What are Dubai Real Estate Authorities?

What are Dubai Real Estate Authorities?

The real estate sector of Dubai is evolving exponentially with the passage of time. The only reason behind such progress is ease of doing business in UAE alongside transparent law and order. The real estate transaction take place with accountability, and there is no chance of fraud in those. Dubai Real Estate Apps have made the transaction procedure much simple than before. All the apps and real estate transactions come under the domain of different Dubai Real Estate Authorities. They keep the track record of all the real estate transaction, whether from within or outside Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate Authorities


DLD is one of the main government Run Dubai Real Estate Authorities that manages all real estate trading operations. It oversees all the operation within and outside Dubai alongside providing real estate customers a highly secure experience. The main purpose to establish such authority was to boost real estate investment operation in Dubai. It also helps in settling disputes among the two parties with regards to sale and resale. Whether you want to buy a villa, or an apartment, DLD guarantees the protection of interests of investors and tenants.


Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency is another main arm of Dubai Real Estate authorities that controls real estate procedures, handles conflicts and proposes a lawful agenda to anyone working with the property investment business of Dubai. This body authority takes care of the benefits of all the shareholders in the Dubai real estate market. One needs to get a proper guide for agency to learn about its functions and services.


This real estate body aims to connect real estate clients with main players in the real estate sector. Such move helps in promoting short and long-term real estate investments in a safe and sustainable manner. This entity also helps local and foreign investors and works to provide a steady and safe environment along with encouraging a move towards a greener environment to achieve the governments vision of sustainable development goals. Many of the Dubai Real Estate Brokerage companies have their affiliation with real estate body.


Rental Dispute Settlement Center is main judicial body of the Dubai Real Estate Authorities that use various methods to settle Conflicting issues. It also helps in settling matters regarding the real estate markets, and removes all kinds of barriers. Their system ensures bigger accurateness and neutrality, helping renters renting villas and other apartments in Dubai. Such move is helpful in quick settle of disputes and smooth management transactions in a beneficial manner. It includes some other main services to the real estate clients in Dubai:

  • Injunction of Payment
  • Summons of Certiorari Litigation
  • Requisition Order
  • Offer and Credit
  • Complaint on Payment write
  • Land disputes


Dubai Real Estate Authorities are one of the most professional bodies, when it comes to Real Estate Business. These bodies have been very helpful for expats in Dubai, and they got positive feedbacks. They have managed to resolves hundreds of land disputes between clients, and tenants. They establish regulations for the real estate industry, and the investors are bound to follow those. Apart from that, there bodies also have a state-of-the-art financial and administrative system to oversee real estate investments. If you like to get in touch with these authorities, then you may get in touch with Estate Land Marketing. Our team has links with the real estate investors in Dubai due to their professional outreach.

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