Aquatic Mall Islamabad


Aquatic mall is the upcoming water-themed mall in the heart of Islamabad. It would be the first mall in Islamabad with the largest aquarium. The owners of this project have introduced easy installment plan for the auction of the shops.

Owners and Developers

The owners of this commercial project are Al-Bari Group of companies, who are well known for their commercial projects. The Al-Bari Group are also the symbol of commitment, loyalty, and confidence. They have hired talented designers, who are effectively working on such magnificent project in Islamabad. The main aim behind such a project is to make it the best attraction site for visitors and the best commercial project in Islamabad for real estate investors. Some of the other famous companies of this group are GreenEarth, Specomp, and Biz Venture Marketing.

NOC Status

The federal government has recently recommended to eliminate No Objection Certificates of high-rise building. Such policy was decided on the basis of the government’s scheme of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The scheme include government officers, and other stakeholders of the private sector. As per the recommendation, the developers would not need any NOC, if they are constructing a mall 15 km away from the airport’s location.

Location and Map 

This commercial project is locatable at the center of GT road, right near to Florence Galleria, DHA and Bahria Town. Such ideal location make it accessible for people of twin cities. A lot of visitors would be visiting this mall, which would also increase its worth as a tourist spot.

Payment Plan   

The developers of this project are providing apartments, shops, and offices at an easy 4 year installment plan. The booking starts at 25% down payment, while the investor may pay the remaining amount through 16 quarterly installments.


This mall has several shops, apartments, and food court shop ready for auction. Overall size of the mall ranges around 13 Marla and 24 Kanal. Furthermore, this mall also has 9 floors along with a rooftop. Apart from that, there would also be the three basement floors for car parking. The remaining five floors would accommodate all the local and foreign brands to provide the best shopping experience to visitors. There would also be a separate floor for food outlets, where the visitors would enjoy all type of food. The developers have also planned to reserve a separate floor for children, where they would have the facilities of indoor games and rides. One of the most important element of the masterplan is that there would be separate deluxe suites that offer luxurious facilities, and corporate offices.

Development Status

The developers are working on this project at a smooth and rapid pace since January 2018. However, the piling and digging is currently taking place, and this project is estimated to be completed at the mid of the year 2022.

Important Features

This commercial project is in limelight nowadays, due to its world class facilities. It is going to bring such a stylish layout that has not been witnessed in any other commercial project in Islamabad. Some of its world-class facilities are as follow

The Aquarium

This mall would have the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium full of exotic varieties of fish and other marine species with the size of 91 feet height and 50 feet width. It would be the main attraction point in the Aquatic Mall. Polin Aquariums, a Turkish firm is working on this project, as the company has a vast experience of building aquariums in other countries. This feature is going to enhance the beauty of the mall, which would enable visitors to have a joyful experience.

Deluxe Suites

The developers are also planning Luxury Suites that would make the stay of visitors more memorable. They would have the facility to enjoy their precious moment. Such suites would be built on the top scenic floor of the mall. The stylish design of suites would exhibit a combination of comfort, style, and luxury.

Infinity Pool

The designer have planned a pool that would have a temperature-controlled water feasible in every season. It will also be built at the rooftop with an aim to provide the best experience to the visitors. The visitors would be able to beat the heat, along with enjoying scenic view while swimming.

4K Cinema

There would be a cinema in the mall with the world class 4k technology and best sound effects. The families would be able to enjoy movies along with the shopping. The owners plan to have reasonable ticketing policy, where the refreshment and tickets would be available at affordable rates. Furthermore, it would also have multiple screens, where different movies would be played.

Underwater Tunnel

Another unique feature of this mall would be an underwater tunnel, where the visitors would have to walk alongside marine species. Such water-bound environment would shift the attention of visitors from busy life to a peaceful life. They would feel fresh by walking in the tunnel.

Advantages and Disadvantages 


  • First-ever aquatic themed mall in Islamabad
  • Clean and Secure environment for visitors
  • Near to the top housing projects in Islamabad i.e. Bahria Town, and DHA


  • Huge rates of the apartments
  • Its completion would take more time due to its creative masterplan.

Why invest in Aquatic Mall

This commercial project include some of the best feature that are not available in any other project in Islamabad. Features such as skywalk, aquarium and international brands make it a main attraction for the visitors. A lot of real estate investors have expressed their interest in this project due to its features. As per the owners, a lot of shops have already been booked. The prices of the shops, and apartment would further increase after the completion of this project.


The Aquatic Mall may become a solid investment in Islamabad with regards to commercial investment perspective. It is going to be the first-ever water themed commercial property in the capital city. So, now is the best time to invest in this project, as the shops and apartment are available at affordable pre completion rates. However, the price would increase after its formal inauguration. For further details about the pricing and floor of this project, you may contact Estate Land Marketing. Our company has a team of marketing experts, who would discuss the benefits of investing in this project in detail.


Q1: What is Aquatic Mall?

It is a nine-floor multipurpose water themed shopping complex in the heart of Islamabad.

Q2: Is this mall legal?

Yes, the government has recently announced that the commercial projects that 15 km away from the airport would not need any NOC.

Q3: Where is it located?

This mall is locatable at the main GT Road, adjacent to Bahria Town, and Amazon Mall.

Q4: Who are the owners of Aquatic Mall?

The owners of this Mall are Al-Bari Group of Companies.

Q5: What makes it different from other Malls?

It is going to be water theme mall with the largest aquarium, and marine themed restaurants.

Q6: Does it guarantee a high yield of investment return?

Yes, this mall has an affordable payment plan, as it is under construction. So, this project would provide a huge investment return, as a lot of investors have begun pouring their money into this project.

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