What are the Roles & responsibilities of real estate consultants?

What are the Roles & responsibilities of real estate consultants?

The role of real estate consultants is huge. Moreover, it is also pertinent to know what a certain job entails. Especially in an industry like real estate which is huge, massive, and has a gamut of factors to offer. Not to forget that real estate alone adds highly to the overall economy of a region. Therefore, all the departments, sectors, and jobs are exceedingly serious and demand serious business. Moreover, they also manage both commercial property strategy and residential.

Anyhow, the roles and responsibilities of real estate consultants are variable. The core value, however, is staying authentic to the job, having basic knowledge, and staying updated. The idea is to be always a step ahead of the competitor and serve the best. Well, we will amalgamate what real estate jobs entail and provide all the needed information.

Real Estate Market

The phenomenon of the real estate market is huge and there are a whole lot of facets, aspects, and notes attached to the adjective. The world of business, entrepreneurship, and just the commercial sector overall branches out to many others. And, real estate is just one of the biggest parts which does add a lot.

Let’s take the example of Dubai’s Real Estate industry, the revenue that the country generated in just a year 2022 was more than $28 Billion, and that too for the residential sector alone. so, that speaks volumes in terms of how gigantically the real estate industry adds to the overall economy. Well, that’s precisely why all the jobs and responsibilities of all the individuals within the market have to work at their optimal level. That includes everyone including both the commercial real estate consultant and residential.

Real Estate Consultant

Since the following article is on the roles, responsibilities, and distinctive facets of real estate consultants – so here are the major ones. Before going ahead, we will break down the roles into two categories. General and job-specific. To clarify the definitions first. Realtor consultants collaborate with individual investors, potential clients, financial lenders, and business lenders and act as active men. The mid-men of buyers and sellers of a property. The key role is to assist both parties from their respective angles. Anyhow, have a look at the two categories;

Roles & Responsibilities

The general roles of a real estate investment consultant are;

  • Always and always be authentic to your work
  • There’s nothing that can surpass a consultant’s hard work. It will pay off. So, keep at it and work the hardest.
  • Make connections
  • Seek out knowledge and have all the needed information
  • Be alert. Be on your toes. The world of real estate is tricky, therefore, being conscious is needed.
  • In addition, you should always have all the basic information at your fingertips. Any question could pop up at any point. So, always be ready. It may include real estate core plus funds details or anything else.
  • Analytical and observational skills

Job Specifications

Here are some of the job-specific roles and responsibilities of real estate consultants or one can say real estate development consultants. What he does is;

  • Connecting with the potential investors
  • Seek out ways to crack a deal of the residential, commercial, and other such properties
  • Furthermore, even searching for apt properties is also included
  • Preparing contracts while staying obligated to the set rules and regulations
  • Looking over all the schedules with the clients and even creating listings
  • The main responsibility as mentioned before is to communicate between the client and the owner.
  • Managing cash management, delivering needed/timely presentations to either party and just following it up accordingly.

Real Estate Consultant vs. Realtor

There’s a huge difference between a real estate consultant & a realtor. The consultant has a limited job description as he’s only responsible for providing the needed and wanted information about a property. The investors can even ask about the intentions of the sellers and the background check. The consultants take care of everything. Furthermore, he simply does not get involved in any of the financial or economic transactions.

While the real estate agent does all the organizational and business work. Moreover, his job is to crack the deal and complete the process of selling and buying the property.  In addition, they also have all the needed information and can guide potential investors with whatever guidance is required. Moreover, the real estate consultant salary in comparison to that of a realtor varies too.


The role and responsibility of a real estate agent are pertinent as they play a massively huge role in taking the industry forward. In addition, it is important to know the basic and advanced roles and responsibilities to be ahead of their games. Also, do reach out to Estate Land Marketing in case of any queries or further guidance.

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