Dubai Real estate ads | A latest revolution

Dubai Real estate ads | A latest revolution

Digital Marketing has transformed the real estate industry in a lot of ways. The real estate industry of Dubai has completely evolved digitally, which results in its huge profits. This industry has completely matured enough, as real estate clients are doing huge research through internet. Their research has helped them in coming up with better decision with regards to return of profits. Actually, they look for suitable broker, and dealer to make their real estate purchase easier. Such facilities have become easier because of growing digital marketing. The latest globalization trend shows that digital marketing is helpful in expanding real estate business. Some of the top Dubai Real Estate Agents list shows the successful companies that utilized Digital marketing effectively. However, the Dubai Real Estate ads have evolved technologically at every decade.

Dubai Real Estate Ads

Dubai Real Estate Authorities have invested into this digital method to promote real estate business. Such innovation clearly denotes the future of real estate business. Some of the innovative methods to promote dubai real estate ads are below:

QR methods

Nowadays, Dubai Real Estate Ads are the innovative methods to get some latest update about Dubai Real Estate business. The residents of Dubai can easily check the authenticity for real estate advertisements by scanning QR code. Dubai Land Department and Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency has issued a directive that involves Madmoun, a new smart service. This service would be accessible through Trakheesi System, which also issues a QR code for real estate ad permit. Many of the real estate firms can include code on their print and video advertisements, which enable customers to utilize such service.  Such code also includes details about the current condition of property along with its facilities. One can clearly secure it to avoid any changing to its data, in order to ensure transparency. QR methods is one of the easiest ways to promote you company, as it is not much time consuming.

Submitting ads

It has become very easy to advertise or submit Dubai Real Estate ads for promotion of any property. The Dubai Real Estate regulatory authority has recently passed a new law, which has made the advertising process safer and genuine. It would not only protect the interest of end users, but also of landlords, and give them the updated real estate markets information. The law states that the real estate firms must submit document to apply for a legal permit for advertisement. Whether you are buying or renting a property, you could still showcase your ads. One should apply through Trakheesi system, and the real estate broker would bear the fee. However, they would need to submit following things.

  1. Form A with signature of property owner: This document allows the agent to publicize the property with the price he agreed upon.
  2. Title accomplishment
  3. Duplicates of ID Cards, passport or Emirates ID of the Property Owner or agent


It is mandatory for agents to follow leads for Dubai Real Estate ads. Some of the agent commit a big blunder of not following leads for advertisement. They must not lose their contact with their potential client, as it might result in huge financial loss. For some purchasers, sending information about a relevant property through email will help them in understanding requirements. Such step would be helpful in converting their agency to convert the leads into sales. The agents would have to develop multiple leads i.e. 15 leads every month. They can take help from different software or apps like Contactually to send email to their multiple clients This app is very helpful for agent to lessen the burden of searching more leads. Please reach out to Estate Land Marketing for more details about Real estate ads in Dubai.

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