Difference between a real estate Consultant vs Agent.

Difference between a real estate Consultant vs Agent

To put the entire discourse in a nutshell, there is a major difference between a real estate consultant and vs agent. This is because the job description of the two individuals varies as per the requirements. The industry is huge and, thus, requires a gamut of skills and high-end performances. In addition, since the market of real estate is mega, therefore, all the prerequisites, services, needs, or requirements shall be near perfection. Moreover, it includes all the departments and sectors within the industry.

Anyhow, sticking to the agents’ and consultants’ discourse, both as key phenomena plays a huge role. It is so because whether it is the real estate agent consultant discussion, the direct connection with the customer, or the consumer helps a whole lot. Thus, helping the industry flourish overall. The main aim is to find the best real estate consultant individuals and agents in the bigger picture. 

Real Estate Industry

There are thousands of industries in the world, and they cumulatively add hugely to the overall economy of a certain region. Some add more and others a bit less. But that’s how a country runs and keeps the vicious cycle going.

The real estate industry is one such example of a massive market that has a lot to offer. Taking alone the Pakistan real estate industry is co-related (directly or indirectly) with more than 40 other industries. Thus, impacting the entire hierarchy of the economy hugely. The perfection of every department is a must for a better future. We, however, will look at the specific discourse of real estate consultant vs. agent. So, keep reading.

Agent vs Consultant

The following blog is specified to track all the intricacies and details about real estate consultant vs. agent. What are the similarities and differences? What do their job roles entail in general and how big of a difference do they make in the lives of inventors? Many diversified real estate consultants and agents are taking a big leap. Well, we will get into it all. Let’s list the similarities and the differences first.


Here are the major similarities between a real estate consultant and vs agent.

  • Real estate consultant vs. agent’s first similarity is that both are in direct contact with the investors.
  • Both can provide utter, authentic, and sheer assistance and guidance in terms of choosing a piece of property.
  • Both must need to be associated with a registered real estate company. For example, they cannot do freelance. That becomes a broker then.


The differences between a real estate consultant and vs agent are many. Here are some of them.

  • An agent sells or buys properties and helps in sealing the deals. Whereas a consultant’s job is more about using the verbal mode and advising, assisting, and guiding the investors. The assistance varies as per the requirements and the client’s circumstances.
  • On an investor’s end, choosing a consultant is entirely optional while an agent might be more important. It is so because is cracked and completed through an agent only.
  • A consultant is not involved in the whole process of financial transactions once the deal is completed. An agent takes the entire charge and is there for the whole process.
  • Real estate consultants do the research and background checks on the owners and the owner’s property. While an agent presents the values and lands the best deal by selling it. He mostly does the business and management work.
  • Consultants need to have a full database of the properties and the clients while the agents just need the leads to make the sales.

Real Estate consultant vs. agent skill set

Here are some of the needed and wanted skill sets that help them eventually crack the deals.

  • For consultants, having great communication skills along with analytical, listening, proofreading, and research is important.
  • For agents, the skills of great attention, being social, negotiating, patience, and most importantly attention to detail are important. They can truly take them to great heights of success.

The topic of real estate consultant vs. agent can go a long way. It is so because the two topics are entirely different and, thus, have varied job titles and responsibilities.


The above blog on real estate consultant vs. agent is varied and obvious at the same time. Moreover, as much the two phenomena are different from one another, it is no surprise that both carry the same weight in terms of importance. Adding great value to the whole success credit. Anyhow, do connect with Estate Land Marketing, one of the authentic and reliable real estate firms out there.

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Top real estate consulting firms in the World 2023

Top real estate consulting firms in the World 2023

There is an influx of top real estate consulting firms that are truly taking the business forward. In addition, one may argue that the kinds and niches of these real estate firms might vary, then there is no denying that each has a key role to play. Now, onto the discussion of what makes a real estate firm one of the best and top-tier – there are lots of factors.

Real estate consultants do the work of making an investor’s dream come true. Get them the property of their choice by remaining in their budget. And most importantly, providing an insanely impeccable lifestyle. So, many factors and facets are important to list down firms that are the absolute best and give a flying future to the industry. Well, the following blog will discuss each.

Real Estate Consultancy

The term consultancy often gets misunderstood. To get a clear idea, the consultancy is about landing an investment or business proposal to the potential customer/investor and try sealing the deal. Gauging all the possible scenarios and possibilities, the consultancy enlightens the buying party.

Now, there are many firms that are at the best of their game and paving a novel, innovative, and unprecedented path for the industry. The real estate market is tricky and hard to navigate, thus, the key facets do play a huge role. It includes authenticity, truth, legitimacy, and most importantly transparency. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest and top real estate consulting firms from around the globe.

Real Estate Consulting Firms

We have successfully amalgamated all the world-class, top-tier, and impeccable consulting firms from all over the world. So that the investors and readers are more aware and stay cautious before getting in touch. Here is how you can get to know all the real estate consultants near me. So, give it a read. 

Century 21

The giant and most impeccable name in real estate consulting is none other than Century 21. The company has managed to build exceptional and splendid for itself and continues to do so. Furthermore, the amount of trust and reliability that the investors have in the firm is simply next to perfection. Created back in 1971, Century 21 knows the path of success for more than 5 decades. If you want to experience, skillset, or authenticity, the firm has it all.

There are at least 127,000 real estate employees in the company, taking on the real estate industry storm.


The term once stood for Electronic Reality Associates. Founded back in 1971 and having more than 50 years of experience under its belt, ERA is one of the top real estate consulting firms around the globe. It also has many branches in multiple places in the world. Well, it includes Singapore, South Korea, Germany, and more. The utter perfection in all kinds of assistance that the company must provide is simply splendid.


On the topic of other top-notch, splendid, and diversified real estate consultants, Zillow is yet another fine example. Furthermore, it was founded back in 2005 by former Microsoft Executive, Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, Zillow is continuing to reach new heights. In addition, the company has more than 110 million customers all over the globe. Shaping a new future and strengthening the very idea of novelty.


Deloitte has also been in the limelight for being one of the top firms when it comes to choosing the best options for the real estate consultancy firm. In addition, the company is home to many thousands and thousands of professional and skilled individuals who offer insanely exceptional work. The firm, however, is great at consulting, auditing, financial sorting, negotiating, assistance, and much more.

Binayah Real Estate Dubai

There is no doubt that Dubai is soon becoming one of the top and most sought-after destinations when it comes to investing. From a complete desert to becoming an exceptional and commercially/business-centered place, the future is bang on. So, among the best real estate consultant companies, Binayah as the top real estate company does make it to the list.

It was first launched in 2007, the company offers a coliseum of services and skills. The investors can get any kind of deliverance, which might be selling, buying, renting, or anything else.


The phrase of top real estate consulting firms does translate to uniqueness, freshness, and splendidness. To come top, the facets of distinction play a huge role. That’s precisely what the above-mentioned firms have done. Not to forget that these are just some, the list goes on. Anyhow, for further information, stay connected with Estate Land Marketing.

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Role of a real estate marketing consultant in lead generation

Role of a real estate marketing consultant in lead generation?

The role of a real estate marketing consultant in creating leads is exceedingly important. It is so because consultants are directly in contact with the potential investors, thus, making the pertinent connections. In addition, generating leads is one of the ultimate goals that eventually help the industry at large. For a mere industry to flourish, all the departments and sectors must work optimally.

Well, it includes a residential real estate consultant, commercial, and many others. To boil things down, all the departments must be near perfect, deliver the best of services, and keep flourishing the industry. Moreover, lead generation is also one of the biggest reasons that keep the business in the loop. Attracting masses to the very industry hugely, peaking the economy, and ensuring a secure tomorrow. To know how real estate marketing consultants create leads, keep reading.

Real Estate Market Value

The entire industry of real estate is mega, giant, and impeccably profitable. As much as the industry is massive, it is no novel fact there are some possible risks too. So, the investors, sellers, buyers, agents, consultants, developers and all the people included in the process need to be highly cautious. Talking about the industry, it is important to mention that real estate adds hugely to the economy.

It is so because, no region can survive without the presence of the lifestyle or infrastructure for that matter. Be it good or moderate. Well, the need is a must. That’s precisely why real estate plays a huge role and continues to do so.

What is Lead Generation?

Oftentimes, a mere reader may wonder about the term lead generation. What it is and the phenomena it entails. Well, lead generation is basically a thorough process of tracking, surfing, and reaching out to potential customers or an investor. The investors might be interested in an ideal property and would want to invest immediately.

Moreover, lead generation is tracking such target audience and making sales. In this whole process, a real estate marketing consultant and agents can help splendidly. This is so because direct connection, market evaluation, and gauging skills are more important. So, the lead generations are easier and, thus, seamless.

Real Estate Marketing Consultant

Now, the question of how among all other roles, real estate consultants can help in generating leads. Well, the following blog will list down the pertinent and top reasons for the fact. To keep a flow of lead generation, here’s how the real estate consultants help.

Connect with Customers

Simply the role of a consultant, he does the job of connecting with customers. Therefore, direct connections are of great help to generate leads. Furthermore, connecting with customers and investors and helping them land great deals are also a source of great indirect promotion. It is so because the same people will promote and talk about you. So, word of mouth does help in creating the leads.

Real Estate Consultant Website

Another big source of promoting and generating leads is the real estate consultant website. The immense amount of information available on the website helps the viewers convince and buy their desired properties. They can get their needed information and even connect with the consultant easily. Making the entire process a whole lot more authentic, seamless, and trustworthy.

Physical Promotion

To achieve the goal of creating leads, a real estate business consultant can also play a role in person. He can set up investor meetings, get them on board, and present the deals. It will eventually result in word-of-mouth promotion. In addition, physical promotion could also be in the shape of social events.

Guerrilla Marketing

Being creative is the sole way to go up. There is no other way. Moreover, if we talk about the world of marketing, there’s an influx of things/ideas that can help them achieve the set goal. Thus, the term guerrilla marketing refers to ideas that stand out. Placing/pitching your product or ad at unexpected and unusual places to get the needed eyeballs.

Leads Demand Solid Marketing

Use social media, both digital and conventional. But create noise. Be vocal and opt for any way that can help the business in the overall terms. A real estate marketing consultant can do it in a blink. A coliseum of ideas is there to help the consultant in a major way. Anyhow, to end the discourse, consultants do play a massively large role in generating leads. And there are a whole of options and possibilities that can help them.


The role of a real estate marketing consultant has many ups and downs. It is so because the job is tricky and rightly so. It demands authenticity, and legitimacy but equal hard work too. So, be cautious and ready before delving into the arena. Anyhow, do connect with Estate Land Marketing in case of any doubt or solid guidance.

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What is the job description of diversified real estate consultants?

What is the job description of diversified real estate consultants?

The job description of diversified real estate consultants is about the pertinent needs and the massive requirements. So, without taking the gaze away, it is apt to say that the industry relies heavily on it. Before going ahead, it goes without saying that real estate as an industry is massive. It is a giant and adds exceedingly to the overall GDP of any region. So, the need to make all the departments workable and near perfect is a must.

Furthermore, we will walk through the intricacies of the diversified real estate consultants’ job descriptions. It is so because the job is ever so important in the industry’s flourishing. Therefore, keep reading to know further.

Real Estate Consultants

The term real estate consultants is a broad term that eventually translates to individuals being the mid-men between a seller and a buyer. Not to forget that there is also a huge difference between an agent and a consultant. So, the two terms should not be confused.

He could also be called a broker, but the difference is that a broker has the liability to work freelance. However, an agent or a consultant usually must be associated with a real estate company. In addition, the job description of both phenomena varies as per the needs. That’s precisely why the job description of diversified real estate consultants is different and varied.

Diversified Real Estate Consultants

The following blog will talk about what makes a consultant’s job different, the adjectives it entails, and most importantly the results. It is because there are many real estate consultant jobs and all have to be played near perfection to get impeccable results.  While being on this topic, it is also pertinent to mention that the job description also depends on the region. For example, the description of diversified real estate consultants near Islamabad will be different from that of Lahore. Moreover, it is so because the needs and requirements of every region are different.

Anyhow, here are the roles and responsibilities;

Thorough Consultancy

One of the major, prime, and most pertinent job descriptions is to provide thorough consultancy. The potential investors shall be fully informed, assisted, and guided regarding their desired property. In addition, it shall be throughout the process of closing the deal. From presenting a property to the investor, and negotiating, to finally cracking the project – assistance is key.

In addition, these management services are utterly important to firstly gauge the situation and then make a deal.

Client Connections

Diversified Real Estate Consultants should also make as many connections as possible. It is so because the ultimate goal is to have a mass reach along with generating leads. And this is the only way to do it. Furthermore, many people will argue that it could easily be done with a digital presence. Well, in that too, the real estate consultant website helps a lot. So, making connections does come under the job.

Presenting Business Proposals

Among other pertinent things that are the requirement – Diversified Real Estate Consultants need to present business proposals. It includes bringing a solid deal or property idea in front of the investor and presenting it well. Go through all the key points, surf through the pros and cons, weigh out the future possibilities, and more such things. It also includes telling all about real estate investment strategies. That’s what leads one to land a consulting deal.

Do the Research Work

There’s no substitute for knowing when a consultant knows his/her strong points. It is because weighing out all the possibilities that will impact the investor eventually. Whether an advantage or a disadvantage. Therefore, doing that prior work will be in the consultant’s luck. Also, emphasizing doing the beforehand work is also important because it is an apt approach instead of going blindly.

Anyhow, if you are a consultant from let’s say a region like Rawalpindi, being Diversified Real Estate Consultants near Rawalpindi, do all the research on the region, the surroundings, budget allocation, and more. It will help both parties eventually.


The job of a consultant is not an easy task. It is so because there are multiple things that one must think about to crack a perfect deal. Many job responsibilities are there that need fulfillment. So, to be on top of your game – one really must be on their toes. Be aware, read more, make connections, stay updated, and most importantly generate as many leads as possible. For further guidance, you can always connect with Estate Land Marketing which is always available to show you the right direction.

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How does a real estate consultant website benefit Investors?

How does a real estate consultant website benefit investors?

The importance of a real estate consultant website translates to how different sectors of the industry work together in its flourishing. Moreover, it is no novelty that giant, diversified, and massive of industry like real estate, require a gamut of skills. Therefore, each sector has to work to its optimal level.

To answer the question of how real estate consultants help the investor – note that the need for guidance is a must. Before investing and delving into the territory of investment, the investor needs to be fully aware. Both of the market trends and the best available options. So, the importance of a consultant cannot be neglected in any way. In addition, the real estate consultant also comes in handy and is easier to get through. To put it in a nutshell, there is an influx of benefits. We will be going through the most and bets among them.

Digital World

Tapping into the digital world is a must in this day and age. It is so because hardly any brand, service, or offer survives the audience if there’s no online presence. Getting in touch with the audience, reaching out to the mass, presenting your brand/service/offer, and landing a deal relies heavily on digital connections. Moreover, it opens a whole lot of options and a coliseum of possibilities.

The opportunities are infinite and most importantly, the developers can pitch in multiple ideas at the same time. The same benefit goes for the real estate consultant website. The masses can get all the answers while sitting at home.

Real Estate Consultant Website Benefits

On the topic of the kind and number of benefits that the real estate consultant website, it is important to discuss the major ones. Here are the major, most impeccable, and top-notch benefits of having a real estate website. Not to forget that the following blog will shed on the benefits from both sides – from the perspective of the reader/viewer and the developer.

Visually Appealing

It is important to get the information online, but the readers and viewers should also get to see the pictures and visuals. It will help them visualize how their property will look like. Furthermore, the aim is to put up authentic and updated pictures and visuals for the investors. Well, the discourse, however, comes down to believing/visiting legitimate and transparent real estate consultant websites only. Anyhow, visually appealing websites do play a massive part.

Information Coliseum

The consultancy is about providing information on what the potential investors are interested in. Well, the Real Estate Consultant Website fulfills the exact need. There is availability of all kinds of information on the website which eventually helps the investors. Not to forget that there are multiple kinds – including the commercial real estate consultant, residential, and more. So, look accordingly.

the option of surfing easily via the seamless website, the investors are fully covered. From every tiny possibility, information, price range, booking details, installments, property worth, and how lucrative it is going to be – the website does it all.

Direct Connection

Apart from going through the information available on the website, the investors can also connect with the consultants. There is personal information that is provided on the website makes it easy to connect seamlessly and clear out all the possible ambiguities. Moreover, it creates a personalized space which ultimately translates to having utter and sheer trust between the investor and the seller.

Lead Generation

One of the main goals as described earlier is to reach out to the masses. Well, creating leads does come under the same radar. To put it simply, the purpose is to generate leads for sales and get more investors on board. So, another major and giant benefit of Real Estate Consultancy services is to generate leads and continue to do so. Flourishing the business in any circumstance is the goal.

The investment property consultants can help you in this big time. So, always have a look out for it. 

Make Sales & Crack Deals

Well, twist or tweak the answer to any direction, then the ultimate destiny is to make sales and crack deals. There’s no alternative. therefore, the Real Estate Consultant Website can help to achieve the goals in a more easy, authentic, and seamless way. Anyhow, making websites exceedingly helpful, providing the needed information along with fulfilling the requirements – making sales easier. And isn’t that the eventual goal?


The purpose of the Real Estate Consultant Website is what translates to benefits eventually. Real Estate is a huge spectrum and an industry that requires everything top-notch. That’s exactly what the Real Estate Consultant Website delivers and benefits. Do make a thorough research to find authentic websites instead of fraud or glitches. Anyhow, Estate Land Marketing, one of the biggest names in the real estate industry is always here to help you and guide you well.

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What is the Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan?

What is the Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan?


Saffron City Rawalpindi is the newest housing project that is currently under construction in Rawalpindi. This project includes some world class housing features that makes it investible choice among real estate investors. It has all kind of facilities that are necessary for comfortable lifestyle. The ones investing into this housing project have a potential to get lucrative profits. Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan is one of the best additions of this project. These plots would be available for auction in next few months.

Owners and Developers

Saadullah Khan and Brothers have joined hand with Dubai Based real estate developers named Haroon Arshad, and Malik Tariq for this project. Both the developers are famous for their successful real estate projects. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are working hard to make sure that the residents of this project get a better life. They are working smartly to make sure that this project includes some innovative facilities. Some of the previous projects that Saadullah Khan and brothers have successfully completed are Sabakzai Dam, and M1 Motorway. The owners have planned to introduce a Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan are inexpensive rates. After that, the plots would be soon available for bookings at less rates. The investors can book their plots through online booking, or on spot registration.

Location & Map

Many of the real estate investors prioritize location of the housing project, where they plan to invest their money. The only intention behind this is to ensure that the investors have invested in a place that is accessible, and beautiful. As per the latest location map, the entire housing project is situated at main GT road Rawat. This route is also a main entrance gateway into the twin cities. The best aspect about this housing project is that it is quite near to places like Giga Mall, and Amazon Mall. Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment plan would be dependent on location of this housing project. Even, Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC would definitely mention numerous factors of the location too.

Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan:

The developers behind this real estate project are drafting a full payment plan for all the plot sizes in this project. However, they had revealed some important details about Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment plan. As per the details, the price of 5 Marla plots would initiate from PKR 2,550,000. With that, a 10 percent downpayment option would also be available, which would make the investment easier. Also, the investors would have the option to invest here through monthly or yearly installments. For instance, the rate for 30 months installment would be PKR 31,000, and 6 bi annual installments would be PKR 154,583. The 5 Marla plots are currently in huge demand due to their reasonable installment rates. As this housing project is not fully complete, so the plots are available at inexpensive rates. Even, the Saffron City File Verification would include everything about the plots booking.


Saffron City Rawalpindi has promising future for real estate investors of Rawalpindi due to its world class features. This housing project is presently in its pre development phase, and its plots are available at reasonable rates. Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan is one of the lucrative investment option for real estate investors. Now, is the suitable time to invest here, as the plots are inexpensive. The rate of the plots would rise after the completion of this housing project. If you want to know further evidence about the payment plan of this project, then kindly visit Estate Land Marketing. Our agents are professional in the real estate business, and are ready to help the clients.


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Saffron City commercial plots for sale details

Saffron City commercial plots for sale details


Saffron City Rawalpindi is one of the under-construction real estate projects in Rawalpindi. This project includes several housing factors that make it the best destination for real estate investment. It has a huge potential to fully change the real estate business of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The developers behind this project are working day and night to offer some luxurious living standards to real estate investors. Saffron City commercial plots are ready for auction, and the developers are selling them at reasonable rates. The only reason to develop commercial plots in this housing project is to get lucrative profits within a few years.

Owners and Developers

The owners of this real estate project are Saadullah Khan and Brother along with some Emirati developers named Haroon Arshad, and Malik Tariq Awan. The developers are well known in providing some best real estate projects before. Now, with this project, they aim to offer something new to the Rawalpindi based real estate investors. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are coming up with best strategies to ensure that real estate investors get a best living standard. Some of the huge development projects that Saadullah Khan and Brothers had previously completed are Sabkzai Dam, Metrobus Lahore, and M1 Motorway. The developers are now planning to quickly develop Saffron City Commercial Plots to create more commercial opportunities here.

Location & Map

The real estate investors before thinking of investing their capital do check out the location of their project. They mainly prefer a place which is beautiful, and also easily accessible. The latest Masterplan of this housing project suggest that this real estate project would be at main GT road Rawat. This route acts as an entrance pathway towards Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The best thing about the project’s location is that there are several commercial projects like Giga Mall. The owners are trying to work upon Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC, in order to develop more Saffron City Commercial plots.  There would be several housing project like Bahria Town, and DHA would be adjacent to this housing project.

Saffron City Commercial Plots

The developers behind housing project are about to launch Saffron City Commercial Plots to provide business facilities to investors. The plots are going to be very luxurious, and would have a world class infrastructure. The investors are planning to initiate several profitable terms for future terms. Other than that, the project location would also have a greater role in catering to commercial plots. The overall sizes of the commercial plots would ranger from 3 to 4 Marla. The important feature about commercial plots is the high-quality infrastructure, and huge roads. Apart from that, there would be several corporate offices, and huge shopping complexes. The investors of commercial plots are going to make huge profits in coming future. After Saffron City Residential plots, the commercial plots of this housing project would be the next big thing.


The investment in this housing project would be one of the most lucrative and incredible opportunity. Many of the housing project would have access to the highest-value commodities in this housing project. Saffron City Commercial Plots are going to be lucrative due to their innovative infrastructure. The best aspect about these plot is their size, payment plan, and infrastructure. The investors who are planning to invest their money into these plots are bound to get beneficial returns. The plots are available at affordable rates, so now is the good time to invest here. Please reach out to Estate Land Marketing, if you are looking to buy commercial plots of this housing project. Our real estate representatives have a professional knowledge of every real estate project in Pakistan.


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Saffron City Rawalpindi Residential plots Details?

Saffron City Rawalpindi Residential plots Details?


Saffron City Rawalpindi would be one of the newest housing projects near the twin cities. It would involve several world class housing facilities that may enable real estate investors to invest their capital over here. One of the best feature about this real estate project is its world class location. Saffron City Residential plots are something that many of the real estate investors want to purchase. The entire housing project offer lucrative returns for investors. The entire housing project spreads over more than 10000 kanals of total land area, which shows there would be huge space for all types of properties.

Developers and Owners

The real estate developers who are working on this tremendous housing project are Saadullah Khan and brothers. Apart from that, some of the famous dubai based real estate entrepreneurs named Haroon Arshad, and Malik Tariq Awan are also a part of this project. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners have plans to provide a majestic residential lifestyle to their investors. They want to bring a housing project, that is not only lavish but also innovative in nature. Some of the popular construction projects that Saadullah Khan and Brothers have worked upon are Sabakzai Dam, and M1 motorway.

Location & Map

Many of the real estate investors consider it important to inspect location before deciding to invest in any housing project. Location factor not only defines beauty, but also highlights the accessibility for the residents. The new Masterplan of this project shows that this housing project would locatable at main GT Road adjacent to Rawat. This route acts as a main gateway towards Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Another important aspect of this location is that it contains some of the world class commercial malls like Giga Mall. Saffron City Development Status shows that some housing projects like Bahria Town Islamabad, and DHA phase 3 are only few mile away from here.  One of the best thing about the project location is that not only acts a gateway to twin cities but also offers commercial opportunities.

Saffron City Residential Plots

The owners of this housing project would first auction Saffron City Residential plots to generate revenue. The residential plots of this project would be further separated into different blocks. There would also be a separate housing block that would cater to overseas investors. The sizes of the plots would range from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal of overall land area. Even, Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC for residential plots is currently under approval by Rawalpindi Development Authorities. The prices of the plots may increase more after the approval of the NOC.  The developers are making huge efforts to make sure that investors and residents of this housing project enjoy luxurious living lifestyle here. Also, they aim to make the plots of this project available for their investors at reasonable rates.


Saffron City Rawalpindi promises tremendous returns on the investment, especially after completion of Saffron City Residential Plots. It will be a terrific opportunity for the real estate investors of Rawalpindi to make their fortune. The residents would have all kind of luxurious housing facilities that would make their life comfortable. All investors will also have access to some world class commodities within the housing project. Moreover, the developers are creating a lifestyle to seek investors’ aspirations to have a comfortable life. For more details about the plots of this project, you must visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing. Our company has professional real estate marketing agents, who would personally look into every case of the clients of this project. Also, we would help our clients in coming up with rational decisions.


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Saffron City authorized dealers

Saffron City authorized dealers


Saffron City Rawalpindi is the new and modern housing project that is full of innovations. This housing project is currently under construction, and its plots would be available for auction very soon. It includes numerous factors that enable investors to invest their money here without any hurdle. The developers of this housing project along Saffron City authorized dealers are doing their best to provide best housing to real estate investors. This housing project would be a potential gamechangers, when it comes to investment in Rawalpindi real estate. This project would completely transform the real estate map of Rawalpindi City, as an innovative housing project would potentially increase the value of the city.

Developers and Owners

Saadullah Khan and Brother are the owners behind such huge real estate project, and the developers are famous for their real estate brilliance. Other than that, there are some other Dubai Real Estate entities named Malik Tariq Awan, and Haroon Arshad. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are making efforts to provide real estate investors of this project, a lavish housing experience. Some of the notable projects that Saadullah Khan brothers have worked before are M2 motorway, and Sabkazai Dam. The developers have also allied with several Saffron City authorized dealers to market this project more than any other one. With the help of such dealers, this housing project has potential to gain more clients.

Location & Map

Before investing their money in any housing project, the real estate investors definitely consider the location of that particular project. Location not only determines the accessibility but also the beauty and facilities. As per the Masterplan, the entire project is locatable at the main gateway of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That particular gateway is Gt road Rawat, which is also an entrance point into Islamabad. The best thing about location is that it is adjacent to many commercial projects like Aquatic Mall or Florence Galleria. This project would have convenient location, as it is adjacent to some famous housing project like DHA phase3. Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC is currently under consideration by Rawalpindi Development Authority. After the approval of NOC, Saffron City Authorized dealers would personally deal with real estate investors of this project regarding plot purchase.

Saffron City authorized dealers

Many of the housing project need to have professional authorized dealers that would negotiate with the investors on behest of the owners. Those dealers are the one, who are familiar with every insight for the company that they are representing. Furthermore, they would also assist in booking plots, and arranging a proper site visit. As per the latest news, Estate Land Marketing are important Saffron City authorized dealers. This consultancy firm has successfully achieved the official rights to advertise about the entire housing project. The investors can negotiate with the professionals of this firm, as they are diligently working on this project. The website of this firm contains Masterplan, payment plan, and location map of this housing project. This firm would also be helpful in Saffron City file verification for investors in this project.


The investment in Saffron city would be one of the most incredible and financially beneficial opportunity. Majority of the investors would be having an access to some innovative housing facilities. Furthermore, the owners of this project are working hard to enhance the residential lifestyle of the investors. Saffron City authorized dealers would also be very helpful in investment in this project, as they would personally guide the investors about investment benefits of this project. Please reach out to agents of Estate Land Marketing, as they are official dealers of this housing project. We have been working in the real estate business for past several years, and have successfully got significant clients.


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What is Saffron City Development Status? Updates 2023

What is Saffron City Development Status? Updates 2023


Saffron City Rawalpindi is one of the underdevelopment housing project in Rawalpindi that spreads over more than 10000 kanals of land area. It has potential to completely transform the real estate business of twin cities. Current Saffron City Development Status shows that the developers behind this housing project have committed themselves to provide world class housing experience. This housing project also aims to cater to the growing population of the twin cities. This housing project would be one of the primary innovative housing project in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Developers & Owners

The real estate developers who are working for this project are Saadullah Khan and Brothers. This company has the best track record of timely deliverance of the real estate project. Some of the most important project of this housing project are M1 Motorway, Sabakzai Dam, and PAF Shahbaz Airbase. Other developers working on this project is Malik Tariq Awan, who would also act as CEO of this housing project. On the other hand, Haroon Arshad Awan is Director of Sales and Marketing in this project. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are have a strong determination to bring something new for the real estate investors of Rawalpindi. They are also working hard to upgrade Saffron City Development Status as a luxurious project through innovative methods.

Location & Map

The location of any housing project is something that determines the accessibility and beauty for the residents. Any real estate investor would like to invest his money at a place, which is full of beauty. As per the new location map, this housing project is locatable at GT road Rawat. This route is technically an entrance path towards twin cities from other parts. Another important aspect of the location is that it is near to some top-class commercial projects like Aquatic Mall. The residents would have an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of commercial activities too apart from residing. This housing project will also be nearby some other famous housing projects like DHA phase 3, or Bahria Town phase 4. Saffron City development Status also proves that the location of the entire housing project would be quite charming.

Saffron City Development Status

As per the current Saffron City Development Status, the construction of this housing project might be taking place sooner. The owners are making sure that the entire housing project would follow international standards of development. As of now, Rawalpindi Development Authority are about to approve Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC approval. The developers have already finalized the entrance pathways towards this housing project. Also within this housing project, there would be several commercial plazas, and corporate offices. The rates of the plots are very less, as the entire housing project is not complete. So, the investors looking to invest their money here would get positive return in future.


It is a good opportunity for the real estate investors of Rawalpindi to invest in Saffron City Rawalpindi. This housing project offer greater return at investment, and investors would get all kinds of luxuries after investing in this project. Saffron City Development Status proves that the entire housing project comprises of world class facilities that may improve the living standard of the residents. The developers of this housing project are aiming to provide new lifestyle to real estate investors. Now, is the best time to invest here, as it has less rates for plots purchase. For more information about development status of this project, please visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our real estate consultancy firm comprises of some professional marketing agents, who would help the investors in investing in best housing project.


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