After encroachment clearance, Murree Road is clean

After encroachment clearance, Murree Road is clean

Rawalpindi: According to a news source on March 5, the district government has instructed the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) to clear Murree Road of encroachment and make it a model road for cleanliness.

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According to the specifics, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha has asked the RWMC to increase the city’s cleanliness. He continued by saying that a city role model need to be constructed from Mareer to the general bus stop in Faizabad. For this, pertinent departments will work together to make sure that all union councils are clean. The commissioner also revealed that Murree Road was being transformed into a model road so the business could maintain a superior sanitation system.

According to reports, the commissioner wants to add more transfer stations to the city to make it easier to move trash to the landfill. The district administration emphasized that Murree and the tehsils’ cleanliness required special attention.

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