Dubai Real Estate Market is Booming or Drop?

Dubai Real Estate Market is Booming or Drop?

Dubai attracts thousands of investors from every country in this world. Due to which its real estate demand is increasing despite expensive rates of the plots. In general, the property in Dubai is available for around $2,910 per sqm on average. The real estate market in Dubai has witnessed only few change since past few months. The current Dubai Real Estate Market Status proves that it would be a huge opportunity in terms of foreign investment. It is evident from Dubai Real Estate Market Forecast 2023 that the real estate business is a lucrative gamechanger. The Dubai city is full of immigrants, who have moved here in search of better life. So, the rulers of UAE have committed themselves in providing best lifestyle to expats.

Dubai Real Estate Market Status

The rates almost soared by 1.8% in October 2022. Majority of investors in Dubai Real Estate Companies are Russians. The other investors are mainly coming from India, UK, and France. Many of the expats are looking for flats with lesser budgets i.e. 150000 dollars per year for their residence. Dubai is one of the costliest destinations to reside. Dubai Real Estate Market Status proves that it would be financially beneficial for the foreign investors to invest their capital here. All the investors need to do is establish their business here after some paperwork. This city comprises mainly of expats particularly of Asian origin. Every person in this city is a newcomer, so they would not face any problem in integrating here.

Best time to invest

It completely depends on the investors that whether they want to go for short term gains or not. There is no specific time to invest, as there are numerous real estate projects currently under construction. However, in net 5 years, the rates might skyrocket more than before. If one talks about long term investment, one can buy a flat in a commercial area, and then rent it out for next 5 years. With such measure, the investor might get lucrative profits every month. They would generate a lot of income in coming years, no matter what the economic and political matters are. Some of the famous Dubai Real estate agencies i.e. Hamptons International can explain the better time to invest in Dubai.

Present Status

As per Realiste, property rates in Dubai have skyrocketed by 20-30 per cent over the last year. Some of the commercial districts witnessed huge rates due to increasing demand. For instance, rates of Palm Jumeirah have grown by 60 per cent, and Trade Center First by 200 per cent. Realiste is a property business in Dubai that explains the real estate market condition in the city. It has now launched in Saudi Arabia and other parts of Middle east to keep real estate markets in check. This company comprises of AI based apparatuses that regulate real estate activities in different parts of the world. This company helps in notifying the investors about the appropriate time to auction their current properties, and also gives them the updated guidance regarding the real estate markets.


United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest, and fast transforming country in terms of real estate business. It is a lucrative market with great business opportunities and other construction project. The rulers of UAE have launched a Dubai Development Plan 2040, which shows that the population of Dubai would increase. As per the statistics, the population would increase to 11 million people, which is double times the current population of city. One can clearly say that UAE would look somewhat similar to America in terms of development projects. For more updates about Dubai Real Estate Market Status, the agents of Estate Land Marketing are here to guide. Our team of agents are professional in real estate research, and are available to answer queries of the clients.

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