Types of Property Tax

Types of Property Tax


A property tax types are a tax payable on all the properties owned by an individual or a group of professionals. Moreover, the property tax in Pakistan is the expected amount applicable to all the property’s rental value. Furthermore, the taxes amount are different in every province. And the rental value does not mean the value of the rental property; it is the amount the property would have if its let out. The owners have to pay the property tax to the government. The tax is due according to the types of property like the residential or rental.

Several housing schemes are coming up in the country, like the Prime Valley, Kingdom valley, and Seven Wonders City. And all these properties have been to pay the taxes to continue their living or professional purposes. So, lastly, continue reading o know in detail about the property tax.

Types of Property Tax

Several types of property tax types are here that would be applicable in Pakistan. Moreover, the residents and the owners have to pay it to continue their living purposes. And housing schemes are developing all over the country to fulfil investor and resident requirements like the 1947 Housing Society and Park View City. Furthermore, common types of taxes include capital gain, capital value, stamp duty, withholding tax, or advance tax. Lastly, the details of these taxes are as follows:

Capital Gain Tax (CGT)

The property tax Types on the sale of the property are payable on the gain of the profits. Moreover, it is a federal tax that has to be paid by the sellers. Furthermore, it is the amount of the profits sellers gain to gain the property. And the government has also provided the tax rate to give the taxpayer a clear understanding of the due amount. Moreover, for the first year, the taxpayer must pay 10 %. And for the second year, it will be 7.5% if sold. Lastly, 5% if sold in the third year. All these rates are available according to the type of the properties. Therefore, the taxpayer will know the amount they have to pay.

Capital Value Tax (CVT)

The Property Tax types apply to purchasable properties. Moreover, several housing schemes are here to offer the properties to the investors, like the Sialkot Motorway City. So, the investors must know this type of tax payable in the properties they have bought or will buy. Moreover, it is a provincial tax that the buyers pay when purchasing the property. Furthermore, it is applicable at 2%. And properties transferable as gifts, including as inheritance or to spouses, come into this category. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing Official Website for more tax-related knowledge.

Stamp Duty

It is one of the vital property tax types payable on the official legal document at the buying time. Moreover, this type of property tax is payable on the tax implied on the property purchase. And as we have discussed, the housing schemes are developing in the country to offer the best property purchase to all the investors, including the Seven Wonders City. Lastly, the stamp duty is payable at the 3% at the DC rates of property.

Withholding Tax

Another one of the vital property tax types includes the withholding tax. Moreover, this tax is also due on the purchasable and sellable properties. Furthermore, the home buyers’ income tax return will have to pay the 2%. And 4% tax will be due if they do not file a tax return. Moreover, if the value of a home is more than 4 million, only then will the withholding tax apply.

The filer sellers have to pay 1% tax, and the non-filer has to pay 2% tax. Most importantly, this tax is payable at the time of the deal or signing the agreement. Lastly, the tax is also known as advance tax.


The property tax types are the tax payable by both the buyer and the seller. Moreover, it is the government’s amount to make the property legal. Furthermore, several types of property taxes are available in Pakistan with different terms and conditions. And some typical kind of taxes includes the Capital Gain. Capital Value, Stamp Duty, and the Withholding Tax.

Moreover, the excise taxation and narcotics control department’s website allows sellers and buyers to calculate the tax amount. And the details of these taxes are also discussed in detail in this blog. Moreover, with the emergence of several housing schemes in the country, investors must know all these property taxes before investing. Furthermore, some famous housing schemes include Kingdom Valley Islamabad and Blue World city Islamabad. Lastly, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing to learn the latest updates reading the taxes.

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