Blue World City Downtown Complete Details

Blue World City Downtown Complete Details

Blue World City Islamabad has planned to bring the latest housing addition to provide the best living experience to residents. The entire housing project aims to attract real estate investors with the provision of such an adorable living lifestyle. This sector has a huge possibility to cater the investors, who are enthusiastic about sports. This sector would comprise several recreational spots like tennis courts, and football and cricket grounds. as the entire sector would comprise of world-class recreational facilities. Blue World City CEO is doing his best to ensure that the residents have a tremendous housing experience in this housing project. This particular sector would be a huge thing for the infrastructural development of this housing project.


The location site of Blue World City Downtown would be one of the most astounding factors, which has attracted most of the investors. Moreover, the developers of this project have aimed to make it a worthy investment option for the residents of the twin cities. According to the latest sources, the entire location site would be near Defense Road. Above all, the location of this real estate project is exotic, especially in this sector. The entire project is located near the New Islamabad International Airport, underdevelopment Rawalpindi, and M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

Blue World City Downtown

Blue World City Downtown is one of the important sectors of Blue World City Islamabad. This sector is located on the main Chakri Road, near the main CPEC route. Downtowns are one of the important developments in any housing project with cultural and economic benefits. The entire downtown promises huge investment opportunities for the different business magnates. It would be really helpful in generating more revenue from investment in this project. Apart from that it would also cater to cultural factors like preservation centers, and arts clubs. It would have different walkways, where the visitors would walk and take pictures. Also, it would encourage more interaction and socialization among the visitors and residents of this housing project.

Just like all Blue World City blocks, this sector would also have given a glimpse of some aesthetic appeal that welcomes the tourists. The new masterplan of this housing project has shown a clear picture of the downtown. It shows that there would also be some huge retail shops that would contain electronics and other household items. The best part is that there would be other entertainment facilities like huge IMAX cinemas, bowling alleys, and motion rides. As of now, it is a better time to invest the financial capital here. After a few months, the prices of the plots might increase more than before.


The Blue World City Downtown would be one of the world-class additions within the premises of this real estate project. The owners are trying their best to provide some new housing experience to their investors. Generally, the site of this sector itself is the best addition to the master plan. Even, the investment plan of this sector is reasonable enough to attract more investment in the future.

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