What are the names of famous Dubai Real Estate Agencies?

What are the names of famous Dubai Real Estate Agencies?

The real estate business of Dubai is the reason behind the emerging power status of United Arab Emirates. The entire area has evolved itself from a huge desert to next cultural and developmental hub of the world. Popular entities like Amazon, Samsung, and Nike have established their huge offices here. So, one can say that the commercial real estate in Dubai is the next big thing with regards to economics. Dubai Real estate agencies are the classic example of luxurious Real Estate Economics and Finance.

Dubai has become a huge socio-economic powerhouse due to it world class innovative milestones. It is one of the most popular metropolitan cities of USA that used to be vast desert before 1980. Now, it is one of the biggest center of infrastructural development in Middle East. Majority of the investors all around the world are eager to invest in real estate business of Dubai.  Dubai has some of the huge real estate developers that providing attractive discounts to their clients. Following are some of the main real estate companies of Dubai.

Dubai Real Estate Agencies

Better Homes

Better Homes is ranked among the huge real estate entities in Dubai that specialize in real estate business. It has recruited more than 500 individuals from different nationalities. Also, it has various offices in other part of Gulf area. They have collaborated with other property dealers too for better infrastructural development. There biggest collaboration until now is with Emaar Properties. This company mainly deal with residential project in terms of property management, or off plan purchasing. It also helps in property financing, and other appraisal services to real estate investors. They are currently operating around fives office in Dubai. This company is one of the reasons behind Real Estate Investment in Dubai.

Driven Properties

Driven Properties was established in 2012 and has become a huge property business developer in Dubai. The owner of this company is MD Abdullah Al Ajaji, who is a highly experienced professional in real estate business. He has previously invested and worked with different corporate and investment entities across Middle East, i.e. Merchant Bridge, and Saudi Aramco. He has even received the award for a top most Brokerage Owner in 2016 from Propertyfinder.ae. His entire organization also won other wards, like Bayut Agency of the Month & Dubai’s Most Famous Brokerage Service.

This property company also provides other facilities of property handling like long term investments, short-term rentals, & mortgage consulting facilities apart from real estate financing. They even provide property valuations to its clients without any client. This company is also labelled among 100 best construction companies in the UAE, concentrates in housing, commercial, developed retail, and off-the-plan developments in Dubai.

Hamptons International

Hamptons International is one of the oldest and most prestigious real estate development company in the whole world, offers valubale information regarding real estate markets. It is a multinational entity with different development chains. It started off in the United Kingdom and has become Dubai’s one of the largest real estate entities. This company focusses in property sales, rental, & property management and development. This company has got several accolades like Emaar Platinum Agent, Exclusive Agency Award, and Dubai Properties Top 5 Real Estate Agency Awards. Awards. All such prestigious awards are the result of their world class service. Any individual can also professionally list properties & value their dealings with this company.

H&H Investment And Development

H&H Investment and Development is another huge development company of Dubai that delivers a wide range of real estate facilities that start from development and investment to property running and rental, furnishings and apparatus, obtaining of furniture goods and different inner designing and facility management facilities.

The company approaches all its projects with a dangerous eye, and also works to maximize its productivity. All of such efforts create value for all real estate clients in the entire cycle. It also has technical expertise; alongside the economic abilities it holds to guarantee cost efficiency at every operational step.

They can also maximize their revenues along with value addition to business plan of every investor. The property management services of this company are separated into asset administration, owner’s association supervision, sales and rental along with diverse property evaluations. Similarly, the investment and development facilities apply instinctive ideas to deliver effectual schemes profiting everyone in this process.


If you live in Dubai, then it is very easy to invest in Dubai Real Estate with the help of local consultant. The real estate business of Dubai guarantees huge return on investment. The real estate investors need to look all the famous real estate companies in Dubai for better returns. They comprise of professional property managers, who are knowledgeable about every small and big unit of Dubai market. Dubai Real estate agencies are one of the good examples of transforming infrastructure of Dubai. So, you must get in touch the managers of those companies for better guidance on any property type. Estate Land Marketing in Islamabad has the real estate professionals, who are much aware about Dubai real estate.

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