How much is Dubai Real Estate Agents Commission?

How much is Dubai Real Estate Agents Commission?

The expats living Dubai are looking forward to excel their careers in Real Estate business of Dubai, as it guarantees profits. A lot of real estate jobs are offering high salaries nowadays, as they are very much in demand. Other than that, there are also some commissions available for the real estate workers. Dubai Real Estate Agents Commission is helpful in helping the real estate operators financially. Those commission are based on their performances, and attendance. However, the Dubai Real Estate Authorities have not determined a particular commission in general. Instead, the commissions for real estate worker depend on different companies on rent and sales. For instance, the commercial and residential properties belonging to private owners would charge around 2 percent fees.  It entirely depends on owners of the property that how much commission do they want to reward.

Dubai Real Estate Agents Commissions

For rent

According to an estimate, the general agency fee for residential and commercial rent of properties might be around 5 percent. It is the occupant who is liable to pay such fees to much extent. Apart from that, the property-owners might pay around eight percent, if they agreed upon the contract between representatives and clients. For some huge commercial properties, the annual rent of commission fee might be between 5 to 10 percent. This amount to relies on landowners, which they discussed with their agents. Depending on marketing, real estate markets condition, and other advertising expenses, Dubai Real Estate Agents Commission fee might increase to 8 percent.

Transaction Type

Dubai Real Estate Agents commission rate also varies upon the agent and the type of transaction he would carry out. Naturally, real estate agents in Dubai charge a commission of 3 percent of the total sale price of their property. This rate is further divided between the agent representing the purchaser and the agent representing the retailer. It is important to note that one can negotiate the commission rates, as it is better idea to bargain. The agents might ask for additional fees, as it would involve things like advertising, or getting sponsorship. Also, such commission rate links with Dubai Real Estate Agents Salary.

Agents Experience

Dubai Real Estate Agents commission also relies on other factors like agents reputation, experience, and the services they provide. A more reputable and experienced one might get more commission, as he may find the property for client quickly. His credential would deter mental for increase or decrease of commissions. Even Dubai Real Estate Golden Visa has now make it easy for experienced overseas real estate experts to join Dubai Real Estate Market.


Most of the Dubai Real Estate Agents Commission highly depends upon the type of property business. Whether, any individual like to join real estate industry for commission relies on the determination. However, the ones who are not able to make good commission would suffer financially in longer run. They need to learn ways of getting better commissions i.e. obtaining accurate listing prices, sales, and marketing strategies. Their skills would be helpful in efficient business operation, which would benefit their real estate company. A lot of real estate agents get their commission through real estate broker after the settlement of transactions. For further information about real estate commissions in Dubai, you should discuss with agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our agents are knowledgeable enough about Dubai real estate sector, and would guide the patrons better.

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