Saffron City authorized dealers

Saffron City authorized dealers


Saffron City Rawalpindi is the new and modern housing project that is full of innovations. This housing project is currently under construction, and its plots would be available for auction very soon. It includes numerous factors that enable investors to invest their money here without any hurdle. The developers of this housing project along Saffron City authorized dealers are doing their best to provide best housing to real estate investors. This housing project would be a potential gamechangers, when it comes to investment in Rawalpindi real estate. This project would completely transform the real estate map of Rawalpindi City, as an innovative housing project would potentially increase the value of the city.

Developers and Owners

Saadullah Khan and Brother are the owners behind such huge real estate project, and the developers are famous for their real estate brilliance. Other than that, there are some other Dubai Real Estate entities named Malik Tariq Awan, and Haroon Arshad. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are making efforts to provide real estate investors of this project, a lavish housing experience. Some of the notable projects that Saadullah Khan brothers have worked before are M2 motorway, and Sabkazai Dam. The developers have also allied with several Saffron City authorized dealers to market this project more than any other one. With the help of such dealers, this housing project has potential to gain more clients.

Location & Map

Before investing their money in any housing project, the real estate investors definitely consider the location of that particular project. Location not only determines the accessibility but also the beauty and facilities. As per the Masterplan, the entire project is locatable at the main gateway of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That particular gateway is Gt road Rawat, which is also an entrance point into Islamabad. The best thing about location is that it is adjacent to many commercial projects like Aquatic Mall or Florence Galleria. This project would have convenient location, as it is adjacent to some famous housing project like DHA phase3. Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC is currently under consideration by Rawalpindi Development Authority. After the approval of NOC, Saffron City Authorized dealers would personally deal with real estate investors of this project regarding plot purchase.

Saffron City authorized dealers

Many of the housing project need to have professional authorized dealers that would negotiate with the investors on behest of the owners. Those dealers are the one, who are familiar with every insight for the company that they are representing. Furthermore, they would also assist in booking plots, and arranging a proper site visit. As per the latest news, Estate Land Marketing are important Saffron City authorized dealers. This consultancy firm has successfully achieved the official rights to advertise about the entire housing project. The investors can negotiate with the professionals of this firm, as they are diligently working on this project. The website of this firm contains Masterplan, payment plan, and location map of this housing project. This firm would also be helpful in Saffron City file verification for investors in this project.


The investment in Saffron city would be one of the most incredible and financially beneficial opportunity. Majority of the investors would be having an access to some innovative housing facilities. Furthermore, the owners of this project are working hard to enhance the residential lifestyle of the investors. Saffron City authorized dealers would also be very helpful in investment in this project, as they would personally guide the investors about investment benefits of this project. Please reach out to agents of Estate Land Marketing, as they are official dealers of this housing project. We have been working in the real estate business for past several years, and have successfully got significant clients.


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