in Islamabad, which have gotten worse because of wasteful use of rainwater, the city’s horizontal growth, over-extraction of groundwater resources, poor water supply, sanitation and hygiene problems, and unsustainable use.

Under a pilot project, seven possible places in Islamabad to refill groundwater have been found.

“On average, Islamabad gets 1,400 mm of rain a year. “We can meet the demand for 46 million gallons of water per day with the supply of 45 million gallons per day if we save just 30% of the rainwater through artificial groundwater recharge sites,” the official said.

He said that IWMI had built the first state-of-the-art artificial groundwater recharge pilot site with all the tools needed to measure groundwater quality, groundwater level, rainfall, and the amount of rainfall put into the aquifer.

Dr. Hafeez said that the project will give evidence-based information about how rainfall affects groundwater replenishment in Islamabad.

“In Islamabad, there are problems with not having enough water, so IWMI has suggested that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) install rainwater tanks at the household level,” he said.

Kachnar Park was chosen because it gets a lot of rain and has underground storage space for 566,000 litres of water that is three feet deep. Experts said that this monsoon season, the twin cities would probably get 40% more rain.

Dr. Mohammad Ashraf, who is the head of the PCRWR, said that rainwater harvesting to refill groundwater was part of the solution to the water supply problem, but that it needed to be scaled up to solve problems with groundwater depletion.

He said that Islamabad had lost about one metre of groundwater compared to the average amount of rain that fell there each year.

“It means that we could easily fill the gap between supply and demand with groundwater if we used recharge to save rainwater in a smart way,” he said.

Mohammad Yahya Akhunzada, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, asked the media to teach people about collecting rainwater to water plants and save water resources in general.

Rana Shakeel Asghar, a member of the CDA’s Finance Committee, talked about how IWMI, PCRWR, and WaterAid were piloting the project and how they hoped it would help refill groundwater.

He said that because Islamabad needs more water, it was important to recharge the groundwater by collecting rainwater.

In order to do this, the CDA and PCRWR worked together to build 100 groundwater recharge sites. CDA planned to add more sites for putting water back into the ground.

Arif Jabbar Khan, who is the country director for WaterAid, said that Pakistan had problems with both the quality and amount of surface and groundwater that could be used for drinking.

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Rawalpindi commissioner removes encroachments along Leh Nullah

Rawalpindi commissioner removes encroachments along Leh Nullah

RAWALPINDI: Commissioner Noorul Amin Mengal went to different places near Leh Nullah and looked at what was being done to get ready for rains later this month.

He told the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) that the area around Leh Nullah needed to be cleaned up within four days.

He also asked the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) to get rid of everything that had been built on the nullah’s banks.

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The agencies involved have been put on high alert, and civic groups and Rescue 1122 will work together to help if the nullah floods.

Tanveer Ahmed, who is in charge of the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa), Awais Manzoor Tarrar, who is in charge of the RWMC, and other officials were also there.

The commissioner told the Provincial Disaster Management Authority to keep its system up to date and let people know what’s going on as soon as possible. He said that water building up anywhere shouldn’t change how people live their daily lives.

Mr. Mengal also said that areas with a high risk of flooding, like Ratta Amral, Katarian, Tipu Road, Dhoke Najju, Gawalmandi, and Ziaul Haq Colony, should be given extra care so that water doesn’t build up in low-lying areas. Rawalpindi commissioner removes encroachments along Leh Nullah.

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