How long is real estate course in Dubai?

How long is real estate course in Dubai?

Dubai Real Estate business is one of the best financial attractions for investors from all around the world. Despite the increase of cost, the demand for real estate in Dubai does not decrease. The real estate market of this city has changed much in the last few years, and thousands of investors are investing their capital. A lot of expats work and reside in this city, which has increased demand for properties. Latest Dubai Real estate ads have highlighted that the Dubai Authorities have prioritized the Real estate sector more than other businesses. One has to learn a Dubai Real Estate course to get into this business.

Dubai Real Estate Course

Enrolling in a DREI-certified training course

One needs to enroll himself in the DREI training course, which has the approval of Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authorities. This course would help you in getting more updates about the real estate business of Dubai. It is a four-day training course, where real estate experts would personally teach about the insights of Dubai Real Estate. Some of the compulsory things of this course are broker business, sales agreements, leasing process, and other essential marketing skills. Anyone can take this course online, or by paying a visit to Dubai Land Department. One has to submit a photocopy of his residency Visa, and Emirates ID along with AED 3000.

Registration for Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) Exam

The other step to becoming a real estate agent in Dubai is to apply for the RERA registration exam after completion of the DREI training course. The exam fee differs, as it relies on the previous educational certificate of the aspirant. The actual cost of the RERA exam is AED 3200, and it is for the ones with bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, the ones with no degree are going to pay AED 6300.

Acquiring Real Estate Agent License of Dubai

After passing all the exams of Dubai Real Estate course, one needs to apply for Real Estate agent License. Realtor license is mandatory for the potential real estate agents, after they pass their exam. Other than that, they also need get good conduct certificate from economic authorities of Dubai. The Economic authorities would then issue the real estate agent license along with a broker card. Many of the Dubai Real Estate Agencies personally guide the real estate investors to acquire such license.

Ways To Renew Real Estate Agent License

If you are looking to renew you real estate license, then you might need to appear for Dubai Real Estate course exam again. The passing score needs must not be less than 80 percent, which would be helpful in renewal of license. The aspirants should submit following document to renew their license.

  • Passport photocopy alongside residence visa
  • One passport size Photograph
  • Certificate of previous qualification
  • Renewal fees of AED 520

The ones looking to cancel their real estate license need to submit their application in Trakheesi system. They will not have to pay any fee for cancellation. After getting the real estate license, the real estate agents can start their career in Dubai Real Estate. Then all they need is to specialize and have knowledge about the real estate markets, which they plan to serve.


Dubai Real Estate course is a little bit complex procedure but guarantees optimistic future in the real estate business. The ones who are new in this city should search for the areas, where there is demands of commercial properties. The real estate agents would need to travel more around, to meet new clients. The feasible option would be to join some reputable real estate company to kickstart the career. For more details about the real estate course in Dubai, get in touch with real estate agents of Estate Land Marketing.

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