How much do top Dubai real estate agents make in Dubai?

How much do top Dubai real estate agents make in Dubai?

The real estate business in Dubai is thriving by leaps and bounds, as investors from all over the world are investing their capital here. The real estate jobs in Dubai are very much in demands, as they offer lucrative profits in return. The demand for the property in Dubai is very high, as compared to previous years. The general salary for any real estate agent in Dubai starts from AED 5000 per month. However, it keeps on increasing with the passage of time. There are also some additional incentives like commissions, profit sharing, and other cash bonuses. In past several years, the real estate business in Dubai real estate market has witnessed a tremendous boom because of increasing demand. Our entire blog would highlight that how much do the Dubai real estate agents earn on monthly basis.

Dubai Real Estate Agents Salary

Salary rates

As per the estimate, the monthly pay of some professional Dubai Real Estate agent is around AED 20000. Those numbers overall highlight the median range of their payment, which is midpoint of price range, as per statistical analysis. The Salaries also denote a proprietary total pay estimate Model that relies on Salaries that agents get by users. Some statisticians also evaluate the salaries through 25th and 75th percentile of pay data. From the statistics, one can conclude that the Dubai real estate agents’ jobs offer high salary every month.

Demanding Application

There are a lot of recruitment drives for real estate jobs are taking place in Dubai, nowadays. Such drive has resulted in significant increase in a lot of expats becoming estate agent. Around more 2000 application for Dubai Real Estate agents’ jobs were received by the Dubai Real Estate authority. One of the famous news piece named The National claimed that this drive also pins the hope of sparking a career in real estate and in know how of real estate markets. Around thousand of brokers are themselves working on the recruitment drive to make this campaign a success.

Salary for rent

The general agency fee for annual Residential rent especially for unfurnished properties is around 5 percent. Such fees is mainly paid by tenants. On the other hand, landlords may pay 0% to 8% on the basis of marketing and property management choice. Such arrangement for fees mainly relies on the agreement with agents. The annual rent commission for commercial properties would be around 5 to 10 percent. One can completely negotiate for the commission rates, as it would be good idea to get clients. Other than that the rent also depends upon the advertising and the marketing costs of a particular property. The higher the rent, the higher could be Dubai Real Estate Agent’s Commission.


The salary package for Dubai real estate agents also depends on the kind of transaction that they prefer. In general, the real estate agents charge a commission of 2-5% of the overall sale rate of the property. That rate is further split between the agent representative of consumer and the agent, who represents the seller. Many of the real estate agents get their salary on the basis of their tenure and experience. Another important thing to note is that commission rate would change depending on the interest rate. For more update about salary package in Dubai Real Estate, please visit the website of Estate Land Marketing.

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