Vital information About Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency

Vital information About Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency

Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA Dubai) is the most trustworthy and regulated real estate organization. The governmental entity ensures that all shareholders investing in the real estate markets are well-informed regarding real estate investment. Further, the organization is helpful for overseas investors in making sustainable and profitable investment opportunities. The organization was formed in 2007 to enable real estate representatives and investors to make remarkable real estate deals. In addition, the blog will cover the details that all real estate agents and investors must know regarding the Dubai real estate regulatory agency.

RERA Dubai Roles

Several jobs and responsibilities come under the RERA Dubai that facilitates the investors in creating long-term investment benefits. Some of them are available here.

  • Record the Realtors and real estate brokers in Dubai.
  • They are facilitating licensing of the Dubai real estate societies.
  • Regulating and registering lease contracts
  • Published research-based papers for the property sectors
  • Regulate the advertising of properties in the mass media
  • Facilitate and license the real estate exhibitions making a suitable space for real estate deals and investment opportunities.
  • Guide all national and overseas real estate investors to create a lucrative investment.

RERA Dubai Major Forms

Maintaining transparency and credibility is of the utmost duty of the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Moreover, three main forms help realtors make transparent real estate deals and investment opportunities.

Form A

Form A mainly deals with the listing agents and sellers to sell the properties transparently and credibly. The Form has several details and requirements that the listing agents and sellers must fill out to make the process legal—further, the information regarding financial details, like the mortgage and payment schedules and status.

Form A also includes the methods and ways to market the property. In fact, in which portals are the properties going to be advertised? This information is available in the Form. After signing Form A, it is approved by the DLD’s Trakheesi system.

Form B

The second Form, Form B, is a contract between the purchaser and the real estate agents. Further, the only aspect where investors should pay a keen interest is when choosing a professional realtor. However, the Rera contact number is available for authentic news and guidance. The Form is only applicable between the buyers and agents. So, the buyer’s agents fill out the Form, and the buyers sign the contract. In case of any queries or issues, investors and realtors can make a Dubai rera complaint.


This Form s a contract between the purchaser and a seller/dealer of real estate properties. Moreover, if real estate investors are willing to purchase a villa and an apartment, they must use this Form. Further, without the Form, the transaction will be incomplete. The agreement covers the property details and the amount of the commission for the buyer’s and seller’s agents. Lastly, other in-depth information will be accessible from the officials. So, do contact at RERA contact number for further details.

Rera Smart Initiatives

Dubai real estate regulatory agency has made significant smart initiatives. Some of them are here to facilitate our readers in gaining valuable insight regarding real estate investment opportunities.

Dubai Rest App

All tenants, owners, and service providers are available in the app. Moreover, this helps create secure and profitable investments. Also, the app is viable for securing real estate transactions, and investors can get valuable information regarding the real estate markets.

Smart Investment Map (SIM)

SIM is the best initiative for all investors and realtors in Dubai for selling and renting purposes—also, the information regarding authentic and licensed properties is available at the portal. Further, the investors can choose the properties and communicate with the owners. Lastly, the investors can make transactions there as well. And for Dubai rera complaints, investors can visit the official website of the Dubai real estate regulatory agency.

Smart Judge Service

The smart judge service involves sharing and guiding regarding rental property rights and legal aspects. Moreover, investors and lenders can get the optimal and rightful information just in a matter of minutes. Therefore, information on the guidance and investment legal aspect is easily available at the portal.


The Dubai real estate regulatory agency is the governmental and legal entity facilitating real estate projects in Dubai. Moreover, organizations provide several services to realtors and investors where they can make profitable and sustainable investments. The best aspect is that it allows for making the most transparent and credible real estate transactions. All these services and guidance are vital for all real estate shareholders and realtors. So, gaining vital information from authorized professionals realtors can be accessible to the organization. For more details and guidance, make an appointment or explore the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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