Seven unlawful structures have been sealed of Murree

Seven unlawful structures have been sealed of Murree. The tehsil government sealed seven unlawfully constructed buildings on Monday, as tourist activity resumed at the renowned location following the fatal incident that killed two dozen lives.

The buildings in question were constructed illegally at Bansra Gali, Bhurban Road, and Sunny Bank, and were sealed on the AC’s orders, along with instructions to take additional required action against the owners and facilitators of the illegal construction.

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With the area once again likely to receive snow, both the government and police conducted a study of Murree to assess the safety measures put in place for tourists.

Taimoor Khan, the Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), paid a surprise visit to Murree and inspected the authorities’ measures, which include allowing only 8,000 tourist vehicles into the premises between 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., while residents of Murree and Kashmir are exempt from these restrictions.

Meanwhile, cargo transport on the route will be able to operate at night.

CTO Taimoor Khan evaluated traffic preparations, instructed workers stationed at the Murree checkpoints, and distributed awareness and road safety leaflets to tourists visiting Murree. He added that travellers visiting Murree should heed the traffic police’s recommendations before to their arrival.

The authority encouraged motorists to travel in a mechanically sound vehicle, to keep a toolkit in the vehicle, and to use chains on their vehicle’s tyres during snowfall. Additionally, overtaking and inappropriate parking must be avoided, and drivers must exercise patience as vehicles move slowly on snow-covered roads.

He also urged tourists to bring extra warm clothing and food, avoid completely rolling down their car windows, and cooperate with traffic wardens.

“Follow the recommendations on the traffic police information leaflet to ensure a safe and quiet travel,” the CTO advised the tourists. “You may contact the Traffic Police Helpline if you require assistance while driving.”

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The Taliban express support for the Pakistan-Afghanistan rail link

The Taliban express support for the Pakistan-Afghanistan rail link. The Taliban-led government approved a railway link between Afghanistan and Pakistan on Tuesday, paving the path for rail connections between Peshawar and Kabul and Peshawar and Jalalabad.

Additionally, approval was granted for a rail link to Uzbekistan. During the meeting, the new government’s cabinet also approved a rail link between Jalalabad and Kabul.

Afghan Prime Minister Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund presided over the cabinet meeting.

The first step would involve conducting feasibility studies and surveys, and the results of the first phase would be communicated with higher officials during the second phase of the project.

During the cabinet meeting, a change in police and armed forces clothing was also authorized.

The five countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan — met last month to discuss the railway network connecting the states, a senior official working on the project said on condition of anonymity.

Russia would conduct a feasibility study and prepare reports on the project using superior technology, while other countries would install railway tracks on their own regions, he added.

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“Previously, Pakistan and the Afghan government agreed to extend the railway track to Jalalabad, but the project was shelved due to security concerns; however, now that the situation has improved, we intend to extend the track to Mazar-e-Sharif with the assistance of donors,” the senior official added.

The feasibility studies for the railway routes are expected to be completed within the next four to three months, and two transshipment locations have been identified at the Torkham border and in Jalalabad, he added.

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“The IITMS [International Institute for Transshipment Services] will be built with the assistance of Pakistan and Afghanistan, boosting trade between the member states and extending the track’s overall length to 800 kilometers till Mazar-e-Sharif.”

The project is not affiliated with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), but is a collaborative initiative of the five countries focused at enhancing economic cooperation, he noted.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi confirmed that the five countries met a month ago and stated that they were collaborating closely with member governments to complete the project.

Prime Minister Imran Khan signed a “Joint Appeal Letter” in December last year asking a $4.8 billion loan from various International Financial Institutions (IFIs) for a railway line connecting Pakistan to Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Central Asian Republics.

PM Imran “supported Uzbekistan’s attempts to acquire financing for the project by signing a Joint Appeal Letter issued to the Heads of various International Financial Institutions (IFIs) by the Heads of State/Government of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan,” according to the official statement.

A 573-kilometer-long railway link will be created using funds raised through the joint appeal. The quickest economic track would connect Peshawar to Kabul and Kabul to Uzbekistan via Mazar-e-Sharif, with “27 stops, 912 artificial structures, and seven tunnels” to assist cargo transportation.

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KP approves agreement for Swat Motorway Phase 2

KP approves agreement for Swat Motorway Phase 2. The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gave his permission for the draught agreement for the Swat Motorway Phase 2 on Thursday (January 13), according to sources. This arrangement was approved under the terms of the public-private partnership funding structure. It is planned to be constructed from Chakdara Interchange to Maydan Fatehpur, according to the specifics of the 80-kilometer-long Swat Motorway Phase 2 development project.

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The road would initially have four lanes and will eventually be expanded to six lanes. Although it is expected to be expanded to six lanes over time, it is currently only four lanes. In addition, four rest spots will be constructed in various areas near the Swat River. In order to make this project possible, nine interchanges and eight major bridges will be built, as well as other infrastructure. Section IV of the Land Purchase Act of 1894 was invoked by the authorities in order to ensure that the project’s land acquisition was completed on schedule.

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The authorities obtained the formal signatures of the necessary officials on a contract with the winner bidder after conducting a formal auction. Furthermore, Mahmood instructed the officials that there should be no delay in the execution of the Expression of Interest for the Dir Motorway Project, which was due to be completed by December.

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Center discusses mega road developments in Karachi, Sindh

Center discusses mega road developments in Karachi, Sindh. The conference was presided over by the head of the 6th Coordination Committee, which is formed of representatives from the Sindh Government and the federal government, and discussed land development concerns related to the Mauripur Expressway and IC Interchange Project.

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According to the participants in the meeting, the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Mauripur Expressway and IC Interchange Project was released in June of last year. Technical bids were launched in September, which is significant. The project’s locations, such as the interchange at Lyari Bridge, the elevated U-turn, the Marine Academy Flyover, the Kakapir Road Widening and Flyover, the Salt Field Area, the ICI Flyover Ramp, and the ICI Flyover connections, are all under the jurisdiction of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Pakistan Railways (PR), and the National Highway Authority (NHA) respectively (NHA). The NOCs of these departments are expected to make further advancements in the project.

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In response, the coordination committee authorized implied departments to give certificates of no objections, allowing the project to be launched. While considering the rehabilitation of the Gujjar and Orangi Nullah people, the meeting took action to reduce the Right of Way (RoW) to 20 feet in width. Following that, a wall along the Nullah will be constructed within 2 feet of the Nullah, and a two-lane road project will be constructed.

PC-1 for their immediate rehabilitation was tabled before the Planning and Development Department for approval, and PKR 1 billion of the PKR 2 billion budgeted for the project has been released, according to the meeting’s directive.

Mega road improvements in Karachi and Sindh are being discussed at the center.

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Overseas Pakistanis pay $2bn for seventh month in a row

Overseas Pakistanis pay $2bn for seventh month in a row. For the eighth month in a row, monthly payments from Overseas Pakistani employees surpassed $2 billion, a record high.

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According to the SBP, payments received in December accounted for 2.5 percent of total payments received in the previous seven months. In the past, the annual increase was 3.4 percent. On an annual basis, the payouts increased by 11.3 percent to $15.8 billion in the first half of 2021-22. Saudi Arabia ($626.6 million), the United Arab Emirates ($453.2 million), the United Kingdom ($340.8 million), and the United States ($248.5 million) were the primary sources of the most recent payments.

Proactive policy steps by the government and the SBP will, according to the Central Bank, stimulate the use of formal channels and philanthropic donations to Pakistan in the midst of the current economic crisis. The pandemic has made a significant contribution to the continuing influx of remittances that have occurred since last year.

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FBR establishes new valuations for immovable properties in Islamabad

FBR establishes new valuations for immovable properties in Islamabad. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reduced the fair market value of immovable properties in Islamabad following consultation with stakeholders, including the Federation of Realtors Pakistan (FRP).

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Residential and commercial superstructures less than five years old in the federal capital will be valued at Rs2,000 per square foot, while superstructures more than five years old will be valued at Rs1,000 per square foot.

The FBR determined a value of Rs1,50,000 per square yard in sector E7 on December 15, 2021, but the tax department had previously notified a value of Rs250,000 per square yard of any size in E7. Meanwhile, FBR values an immovable property in B17 Islamabad at Rs20,000 and Rs12,000, respectively, with or without possession of a plot, but FBR values land in this community at Rs55,000.

Similarly, the price per square yard of immovable property in Bani Gala will be Rs28,000, down from the FBR’s previous announcement of Rs36,363 per square yard. According to documents, the value of immovable properties in F-8 will be Rs25,000 per square foot, but the FBR had previously announced a value of Rs260,000 per square foot.

Additionally, the FBR has set the price of commercial immovable property in Blue Area at Rs6,80,420 per square foot, while the new value rate for commercial property, including stores, is Rs48,611 per square foot.

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Top 10 Housing Societies in Islamabad 2022

Best Housing Societies in Islamabad

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan with the most wonderful, and lush green hills around alongside some best housing societies. The natural beauty of this city makes it the most livable city in Pakistan. Apart from natural beauty, it is famous for its world class infrastructure. Currently, the city is looking for more opportunities in the real estate sector, so it offers several residential and commercial projects for investment. The best housing societies are the one that provide world class facilities for their investors. Following are some of the best housing projects that enhance the beauty of this city.

Park View City

Park View City is a  housing project by The Vision Group. It is locatable at the heart of Islamabad in Zone IV. Moreover, this beautiful project is situated around the beautiful lush green hills all around the city. It got the NOC approval from Capital Development Authority, and offers a safe and affordable luxurious lifestyle to its residents. It has the beautiful location, which attracts the eyes of real estate investors. The owners of this project are aiming to make this project a pollution free scheme. The best part about this housing project is its ideal location, as it is surrounded by lush green hills.

Silver City Islamabad

Silver City Islamabad is a joint project by Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and SAREMCO Group. It is situated at Rawalpindi’s Girja Road, few miles away from the Thalian Interchange. It is a technologically innovative and modern marvel in Rawalpindi. Furthermore, this project has world class characteristics and facilities. The ones investing in this project would get a 100 percent profit in return. The neighborhood of this housing project is evergreen, and is very near to the central locations & other housing projects. The owners of this project want to provide a safe and ecofriendly environment to the residents.

Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad has gained the status of being one of the most lavish housing project within short time. It is well known for its modern architecture, beautiful landscapes, and huge infrastructure, which covers the whole living space in the Islamabad’s central district.  It is one of the biggest housing projects in Pakistan. The owners of this project have made it a successful initiative since the beginning. The projects by Bahria Town are also labelled as reliable. This housing project has a bigger role in changing the landscape of real estate sector in Pakistan.

Top city 1 Islamabad

Top city 1 Islamabad is another top housing projects with high quality and excellence. It also provides some of the world class services to its residents. One of the best features of this housing project is its convenient location along the Kashmir Highway. Besides that, it is also locatable around 20 minutes away from downtown G 11 Markaz Islamabad. The main purpose of this project is to provide an incredible independent feeling with an outstanding natural beauty to its investors. Furthermore, it plans to have more of commercial center, where there would be different corporate office, and shopping malls.

Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Greens Islamabad is another housing project growing at a rapid pace than the other projects. It has got a lot of attention from real estate investors. One of the best thing of this project is the likelihood of a huge return on investment. Apart from that, it also provides a calm and green atmosphere where one can have access to nature along with having access to world class facilities. This housing project has a well-planned infrastructure, as the owners have implemented efficient design strategies. Furthermore, it has well-maintained and well-connected roads with large boulevards. It would have several shopping malls, which would equally increase the beauty of this project.

Green Oaks Islamabad

Green Oaks Islamabad aims to provide a natural scenic and beautiful green environment with a premium lifestyle full of world class services. Apart from that, it also has natural farming, which provides its investors with huge annual returns. It also provides them the opportunity to gain profits from their sole dietary requirements. Their investment may help to produce the yields, vegetables, natural products. The crops would then bloom in accordance with the agreed-upon process, and sell them in the market. Due to the process, they would get the handsome profit every year. The owners of this housing project have offered a reasonable payment plan for the ease of their investors.

Capital Smart City

It is another project in Islamabad with an aim to provide an eco-friendly environment to its residents. This project has several other highlights, which make it an ideal living space for families. The owners of Capital Smart City would fulfill the commercial and housing needs of their investors. Furthermore, roughly a land of 55,000 Kanals is allotted for this private housing project. Moreover, this project would be one of the closest housing projects that is near to the New Islamabad International Airport. The owners of this project aim to provide smart housing to its residents, so they don’t have a bad experience.

ICHS Town Islamabad

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS Town) is a cooperative housing project. It consists of several neighborhood feature built in close locality to Islamabad, as well as Rawalpindi. Some of its main features includes allowing people to have easy access to a city center. Furthermore, it entertains it residents with the essentials that keep them comfortable. This housing project  is located approximately 42 kilometers from zero-point Islamabad just near to Fateh Jang Road. Moreover, its nearness to the new Islamabad airport is among the few great factors of this housing project.

Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the upcoming elite housing projects in Islamabad. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company are the owners of this project. This housing project is adjacent to the Chakri Interchange, and the under-construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. Blue World City is offering homes and apartments at affordable rates. The investors would be able to take the hold of their assets in no time by investing a limited sum of money. This housing project is going to have such modern features that have not been seen in any other housing projects of Pakistan. It would also have a biggest Water Theme Park, which would be one of the best tourist places. So far, some of the real estate experts consider it is one of the best housing societies in Islamabad, which gives a glimpse of an international city.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is situated near Chakri Interchange towards M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. The location of this project makes it an ideal choice for investment in Islamabad. It is just near to other well-known housing projects such as Blue World City, Mumtaz City, and Capital Smart City. This project officially comes under the domain of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The sole purpose of this project is to provide low-cost housing to the ones with low-income background. The ones coming from poor families would have a good opportunity to have homes for their families. For the ease of the investors, the owners have introduced a reasonable payment plan.


Many of the real estate projects in Islamabad have a huge potential, due to their exotic location and affordable payment plans. A lot of real estate experts believe that the current projects would completely transform the landscape of the entire city. The exotic beauty of Islamabad further increases the worth of all the best housing societies. For further details, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of real estate experts, who would discuss the benefits of current projects in detail.











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best housing societies in Islamabad on installment 2022

Best Housing Societies in Islamabad on Installment 2022

Best Housing Societies in Islamabad on Installment 2022


There are several best housing societies available in Islamabad that offer an installment plan. Moreover, these real estate project aims to provide high-quality living standards to all the investors. These housing societies include all the amenities from essential luxuries. Furthermore, the master plan is also very vast to fulfill the requirements of the residents. Lastly, to know more about the best housing societies in Islamabad on Installment 2022, continue reading.

Best Property Investment in Islamabad 2022

There are several housing societies in Islamabad to invest in Islamabad. Some of them are as follows with their detailed information. Moreover, all these housing societies offer an installment plan with an affordable payment plan.

Blue World City Islamabad

The Blue World City Islamabad is the most anticipated housing society in the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, the blue world city NOC status is now legal as it has legality under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). As we know, legitimacy matters a lot to gain the trust and confidence of the investors and residents. Furthermore, the housing society is famous for its master plan and facilities to offer its investors.

The blue world city location is another fantastic feature of this housing society. It is close to vital sites like M2-Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, the blue world city payment plan is another prominent feature with an option of an installment plan. The plots’ price range is. Lastly, the booking starts at a 10% downpayment.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is another housing society available close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it an ideal real estate development investment. Moreover, the kingdom valley Islamabad Noc is central under Prime Minister Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The other vital aspect is the Kingdom valley location which makes it’s a suitable investment option for the residents of twin cities. It is at Chakri Interchange at M2-Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Thalian Interchange.

The Kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan is highly affordable as the developers want to offer homes and high-quality living standards to all the investors and residents. Another facilitating feature is an installment plan that will encourage investors from all economic backgrounds to invest here. Lastly, the price range of the plots starts from PKR 975,000/- to PKR 13,000,000/-

Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia is another new housing scheme in Islamabad 2022. Moreover, the Taj Residencia Payment Plan is highly affordable with an installment program. Furthermore, it offers a 20% downpayment option at 10 and 14 marlas and 1 and 2 Kanal plots sizes. All these aspects will facilitate the investors from all economic groups to invest in this housing society. Moreover, the Taj Residencia Islamabad map makes this housing society a suitable investment option, as it is at I-14 Islamabad.

The developers of this residential project are the Sardar Group of Companies, who know the art of building magnificent projects. Moreover, the housing society is legal under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The no-objection certificate is mandatory to attain the trust and confidence of the investors and the residents.

Seven Wonders City Islamabad

The GFS Seven Wonders City Islamabad is the ideal housing society for investors from twin cities. Moreover, the developers are famous for their dedication and hard work to deliver the best services to the investors. Furthermore, the location is another vital aspect of this real estate development project. It is close to M2-Motorway, Islamabad International Airport, CPEC-Route, and Fateh Jung. All these sites make it an ideal real estate investment, and also the worth of the investment will also increase due to closeness to CPEC-route.

The Seven wonders city Islamabad NOC is also in the process of approval. Moreover, the developers will soon receive legal status from the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). Once the housing society is approved, the worth of this housing society will increase to another level. Lastly, the payment plan is affordable, with forty monthly installments and eight yearly installments.

Park View City

The Park view city location is the most vital aspect, as it is close to Bani Gala. Other nearby sites are Bahria Enclave Islamabad and Serena Hotel Islamabad. Moreover, the Park view city payment plan is the most catchy aspect for all the investors as it is highly affordable. And to help the investors, there is a provision of an installment program with three months and four and eight quarterly installment options.

The Park view city overseas block is in the yes of the overseas investors. As we all know, overseas Pakistani are an asset of the country, so the housing scheme is here with the overseas block. Moreover, numerous facilities and features are available to give them a high-quality living standard.

Silver City Islamabad

The Silver city Islamabad Payment plan is also highly affordable, which anyone can afford. Moreover, there will be an option of an installment program. The housing society offers 48 monthly installments and four annual installments to facilitate the investors. Furthermore, the silver city Islamabad is famous for its master plan that includes several blocks and plots to fulfill the requirements of the investors.

The silver city location is another vital feature at Girja Road, Islamabad International Airport, and Rawalpindi Ring Road. All these sites make it a valuable real estate investment—moreover, it is an RDA-approved housing society that has increased this scheme’s worth.


These are some of the Best Housing societies in Islamabad on installment 2022 for real estate investment. Moreover, all the relevant details offer an idea to the investors. The best feature is that these real estate development projects are available at affordable prices with an option of an installment plan. Furthermore, the location and facilities offer high-end living standards to all the investors. Most importantly, the master plan is unique and has several plots and blocks available to fulfill the requirement of the investors. The housing societies will provide provision of all basics electricity, water, gas, educational institute, healthcare units, Mosques, shopping malls, groceries, and theme parks. Lastly, to know more details regarding these real estate investments, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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Safiya Homes Faisalabad


Safiya Homes Faisalabad is an upcoming housing project in Faisalabad, which is being developed by Ansar Management Company. The main purpose of this project is to provide accommodation and overcome the shortfall of housing services. As the housing deficiency in Pakistan is at its peak and increasing quite badly. Another sad part is the does not seem to disappear very soon. The most affected community of this shortage is lower income household. So, now AMC is providing best solutions to such a huge problem in the shape of Safiya Homes. Safiya homes Faisalabad is the project that aims to offer a facility of home loan controlled by House Building Finance Corporation Limited on natural circumstances. After the successful execution of Safiya home Peshawar, the owners are looking towards Faisalabad.

Owners and Developers

Ansar Management Company(AMC) is the largest building company that is working on this project. The owners of this project want to provide cheap housing facilities to the lower income households. This company has been in the real estate business since past decade. The developers are now building affordable units with safe and sound infrastructure alongside providing all the main facilities. They are also working on similar projects in Lahore, Peshawar and Multan.

NOC status

The owners of this project have updated anything about the No Objection Certificate(NOC) yet. However, they are still talking to the District authorities for getting the NOC. The NOC is an important document for the registration of a real estate project.

Location and Map

Safiya Homes Faisalabad is locatable near the industrial area in Ada Johal, situated in Lahore/Faisalabad Road. This housing project also has a closed link to Tehsil Jaranwala, District Faisalabad, and Nagra Textile Mills. It is one hour drive away from Wapda Town Faisalabad.

Safiya Homes

Payment Plans

Now, the booking of the plots is open with reservation available for all sizes of room. The booking is available at 15% down payment, while the investors may pay the outstanding amount as per the installment plan of 20 years. This housing project also features 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom houses with the price tag of PKR 1,100,000, 1,250,000 and PKR 1,400,000 respectively. The developers have set a standard to determine the deserved one to buy a house in Safia Homes, Faisalabad.

Master Plan

This project is providing well structured, open and highly structured homes. Those homes would also have around three bedrooms with interior and exterior designs of international standards.  The housing project is further divided into diverse blocks with some of the assigned names such as Block A, B, C, D, E and F. Furthermore, the developers have planned to offer more than 100 homes out of which 40 houses are almost complete, while 23 of them are available for booking. Apart from that, few other homes and plots in Block A, B, C, D and F are 100% sold out, while booking for a new property in Block E has already begun.


Safiya Homes Faisalabad has all the kinds of top class facilities and other services at inexpensive rates. It is important for any modern luxurious housing project to have the facilities, as they make the entire project as a complete housing scheme. Following are some of its main facilities that are gaining the attention from real estate investors.

Lush Green Parks

The developers are planning several green parks to promote environmental sustainability. They would also establish several botanical gardens to showcase some natural beauty.

Water Plants

There would be several Water filtration plants in every sector, where the residents would be able to get clean water for their use.

Community Centers

There would be several community centers established, where the residents would be able to spend their luxurious time, and socialize with each other.

Commercial Area

There would be a sperate commercial area, where there would be different malls, retail stores, banks and grocery stores. The resident would be able to fulfil their daily needs by buying the daily items from the stores.

Why invest in Safiya Homes Faisalabad

It is one of the few housing projects in Faisalabad that offers a facility of home loan that is powered by House Building Finance Corporation Limited on easy installments. Furthermore, this housing society also has a civic center and an operational medical facility. All the previous and the latest projects of AMC have a proper town plan with obeyance to government approved laws in place. This project has gained more popularity among the employees working in different factories, as it is locatable in industrial sector of Faisalabad. The best part of this project is its affordable green dwellings, which are also well maintained and secure. Moreover, there would not be any sewerage issues, as the developer have planned to install a solid waste management system. After Citi Housing Faisalabad, it has gained much popularity among the real estate experts in Faisalabad.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • State of the art facilities
  • Industrial location


  • No NOC yet
  • Less commercial spaces


The developers of this project are working in construction industry for more than a decade. The sole purpose of some of their housing projects is to offer housing to the household with monthly income starting from PKR 8,000 and PKR 16,000 per month. Safia Homes Faisalabad is their latest project, which is already popular among real estate experts. The developers not only provide affordable housing units but also places where the residents would have access to facilities such as parks, play areas, mosques, clean water and electricity. For further information, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of experienced real estate agents, who would discuss about the benefits of this project in detail.


Q1: Who is the owner of this project?

Safiya homes Faisalabad is a housing project from Ansar Management Company(AMC).

Q2: What is its NOC Status?

The owners are currently talking to District Authorities to get the NOC status.

Q3: Is it affordable?

The owners of this project aim to provide cheap housing facilities to the households of lower income, it would be affordable for all.

Q4: Where is it located?

This housing society is locatable near the industrial area in Ada Johal, near Faisalabad/Lahore Road.

Q5: Is it worthy of investment?

It is a low-cost housing project, with world class facilities. So, it is worth an investment.

Q6: Are the Commercial plots available?

The owners have not updated anything about the availability of commercial plots yet.

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The CM has asked the LDA to develop a tram project on Canal Road

The CM has asked the LDA to develop a tram project on Canal Road

The CM has asked the LDA to develop a tram project on Canal Road. On Tuesday, Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Usman Buzdar directed the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) to complete the feasibility assessment for the Canal Road electric tram project (January 11).

Read more with EL news : Plastic in road construction educates Lahore District Commissioner

Mr. Buzdar demanded that the project’s design be finished first in order to expedite construction. He also emphasised that the project is critical for Lahore’s development. Because the tram would be ‘Pakistan’s first electric-powered tram system,’ the project will assist alleviate traffic congestion on Canal Road. Every effort must be made to complete it on time.

The development of the project is expected to begin shortly. Mr. Ahmad Aziz Tarar, Director General (DG) of the LDA, Mr. Naeem-ul-Haq, Vice Chairman (VC), and Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister were also present at the meeting.

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