NHA reports the development of the Chaman-Karachi Highway project

NHA reports the development of the Chaman-Karachi Highway project

During a meeting on June 29, the news said that National Highway Authority (NHA) Chairman Muhammad Khurram Agha talked about the progress of the Chaman-Karachi Highway (N-25) project.

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A group of lawmakers got together with Senator Prince Omar Ahmadzai to discuss how the Chaman-Karachi highway project was going. The Senate Standing Committee on Communications was worried that the estimated cost of PKR 222 billion might not be enough because the prices of building materials have gone up. So far, PKR 6 billion have been given to the project, according to the head of the committee.

The NHA officials told the people at the meeting about the highway project. It was found out that the project to build a road that is 790 kilometres long will be done in five parts. Here are the details of each phase:

330-kilometre long Khuzdar-Kuchlak 273-kilometre long Karachi-Uthal-Kararo and Wadh-Khuzdar 187-kilometre Kararo-Wadh and Kuchlak-Chaman
Balochistan puts out a request for bids for the first part of the Kuchlak-Khuzdar highway.

The officials also said that the PC-1 cost for the Karachi-Uthal-Kararo section is PKR 73.029 billion, and the PC-1 cost for the Khuzdar-Kuchlak section is PKR 81.582 billion, and the cost for the third section is PKR 67.671 billion. Therefore, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) will decide if the PC-1 prices are okay.

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