Can Real estate investing house hacking strategy help investors build wealth?


Real estate investing house hacking strategy is a plan that would help witness knowledgably investors maximizing their return on investment. Investors can maximize wealth by physically living in their own property from where they generate passive income. However, hacking strategy offers various other strategies that investors can utilize to lessen their risk. House hacking can easily transform the prospects of some minor passive income investment into huge one. The property you aim to rent out would provide huge benefits just like EOI real estate strategy.

Real estate investing house hacking strategy

Real estate investing house hacking strategy for a duplex, would enable investors to live in a single unit. They can simultaneously rent out the other one while residing. Real estate investor would be able to charge rent of their tenant that is equal or more than mortgage. House hacking has also become identical with a number of benefits, which includes enabling the investor to clear their payments. Also, the investor would not have any need to pay down their mortgage with rent of tenant. They have to implement this strategy correctly with the appropriate numbers to also save their own housing expenditures. After Passive Investing Real Estate Strategy, house hacking is one of the smartest move.

Ways to Purchase any House Hacking Property

The advantages of Real estate investing house hacking strategy are evident, and as it helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs. This helped entrepreneurs to test the benefits of real estate investing without widening themselves too slim. One needs to have an appropriate property in portfolio to benefit from a proper house hack strategy. Some of the easy steps conduct house hacking are as follow:


House hacking would need a huge level of commitment on behalf of interested real estate investors. So, it’s in their own interest to pledge to the notion as soon as possible. Before considering house hacking, one must commit to the idea by every means. Investors would have to convince themselves that house hacking is a strategy that would provide comfortable living in long term. It is better not to start house hacking even with the least reservations of not being ready.


The next important step of a proper house hacking strategy would involve secure financing of investors. They must be sure to line up their funding before they even begin looking for different properties. While doing that, they would get the exact amount they need to borrow. Whether it’s a money from a private money lender or some traditional loan, line up financing is mandatory. In this way, you may learn that how much house is affordable, and do not look for properties out of your rate range.


With huge financing, one needs to study with due diligence. He should get an impression for the market that he intends to buy in. He must also look into the funds that would enable him to buy more properties. At this appropriate time, he may aim to lock down the exit strategy i.e. whether buying duplex or not. Possibly investor may want to try their hand at a triplex. Investor must determine the kind of property he aims to purchase and start managing the numbers irrespective of the case. More prominently, they must need to ensure that they are making sense. The only purpose is to reside in a mortgage free place, while the tenants might pay down the principal.


Real estate investing house hacking strategy has proved to be valuable for investors willing to succeed in real estate. No other strategy would enable investors to capitalize on their efforts quite parallel to this simple strategy. The notion of having occupants pay down their mortgage without sustaining any extra mortgage expenses of their own is more. The entire strategy is a huge entry into the real estate sector, as it makes the transition into investing simpler. For more information about this strategy, visit the office of Estate Land Marketing. We have numerous real estate agents, who would provide good guidance about mortgage, and this strategy.


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What are Passive investing real estate Risks & Benefits?


With all the option of investment available out there today from buy and sell stocks, to rental property investment. All these business provide huge returns on investment dependent on the cash that investor has spent. Along with that the transforming era of cryptocurrencies is also an important part of decision making regarding real estate investment. It does not depend whether one is doing other job apart from real estate investment. Some persons cannot dedicate proper time and energy to get more expertise in numerous areas. Some individuals might be lethargic, as they might not be able to manage two or more works at one time. So, a lot of real estate investors have made career out of passive investing real estate business. It is one of the most leading tactics in real estate business apart from but to let strategy.

Passive Investing Real Estate

Advantages of Investing Passively

Having more free time to Avoid Headaches:

Passive investing real estate enables an individual to decline managing occupants, preservation and the annoyances that come with more investments. By providing the control of the daily operations to real experts, one would feel comfortable for the safe investment. So, that individual has a time to utilize his valuable time to get some other means of passive income. Any vertically integrated real estate company would be a good passive investment, as it helps in avoiding headache.

Achieving Correct Diversification:

A lot of commercial real estate investments have high attainment rates that a lot of individuals cannot access. Such opportunities often have numerous investors assembling capital together and investing as a total group.  Investing unreceptively in a group might enable an individual to invest in numerous asset types. Those assets might be in multiple locations and with fluctuating investment extents, and one is able to achieve actual diversification.

Avoid Credit and Liability Risk

Passive Investing Real estate also helps individual to evade being exposed to risk of credit or liability.  One does not need to generally guarantee loans worth millions of dollar. So, they can easily avoid the liability that normally comes along with ownership of real estate.

Risks of Investing Passively

Select a Bad Location

Location must always be first consideration of real estate investor, when purchasing an investment property. Since, it is extremely difficult to move a house to a more preferable neighborhood, nor one can move any retail building out of some unrestricted strip mall. Location is the main factor that determine the ability of making profit, and rental properties demand. That demand might depend on the type of properties, with huge potential of appreciation. General rule of thumb says that best location would be able to generate highest return on investment in future.

Negative Flow of Cash

Cash flows in some Passive investing real estate business highlights the money that is left over. That leftover cash involves payment of expenditures, taxes, protection, and mortgage costs. Negative cash flows often occur, if the money coming in is quite less than the money going out. Some other important reasons behind negative cash flows are as following:

  • Huge vacancy rates
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Huge funding costs on loans
  • Charging lesser rent
  • Not utilizing proper rental strategy

Less Space in property

Whether one lives in single-family house or some office building, he might need to fill those parts with occupants. The lesser space within the premises of property might be helpful to generate more rental income. Since, there is always a risk of huge vacancy rate in real estate investing. Those risks would increase further, if one counts on rental income to pay for the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes, maintenance, of the property.


To reduce any risk in Passive investing real estate business, one must do its homework before purchasing any property. It takes a lot time and calculation to predict income and expenditure. Also, one needs to make sure that they are investing in a good location, so they wont regret after returns. For more details, please visit Estate Land Marketing, as we have knowledgeable agents of real estate business.


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Al Kabir Orchard: Developer updates 3-marla payment plan

Al Kabir Orchard: Developer updates 3-marla payment plan

According to a post on the developer’s official social media handle, Al Kabir Developers has modified the payment plan for 3-marla residential plots in Al Kabir Orchard.

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According to the information provided, the new price of 3-marla residential plots in Al Kabir Orchard is PKR 1,200,000, with a PKR 250,000 booking fee and a monthly instalment of PKR 8,500. Furthermore, in Kings Town Phase-2, the developer is giving 5-marla on-ground commercial plots with plan and possession. These plots can be reserved for PKR 4,000,000 with a monthly payment of PKR 125,000.

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LDA must develop TORs for the Lahore Master Plan 2050

LDA must develop TORs for the Lahore Master Plan 2050

Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to collaborate with the Urban Development Unit and devise terms of reference (ToRs) for reviewing the Lahore Master Plan 2050 on May 24.

Read more about EL news: LDA authorizes revised Akbar Chowk Flyover design

While extending a stay on the implementation of the Lahore Master Plan 2050, the LHC has also ordered the LDA to appoint a point person for the task. Justice Shahid Karim issued the orders while presiding over a petition lodged by Abdul Rehman and others to challenge the Lahore Master Plan 2050.

According to their sources, the petitioners believe that Lahore’s agricultural land has been improperly converted into urban areas. If the plan is implemented, according to the petitioners, several thousand trees will be cut down, further degrading the city’s environment.

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LDA authorizes revised Akbar Chowk Flyover design

LDA authorizes revised Akbar Chowk Flyover design

25 May reports that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) authorised the revised Akbar Chowk Flyover plan during a meeting chaired by Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

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The Planning and Development Chairman, Chief Secretary, LDA Director General and Additional, Secretaries of Housing, Finance, Local Government, NESPAK representatives, and members of the governing body attended the meeting.

In addition to the Akbar Chowk Flyover plan, various LDA decisions and proposed amendments to building and zone regulations were approved during the meeting. The minister emphasized the necessity of compensating landowners at market value for acquired properties.

The meeting authorized the LDA auction committee to conduct an auction for retail space at Park and Ride Plaza in Liberty Market. In addition, the meeting authorized a thorough evaluation of the four-lane Ravi Bridge project. The meeting also evaluated the allocation of land for the installation of refueling stations at transportation terminals.

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DHA Bahawalpur announces a new election date for 2023

DHA Bahawalpur announces a new election date for 2023

Bahawalpur: On May 19, a post on the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Bahawalpur’s Facebook page announced the new date for the upcoming Location Ballot 2023.

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The DHA Bahawalpur election of 2023 will take place on July 14 rather than the previously announced date of May 30, according to information published in the post. According to the administration, the ballot was postponed at the request of the esteemed members, particularly international clients.

Additionally, the message said that consumers who were unable to deposit their dues might do so now and participate in the 2023 Location Ballot. Additionally, it was disclosed that in order to be included on the ballot, owners of Open Affidavit files must complete the Allocation procedure by July 5th.

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Abu Dhabi Ports Group agrees to build Karachi Port

Abu Dhabi Ports Group agrees to build Karachi Port

Abu Dhabi (AD) Ports Group and Karachi Port Trust (KPT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance the infrastructure of Karachi Port so that it can become a leading hub for transhipment and international trade, as reported by the national dailies on 22 May.
The UAE envoy encourages Pakistani businessmen to engage in joint ventures.

Read more with EL news: CDWP approves development initiatives throughout Pakistan

According to the news source, AD Ports Group will leverage their expertise and relationships with major shipping lines to transform Karachi Port into a global trade center through this partnership. The joint statement issued by the two countries highlighted the potential for Pakistan and the UAE to increase their economic cooperation.

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, chief executive officer (CEO) of AD Ports Group, is confident that the collaboration will foster economic growth in the region. According to him, this partnership aligns with the goals of both nations to promote trade diversification, strengthen bilateral ties, and achieve sustainable development.


This partnership, according to KPT Chairman Syed Syedain Raza Zaidi, will unlock unprecedented development for Karachi Port. It will elevate the port to world-class status, allowing it to satisfy the demands of the global trade landscape.

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CDWP approves development initiatives throughout Pakistan

CDWP approves development initiatives throughout Pakistan

According to May 24 news reports, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) has approved 15 development initiatives in Pakistan totaling PKR 249.21 billion.

Read more with EL news: CDA will build 11th Avenue to alleviate congestion at E-11

There was a meeting with Ahsan Iqbal, the federal minister for planning, development, and special initiatives. According to the details, the approved development projects were related to the Ministries of Housing and Works, Communication, Power Division, Railways, and National Health Services Regulations and Coordination.

The Economic Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has been referred the Umbrella PC-1 of the Flood Protection Sector Project-III (updated) worth PKR 194.6 billion for approval. The meeting also referred the revised Sehat Sahulat Program for final approval to the ECNEC at a cost of PKR 31,93 billion.

The following are the specifics of Pakistan’s other approved development projects:

Construction of an Interchange on the Hazara Motorway, connecting Abbottabad and Sherwan Road, at a cost of PKR 1.82 billion, immediately after the first tunnel (Shimla Hill Tunnel).
Under DI Khan Road Development Package, rehabilitation and upgrading of Kundal Interchange (M-14) to Chashma-DI Khan Road (revised) at a cost of PKR 2.80 billion
Read: NHA Board refers project PC-1 of Chakdara–Chitral Road to CDWP

PC-1 for Pezu Tank Road rehabilitation and improvement, at a cost of PKR 4.87 billion
Cost of PKR for the construction of the Railway Underpass in Gojra, District Toba Tek Singh. 1.44 billion
Renovation and construction of offices, women’s barracks, and multi-purpose training spaces at the office of the Railway Police superintendent in Rawalpindi (revised), at a cost of PKR 310.375 million
Establishment of institutional strengthening and capacity development within the Planning Commission, at the expense of PKR 2.02 billion
Electrification of Dera Bugti-Package villages at a total cost of 960,093,000 PKR
Recommissioning of five (revised) Accidental Diesel Electric Locomotives at a cost of PKR 2.48 billion
At a total expenditure of PKR, the firefighting system at KMC will be renovated. 1.83 billion
Provision of Swabi University’s missing amenities at a cost of PKR 2.03 billion
The CDWP approves the Karachi Circular Railway proposal.

Cost of PKR 638.45 million to establish the Photar Campus of the University of Punjab in Gujar Khan.
Academic block construction at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University at a cost of 2.89 billion Pakistani rupees

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CDA will build 11th Avenue to alleviate congestion at E-11

CDA will build 11th Avenue to alleviate congestion at E-11

A news source reported on May 24 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to begin construction of 11th Avenue to prevent possible traffic congestion at Sector E-11 and Khayaban-i-Iqbal following the completion of the under-construction road connecting newly constructed Margalla Avenue with Sector E-11.

Read more about EL news: Third-party validator for Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

According to the news source, after the completion of the 5.5-kilometer-long road from Sector D-12 (where Margalla Avenue terminates) to E-11 in July, the traffic on Margalla Avenue will shift to Khayaban-i-Iqbal and E-11 Sector, resulting in a traffic jam.

CDA Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal revealed that the authority has decided to build 11th Avenue, which will provide a direct connection between E-11 and Srinagar Highway. In addition, a survey for the 11th Avenue Islamabad construction has begun, he added. It was stated that the survey would be concluded within one month. As a result of the 11th Avenue’s connection to Srinagar Highway and IJP road, the traffic burden will be divided once it is finished.

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A step-by-step guide to SEO for real estate investors

A step-by-step guide to SEO for real estate investors


If you are aware about SEO, then you might know that real estate companies are following efficient SEO strategies. It is very mandatory for real estate website to have fast and secure hosting service to engage audience. There are variety of hosting providers that might also confuse the real estate investors. A lot of Vertically integrated real estate companies have begun utilizing SEO for real estate investors.

SEO for real estate investors

There are numerous types of content creators utilizing content format to promote real estate business. They aim to get huge audience traffic, as they show infographics about the current real estate trends. Some of the effective SEO for real estate investors strategies are as following.

Making website design receptive  

A receptive web design indicates that its design would evolve on the basis of size of the screen that the viewer is using to access official website. It is adjustable on every kind of desktop, mobile device, or tablet , so that viewers easily view it. One can also use mobile friendly test instrument of google to identify, whether website is responsive or not. Many of the Dubai Real Estate Agencies have a receptive website design that helps in generating more leads.

Making a keywords list that you target and avoiding mistake

The next important step is to create a massive list of keywords that are usable to target. You can utilize apparatuses such as Google Keyword Planner to look for appropriate keywords with monthly explorations for every keyword. One needs to make sure that you are doing keyword analysis for the location of real estate development location. Every page must have a specific keyword, and it should be different from other pages. The search engine would definitely get confuse, while ranking the page for target keyword. The other huge mistake in keyword search is the overuse of keywords. All the keywords must be natural and a proper relevance, otherwise the search page might be of no use. It is better to use favorite keyword in main heading, along with some subheadings.

Competitor Analysis

Competition analysis is another important elements in SEO for real estate investors campaign. One needs to make huge list of all real estate websites with high ranking of the target keyword. It helps finding keyword gaps, which involves the words that competitors are not aiming. Your website would rank faster, as there won’t be much competition. You may effortlessly search for those keywords that are driving huge amount of traffic in search. It is easy to analyze blunders and other faults of your competitors. Some common blunders are missing meta descriptions, or some broken links.

You may find out pages that involves most traffic, and some similar content that has provided better value to users. The idea of URL with efficient navigation structure can prop up to your minds, after you analyze your competitors. After which, you would create some better content of your own with no technical errors. The most important thing to analyze is having separate backlinks, or request for some with other websites.


Seo for Real estate investors is common nowadays, as all the website have huge amount of SEO information. Such information might be helpful for the content creator to get high rank for their content. It is easy for the real estate websites to generate huge amount of traffic and leads, with better SEO strategy. One needs to follow proper guidelines that enable search engine to fully understand the content. The real estate companies can hire professional SEO agency that would work technically to make their website among the top searches. For more details about real estate SEO strategies, please get in touch with digital specialists of Estate Land Marketing.



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