Silver City RDA approved society best option for Investment

Silver City RDA approved society best option for Investment

Silver City Housing Society

Laaraib Associate & Developers and SAREMCO Group are the primary developers of the Silver City Housing Scheme. Silver City was founded in the middle of 2018 to establish a contemporary housing society focused on affordable housing for the middle class and environmentally responsible living. It is a society that the RDA has approved. The project’s proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport is a major selling point.

Rawalpindi’s Silver City Housing Scheme is a cutting-edge initiative. This project attracts investors due to its lush vegetation and natural surroundings. The silver city offers a serene setting and a refined way of life. The sophisticated and elegant facilities of the master plan make it an ideal investment option for 2022.

Silver City Housing Scheme CEO

Muhammad Iqbal is the Chief Executive Officer of Silver City Housing Scheme, a pioneering eco-friendly community in Pakistan.

Developers of Silver City Housing Scheme

The Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi was developed between Laraib Associate & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and the SAREMCO Group. The developers have taken great care to strike a balance between luxury and affordability.

The Laraib Group and the SAREMCO Group are well-known property developers in Pakistan. Both organizations have completed several property projects to the complete satisfaction of their clients.

Additionally, the firms have experience in various other fields, including developing power projects for the Pakistani government. Such a diverse and well-established group of businesses is unquestionably a gold mine for Pakistan’s real estate market.

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Silver City Housing Scheme NOC

The Rawalpindi Authority has duly approved the Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) (RDA). Approved projects, such as Silver City, have a greater chance of timely and high-quality property development.

Location of Silver City Housing Scheme

The Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is located on Girja Road, near the Thalian Interchange.

Location on the map indicates that it is easily accessible, suggesting a livable housing project in Rawalpindi.

 Accessibility of Silver City Housing Society

Silver City Housing Society Rawalpindi is extremely accessible.

It is accessible via the following ways:

  • Accessed via Girja Road
  • Approximately a 12-minute drive from Thalian Interchange
  • The M2 Motorway is about a 13-minute drive away.
  • About 19 minutes from Srinagar Highway
  • Roughly a 20-minute drive from the M-1 Motorway
  • About 31 minutes from Rawalpindi – Kohat Road
  • Islamabad International Airport is roughly a 15-minute drive away.


Justifications for Investing in Silver City

Silver City Islamabad is a joint venture between Laraib Associates and Developers (PVT) Ltd and SAREMCO Group. It is located on Rawalpindi’s Girja Road, near the Thalian Interchange. This housing venture aspires to be a leader in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad housing markets. Additionally, it provides a tranquil living environment with exotic views of the Margalla Hills’ lush greenery. This real estate venture’s modern and luxurious amenities make it the best investment opportunity for 2022.

Excellent Location

Most importantly, it is directly connected to Rawalpindi’s Ring Road. Other notable housing developments, such as CBR Phase 2 and Up Country Enclosure, are located within a few kilometers of Silver City. The housing society is located on Girja Road, less than ten minutes from Islamabad’s New International Airport and twelve kilometers from Quaid-e-Azam Hospital near Peshawar Road. Additionally, Silver City Islamabad is easily accessible via alternate routes.

  • M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway is approximately a 12-minute drive from Thalian Interchange.
  • Approximately 19 minutes from Srinagar Highway.
  • The hotel is approximately a 20-minute drive from the M-1 Motorway.
  • Around 31 minutes from Kohat-Rawalpindi Road, the New Islamabad International Airport is just under a 15-minute drive.

NOC’s Current Status
The Rawalpindi Authority has approved the Silver City Housing Society’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). Such approved real estate projects are highly likely to be developed quickly and high-quality manner.


This housing project’s master plan is a marvel of architecture, art, and systematic development. All modern world-class amenities are incorporated into its master plan, which depicts a state-of-the-art living environment in vivid detail.

Reasonable payment Plan

Silver City Islamabad offers affordable payment plans with easy installments. The developers of this project have paid close attention to this issue, resulting in a reasonable investment opportunity for real estate investors.

Notable characteristics

The Silver City Islamabad offers modern amenities at an affordable price. Facilities must be an integral part of any opulent housing project to be classified as a complete residential project. The following distinguishing characteristics set it apart from other housing developments.

A sustainable environment

The housing development will combine a close-to-nature lifestyle with modern conveniences. Such a sustainable environment aims to provide an experience unlike any other in Pakistan’s housing societies. The project developers have even set aside a sizable portion of land to develop green spaces such as botanical gardens or parks.

Grand Mosque

The developers of this project intend to meet all of the resident’s needs, including religious ones. Thus, they would build a magnificent grand Jamia mosque. This mosque would be intelligent, incorporating various contemporary architecture and technology forms.

Resources of Water

The developers of this project would construct reservoirs to store a large amount of water used daily by the inhabitants. Additionally, they would build filter plants to ensure that residents receive purified drinking water.


The graveyard continues to be an integral part of any housing society’s residents. As a result, residents would have the option of burying their deceased relatives within the housing society and praying for their eternal success. Additionally, they would be able to visit their graves without traveling far.

Municipal Center

Community centers serve as a focal point of social life by allowing residents to spend their free time. The developers of the project envision such a center, where residents can participate in various social activities.


The developers of this project have given special consideration to the health facilities available to their housing society’s residents. As a result, they construct state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals equipped with world-class amenities. These health centers would address residents’ medical needs. There would be a 24-hour emergency room in those health centers, with medical staff available to patients at all times.

The complex of Educational Institutions

As education continues to be a top priority for residents, the management has set aside a sizable portion of land to develop a state-of-the-art educational complex. The developers intend to establish schools and other educational institutions to provide residents with an international standard of education. These institutions would employ highly qualified teaching staff with foreign degrees in their respective fields of education.

Commercial Center

Developers of this project have set aside a sizable area for business activities. This area would include shopping malls, corporate offices, and other grocery stores necessary to meet the residents’ daily needs.


The primary objective of this Silver City Islamabad is to provide residents with cutting-edge amenities. Its distinguishing characteristics of any housing project are its luxurious amenities, affordable prices, and exotic location. Estate Land Marketing recommends that real estate investors seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in this venture. Additionally, interested parties should contact Estate Land Marketing for additional information.


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