Steps to Start a Dubai real estate Business

Steps to Start a Dubai real estate business

It takes a coliseum of effort and determination to start a Dubai Real Estate Business. It is so because, the industry is huge, progressive, and thriving which evidently needs as much extra drive. Especially if one wants to be counted among the best, and most assured.

Moreover, it is also believed that stepping into a real estate market is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Having an influx of resources is important. But having to put in the effort, watching out for unprecedented situations, and walking the extra is equally pertinent. Therefore, this blog will help you dig deep into the intricate ways of starting a business. Especially in an industry like Dubai Real Estate Business.

Dubai Real Estate Industry

Before diving into the facts and figures, stating how giant, promising, and mega of a market the Dubai Real Estate industry is – one must take the roots into consideration. Moreover, today Dubai’s infrastructure is simply next to perfection. Making it one of the most visited, interesting, and impeccable destinations in the world. Therefore, having to start a business is everything work, determination, and an influx of high-end resources.

Before going ahead, we must also talk about how the coming year will be pleasant for the Dubai Real Estate industry but full of advantages, possibilities, and opportunities. and the real estate markets trends and stats.

Giant Business Set-Up

We shall first put aside the very query of why Dubai Real Estate will be the perfect choice for starting a business. Well, among many others, the city of Dubai does not demand any tax providence of fulfillment from the property of the owner. Well, that sure brings a sense of satisfaction and assurance.

Now, getting back to how one can initiate a Real Estate Business and it can flourish in an authentic and organic we have concluded some of the necessary steps. Also, one must bear in mind that abiding by legal, regulatory, and, licensing processing must be understood and followed properly. For that can always go back to going through the Dubai Real Estate course too.

Steps to Start a Dubai Real Estate Business

Here are some of the initial, pertinent, and necessary steps for individuals who want to start a business in the Dubai Real Estate Industry.

Acquire the Needed Licenses

It is of utmost importance first to acquire and get your hands on all kinds of needed licenses before starting the business. Moreover, the concerned authorities must be in accordance and in agreement with your ideology and real estate business proposition in the city of Dubai.

Furthermore, here are the pertinent licenses that one must acquire under any circumstances.

  • Brokerage License: It is one of the most important licenses to acquire from the globally known department of Dubai Land Department (DLD).
  • RERA: Dubai Real Estate Industry is under the skilled management of RERA. The department name stands for ‘Real Estate Regulatory Authority.’ Therefore, the notion of acquiring their permission by getting the license is of utmost importance.
  • Ejari: To delve into the deals and businesses of real estate and rental agreements in specific, the license of Ejari is exceptionally important.
  • Trade License: Be aware to get your license of Trade from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Commercial: Acquiring a commercial license is also important if as a business owner, one wants someone else to carry out business dealings on their behalf under any legal and understandable circumstances.

Legality & Other Fees

Before starting a business in Dubai Real Estate Industry, it is important to complete all the financial commitments. Whether it is about giving the needed licensing fees for all the required ones, paying the office lease money, or others – get the payments through. Also, getting the staff together, fulfilling their needs, the money/resource urgency of legality, and other related phenomena are extremely important. Even, Dubai Real Estate agents can also help you in that regard.

Furthermore, one should also remember that setting up a Dubai Real estate business is tough. The demand for resources is likely to be high. Getting all the errands running along with sealing the deals and envisioning a much better, and more sparked future is important.

Business Anatomy

Building a Dubai Real Estate business is a hard Task. Thus, plan out all things important that will benefit your real estate business in the most impeccable way possible. Furthermore, it includes the business anatomy, thus, structure too.

One should decide among the available two options. It is provided by the government of UAE for starting a real estate business. One is Sole Proprietorship and the other is a Limited liability, Company.

Some other needed factors are as follows.

  • Choose a smart, ideal, and commercially dense location.
  • Get robust sponsors on board if possible. It will strengthen the image.
  • Register your company with acknowledged DNRD and MOL, firsthand as possible.


Starting a business in Dubai is a tricky task, thus, requires equal parameters of determination and resources. Moreover, it shall be dealt with accordingly. Some of the steps are exceptionally important and we list down some of the pertinent ones in this blog. The process of personal authentication and prior research, however, is also extremely important. Moreover, do reach out to Estate Land Marketing for further details and queries.

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