How much do real estate consultants charge?

How much do real estate consultants charge?

The topic of a real estate consultant salary varies with time. It is because multiple projects depend on a coliseum of things. The location, housing society, developers, property types, size, situation, maintenance, and much more. In addition, it also depends on how much experience the real estate consultants have. The more the skillset, and experience – the better the real estate consultant salary.

Well, in this blog we will tap into all the facts and facets of the topic, what varies and how can one be a good consultant. That way the salary figure gets bigger, thus, attracting a gamut of other benefits too. Anyhow, keep reading to figure out all the related facets of the real estate consultant salary topic and much more.

Real Estate Consultant

The real estate market is one of the biggest and most impeccable industries in the world. There is no doubt that the utter revenue addition that this market adds to the overall economy of any region is insane. Moreover, on the topic of whether will it continue to do so? Well, to put it simply. Yes! It will. It is so because no matter what, the need for infrastructure, lifestyle style, and living needs will never go out of space.

So, real estate whether residential or even commercial, will always be a need. Furthermore, real estate consultants will also keep playing a key role in the overall picture. In addition, all the other departments and sectors have to be on their toes and act authentically and impeccably. This is the only way for the industry to go ahead and flourish like none other. Anyhow, the consultant’s role is exceptionally pertinent, thus, the salary is also handsome.

Real estate consultant salary

Let’s get into the topic of a real estate consultant salary and all the facets it entails. First and foremost, let’s clear out the topic first. A consultant earns money through projects. Let’s say if he cracks a deal, a percentage commission is given to him as a salary. This goes out for both a residential real estate consultant, commercial, or any other.

Investors who are looking for a home/property, will not have as much clue about the industry and trends as a consultant would have. That is precisely where the consultant’s skills jump in. he will guide and assist to the sheer truth and authenticity. Furthermore, by connecting sellers with buyers and developers with investors, and assisting them, the consultants earn their salaries.

How much does a consultant earn?

The ever-big question is how much does a consultant earn? Are they profitable investment property consultants? Can people rely on it? Well, most certainly. But here are the pertinent factors that play a keen part in deciding whether or not a real estate consultant salary is handsome.

  • Deal Size: The size of the project and the deal that the consultant has cracked and sealed is important. If it is a major and giant deal, the commission will also be huge.
  • Property Location: Another important phenomenon is how commercial and business-centered is the location. The better it is, the more exorbitant will the location be. Therefore, the real estate consultant salary will also be big.
  • Market Trends: All the market trends play a part too. A property that is big and is in trend. So much so that the investors are taking the opportunity hands-on. So, sealing such deals with clients has the real estate consultant salary big comparatively.
  • Deal Type: For the consultants, the deal or property type is also exceptionally important. It is so because, in the same location, a consultant’s commission by closing a residential deal will vary from that of a commercial.
  • Experience: Another pertinent thing that plays a huge part in deciding what a certain consultant is or should be worth is experience. It is also important to note that nothing supersedes experience. The more one has, the better he will be at the job. Therefore, attracting more salary/commission figures.

Fixed Commission Rates

Apart from the above important points, here are some of the fixed rates that play a huge role in deciding the real estate consultant’s salary.

  • Commission on Sale: It varies as per the region. Let’s a consultant in Islamabad will get precisely 1% of the overall property on residential deals. The consultant in Karachi will get 2% whereas the Lahore consultant will get 0.5-2%.
  • Rental Deals: That too varies with the region. Therefore, in Islamabad, the estimation is around the consultant getting half of one month’s rent. In Karachi, it highly depends on the location while in Lahore, it usually is one month’s rent.


The answer to how much a real estate charge varies with many terms and conditions. Therefore, if you are thinking of becoming one or want to get in touch with him, we do advise you to get all the needed and wanted details to avoid any uncertain circumstances. Anyhow, do connect with Estate Land Marketing to get the authentic and best advice possible.

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