What is the Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan?

What is the Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan?


Saffron City Rawalpindi is the newest housing project that is currently under construction in Rawalpindi. This project includes some world class housing features that makes it investible choice among real estate investors. It has all kind of facilities that are necessary for comfortable lifestyle. The ones investing into this housing project have a potential to get lucrative profits. Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan is one of the best additions of this project. These plots would be available for auction in next few months.

Owners and Developers

Saadullah Khan and Brothers have joined hand with Dubai Based real estate developers named Haroon Arshad, and Malik Tariq for this project. Both the developers are famous for their successful real estate projects. Saffron City Rawalpindi Owners are working hard to make sure that the residents of this project get a better life. They are working smartly to make sure that this project includes some innovative facilities. Some of the previous projects that Saadullah Khan and brothers have successfully completed are Sabakzai Dam, and M1 Motorway. The owners have planned to introduce a Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan are inexpensive rates. After that, the plots would be soon available for bookings at less rates. The investors can book their plots through online booking, or on spot registration.

Location & Map

Many of the real estate investors prioritize location of the housing project, where they plan to invest their money. The only intention behind this is to ensure that the investors have invested in a place that is accessible, and beautiful. As per the latest location map, the entire housing project is situated at main GT road Rawat. This route is also a main entrance gateway into the twin cities. The best aspect about this housing project is that it is quite near to places like Giga Mall, and Amazon Mall. Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment plan would be dependent on location of this housing project. Even, Saffron City Rawalpindi NOC would definitely mention numerous factors of the location too.

Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment Plan:

The developers behind this real estate project are drafting a full payment plan for all the plot sizes in this project. However, they had revealed some important details about Saffron City 5 Marla Plot Payment plan. As per the details, the price of 5 Marla plots would initiate from PKR 2,550,000. With that, a 10 percent downpayment option would also be available, which would make the investment easier. Also, the investors would have the option to invest here through monthly or yearly installments. For instance, the rate for 30 months installment would be PKR 31,000, and 6 bi annual installments would be PKR 154,583. The 5 Marla plots are currently in huge demand due to their reasonable installment rates. As this housing project is not fully complete, so the plots are available at inexpensive rates. Even, the Saffron City File Verification would include everything about the plots booking.


Saffron City Rawalpindi has promising future for real estate investors of Rawalpindi due to its world class features. This housing project is presently in its pre development phase, and its plots are available at reasonable rates. Saffron City 5 Marla plot payment plan is one of the lucrative investment option for real estate investors. Now, is the suitable time to invest here, as the plots are inexpensive. The rate of the plots would rise after the completion of this housing project. If you want to know further evidence about the payment plan of this project, then kindly visit Estate Land Marketing. Our agents are professional in the real estate business, and are ready to help the clients.


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