Blue World City General Block complete details and payment plans

Blue World City General Block Complete Guide 2023

Blue World City General Block provides a comprehensive modern and advanced lifestyle. The Block proves to be a vital element of society when providing luxury & that too at an affordable price. Moreover, the location is far more accessible and easily reachable—a perfect all-in-one package to look out for.

In addition, the block offers a whole range of opulent plot sizes at discounted prices. Not only does it show the aspect of diversity, but it also gives more range to investors. Therefore, potential investors can invest in residential plots in General Block as per their feasibility. However, they are available in the following sizes; 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. Commercial plots are available in sizes of 5 Marla and 10 Marla.

Owner and Developers

Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Saad Nazir, the Block’s developers, spared no expense in planning it meticulously with all modern amenities. We shall also bring pleasant news to the investors that Bleu World City is an ultimate and thoroughly approved housing venture by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Furthermore, in good collaboration with China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, it will undoubtedly be an impeccable master plan and framework. The development work is halfway through and will be complete in no time. Moreover, the Blue Group of Companies was founded in 1989 to provide high-quality design and construction services. 

BGC is divided into the following sub-companies;

  1. Blue Properties
  2. Brands Square
  3. Blue Media
  4. Artimmix
  5. Blue Bricks
  6. WPZ
  7. Blue Properties
  8. Mart Blue
  9. Blue Palms

Blue World City NOC Status

The Rawalpindi Development Authority has accepted and approved the ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ for Blue World City Islamabad, including the General Block. The issuance number is as follows;

  • 532/10/DC. 07-08-2018

It is essential to do thorough research to see if it is legally approved and will cause no issues or inconvenience. In addition, only some housing societies in Pakistan have acquired NOC approval. Blue World City investment is among the top housing ventures because it ticks all the needed and wanted features of a perfect investment. 

Primary Features

Among the incredible, futuristic, and splendid facets of the society, we will tap on some of them one by one & shed light on how the general block of Blue World City counts as the best investment opportunity in twin cities;

Easy & Seamless Location

The aspect of a perfect, accessible, and seamless location holds as much importance as its luxury and comfort. Therefore, the residents need full-fledged access to the key spots around the twin cities. Mr Saad Nazir, the CEO, has ensured that the block is located in a convenient and accessible position for residents. Therefore, it is easily accessible via Chakri Road, New Islamabad International Airport, DHA Islamabad, and more.

Economical Payment Plan

The management and owner of Blue World City always aim to provide top-tier luxury and comfort at the most affordable and feasible plan ever. Therefore, prospective investors can dream of their interested property and choose from the available plot sizes. This applies to Blue World City Islamabad’s general block and all other property types. 

Moreover, talking about the payment plan of Blue World City spreads over a 4-year plan. Here’s the payment plan;


Blue World City General Block Residential and Commercial plot payment plan

Immaculate Facets

The block is surrounded by the world’s finest replicas, such as Burj-Al-Arab, Rumi’s Square, Blue Mosque, and more. Therefore, the scenery, tourism, and flood of amenities are infinite. Moreover, other Blue World City features, in general, and all its blocks offer splendid planning and infrastructure. However, impeccable thematic parks, clean – -wide roads, an eco-friendly environment, and more do add up highly to the immaculate facets that the general block of Blue World City has to offer. 

Imagine all these influx of opportunities, possibilities, and innovative lifestyle options, and that too in the most economical, feasible, and budget-friendly investment. Wouldn’t that be a perfect and ideal investment?


The investment decision comes up only a handful of times in a lifetime; therefore, it is highly wise and keen of the investors to put their hard-earned money into the most lucrative option. Well, Blue World City is such an opportunity for both local and overseas masses. A chance of a lifetime. So, what’s the wait for? Moreover, it would be best to connect to Estate Land Marketing for more information on proceeding with the investment. Real estate guides and marketing specialists make up the majority of our team. And they are looking forward to discussing lucrative opportunities with potential real estate investors.


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