Top Dubai Real Estate Agents List | Update 2023

Top Dubai Real Estate Agents List Updated 2023

Dubai is the commercial and residential crown of UAE, as it hosts expats from different countries. It is famous for its well developed economic infrastructure, and has huge population. One of the amazing aspects about this city is its real estate services, and state of the art lifestyle. The real estate business of Dubai is thriving due to increasing demand of properties here. Even, Dubai Real Estate agents salary is so huge that every individual in this city would prefer this job. If you want to purchase a property, or some commercial building for yourself. Then you need to go through the following Dubai Real Estate Agents list for your own help.

Dubai Real Estate Agents List

Haus and Haus

It is one of the award winning Real Estate entity in Dubai, and has huge records of incredible services. The agents of this company are experts in Commercial properties, property management, and Sales business. They are passionate about their business, and prefer making long lasting commitments with their clients. Their services are completely compatible with the policies of Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority. In past several years, they had collaborated with various other developers like Ellington, Emaar group, and Meraas.


This is another top real estate agency that came into being on 2004 in Dubai. This company offers some of the best real estate market knowledge and service for sale and lease of the properties. Dacha is a Russian term, which means cottage or a summer house. The other meaning of this word is second home. This company mainly targets the expats, who are living in Dubai on temporary basis, and consider it as their second home. With the passage of time, they have become key players in providing world class housing services. Their aim is to apply high standard of everything that they deliver to their real estate clients. They comprise of around 70 real estate professionals that got certification from Dubai Authorities.

Ahyan Real Estate

This company assists in supporting both local and foreign investments, in order to develop a monitoring environment. It also helps in improving the market activity through the advertisement of direct investments in longer term. Since the previous decade, this company has evolved itself into a real estate solutions provider. It has gained the confidence of real estate investors within short span of time due to effective consultancy. The company has worked for over more than 100 of residential and commercial real estate projects. They have a vision of pursuing more investment opportunities for their shareholders, regardless of what economic conditions are. The individuals behind this company are also amongst some best Dubai Real Estate Agencies.

Metropolitan group

It is another important company among Dubai Real Estate Agents list, which came into being on 2008. At first, it came under a supporting real estate entity called Metropolitan Consulting FZE that mainly provides legal services of real estate. They have another affiliate entity, which Benchmark Broker, and its works on in house mortgage services. Generally, Metropolitan group has three other real estate affiliates: Luxury Immobilien GmbH in Vienna, Metropolitan Premium Properties in Dubai, and Metropolitan Capital Real Estate LLC in Abu Dhabi. Overall, it has become a huge franchise with more 100 agents working here, and its website is available in different languages. Within UAE, they have numerous commercial and residential real estate consultancies in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ras Al Khaimah.


All the companies in the Dubai Real Estate agents are completely trustworthy, which help the real estate clients with their property needs. They deal with various real estate aspects like marketing, renting, mortgage, and resale of the properties. These companies would also be helpful in providing latest updates about the real estate in Dubai. If you want contact any of these companies, then you should visit official site of Estate Land Marketing.

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