Dubai Real Estate Agent Average Salary | Update 2023

Dubai Real Estate Agent Average Salary Update 2023

The real estate markets in Dubai looks for professional and dedicated workers, who would contribute better into the business. Nowadays, it is most profitable business in Dubai and other parts of UAE. Most detrimental factor for Dubai real estate agents’ salary is their experience level. The number of experience determines the salary package, as it highlight that how much the agent is knowledgeable about the business. For instance, employee with two-year experience might earn around 10000 AED every month. While the agents having experience of more than two year might get 12000 AED on monthly basis. Overall, some factors like housing transport and other health benefits are also an significant aspect of salary package. Many of the Dubai Real Estate Agents have earned huge amount of money through the real estate business in Dubai. This shows that Dubai Real Estate Agents Salary is lucrative success stories of UAE.

Dubai Real Estate Agents Salary

Beginning salary range

The fresh Dubai Real Estate Agents salary would be slightly less, as it starts from AED 9,100 AED per month. Then with passage of time, there salary range ends with AED 29000 per month, which is somewhat a maximum salary. The law of UAE states that this is not the minimum wage, as the survey has reported only limited numbers. Thousand of real estate professional have not yet mentioned anything in the survey. The salary of the agents also depends upon the nature of Dubai Real Estate Agents Jobs.

Median Salary

The median salary range for the real estate agent can be around AED per month, as per the estimate by Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Such median salary indicates that almost 50 percent of individuals in real estate business are earning less. The other half 50 percent are earning more than AED 17,300. In simpler terms, statisticians label median salary as a mid salary point. Many of the agents prefer to have a high Dubai Real Estate agent’s salary, which more than a median.

Salary and percentiles Measure

Two of the values that quite near to a media are the 25th and the 75th percentiles. From the salary distribution illustration, it can be state that 25% of Real Estate Agents are earning less than AED 14,000. On the other hand, 75% of them are earning much more than AED 14,200. The percentile diagram also shows than in some cases, 75 percent of agents earn lesser than AED 198000, while other 25 percent are earning more than it. ·

Pay Measure Structure

Some of the statisticians have grouped some periodic salaries into brackets to give more details about Dubai Real Estate agents salary, and it mainly depends on the real estate markets conditions as well. Such method would be helpful to determine salary expectation, which is more precise than just the average salary. Furthermore, it also denotes that how often the managers distribute the salaries among the agents, which depends on their experience. For instance, only 5 percent of real estate agents would get more than AED 17,5000, as they have a one-year experience. There are around 25 percent of real estate agents, with experience of decades, and they earn around AED 25000 per month.


Majority of Dubai Real estate agents’ salary and compensation figures are high figures, which are profitable in nature. However, many of the salaries that the statisticians discussed in survey are pre tax deduction. Different areas of Dubai have distinct taxes, as they are based on location and its facilities. One of the important aspect of the high wage earners and hourly earning workers is their overtime eligibility. One can clearly understand that the real estate business in Dubai not only offer profits but also helps the individuals in their economic wellbeing. If you are willing to know more about Dubai real estate salaries, than you should visit Estate Land Marketing for more details.

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