What is Dubai's real estate market forecast in 2023?

What is Dubai’s real estate market forecast in 2023?

Dubai’s real estate market has the potential to lead the global rate charts in 2023 as it is attracting high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). However, the rising interest rates and continued headwinds may soften the demand. The rates of high-end homes may jump by more than 6%, which would be highest globally. Savilla, a famous real estate consultancy suggests that capital value growth of Dubai’s Real Estate Market might be similar to the Singaporean market. Dubai Real estate market forecast 2023 suggest that the real estate business in Dubai would gain chunk of global investments. As, businesspersons all around the world move here for their bright future, so it means that Dubai’s real estate market is booming. Many of the real estate companies of UAE are constructing luxurious properties to gain more investments. The rising real estate investment in Dubai makes it a classic example of Real Estate Economics.

Dubai Property Market Forecast 2023

Some real estate specialists believe that Dubai Property Market Forecast 2023 gives an optimistic picture about business environment of the country. The prices of different real estate project might rise more. The golden visa policy of UAE has made it easy for expats to invest in real estate business. The rates of the properties may rise around more than 20%, as the cost for square meter in high end housing might rise by 13.5% in current year. The introduction of the golden visa makes it easy for foreigners to invest into real estate of Dubai. It enables expats to enjoy all kind of benefits in one of the world’s most diverse and thriving cities.

The innovative methods behind real estate development is one of the best Reason for Investment in Dubai Real Estate. As per Knight Frank consultancy, Dubai property market Forecast 2023  highlights the amplifying  growth of the real estate business of GCC. Some other real estate experts have suggested that  Dubai may cross Miami and Paris in terms of real estate growth. By the end of current year, the rates of prime properties would increase by 50%, which is slightly more than that in 2021. Though, luxurious housing in Dubai is still reasonable, in contrast to other metropolitans in the world. Some real estate analysts suggest that an average property rate may increase by up to 20% this year. They predict the rate for a square meter in a high-end housing to raise by 13.5% this year.

Real Estate Registration Agency (RERA)

Regulatory Arm Real estate Regulatory authority is a regulatory body that aims to provide an investment-friendly environment on the basis of global practices that safeguards the interests of all shareholders in the real estate business. This regulatory body came into being on 2007 to put lawful backgrounds and agendas in place for legalization of  real estate activities. It also monitors variety of development projects at economic and methodological level to safeguard the huge interests of markets and investors alike.

It has also helped in observing the agreement of developers, and other real estate knowledgeable agents in learning about the real estate markets. All such things have taken place within the due course of law. They can also be helpful in imposing penalties like cancellation of license, if there is any violation case.

Interest rates

The interest rates have risen, as the federal reserves rolled out some price hikes to contain inflation. Some Central bank have delivered another hike i.e. UAE imposing 25 basis point increase on overnight deposits. There would be some recessionary conditions, where a huge interest rate environment and inflation would determine prime residential performance. Savills World Research has also suggested that second half of the year may also result in huge economic growth globally.

Market Insights

The real estate business in Dubai has huge potential to recover, and adapt to reforming needs of renters and buyers. Suburban areas are gaining popularity nowadays, due to their increase in demand. The individual having a desire to buy or rent a property in Dubai must keep such trends in mind. He must get in touch with a legal real estate professional for better guidance of the market. The professional real estate agent would be helpful in going for best option on the basis of preferences and investment budget. The market insights clearly state that Dubai Real Estate market is one the rise.


The property market of Dubai attracts around millions of real estate investors every year. Year 2022 had witnessed peak sales figures, despite the real estate prices decrease. The number of final deals gradually increased as compared to 2021. Numerous things have contributed to such trend i.e. basic visa rules, rent increase, and global instability.

As per the Dubai Real Estate Market Forecast 2023, the rates of the properties would increase as 20% more on average. Now, is the best time to purchase any property in UAE, as the rates would increase by the end of this year. Dubai’s real estate is dynamic and innovative, which makes it one of the worlds best investment destinations. One must keep an eye on the current and emerging trends, while making decisions about real estate investment. For more insights about Dubai’s Real Estate Market, Estate Land Marketing would be available to assist the real estate investors.

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