Rose Valley Rawalpindi


Rose Valley Rawalpindi is an upcoming elite housing project in Rawalpindi. It aims to transform the real estate sector of Rawalpindi. It is situated at Adiala Road, right near to a Military base. This housing project has recently emerged and also ranks among the top real estate projects in Rawalpindi. This project has several luxurious facilities, which further increases its worth. The owners of this housing project have made sure that it becomes relevant among real estate experts. Furthermore, the owners have also introduced an affordable payment plan, so that the real estate investors have a high degree of interest in this housing project.

Owners & Developers

The owners of this housing project are Falcon Real Estate, who are well known for their marvelous real estate projects. The on-time delivery and excellent construction of their projects have increased the trust of their investors. They have a team of professional developers, which involves qualified engineers, designers, and other technical staff. All the employees work together with enthusiasm, and passion for the success of their projects.

NOC Status

The developers of this housing project are talking to the RDA for the No Objection Certificate(NOC) approval. This housing project is likely to get NOC approval, as the owners have delivered quality projects before. The approval of NOC further increases the trust of investors.

Location & Map

Rose Valley Rawalpindi is locatable on Adiala Road, right near to Saddar and Lalkurti. Furthermore, this project is adjacent to Rudn Enclave, and it is also a few miles away from under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road.


The project developers have efficiently planned this housing project to make it a well-organized housing society. Moreover, it has covered the huge kanals of total area, as the owners have also planned to develop green areas. The purpose of building green spaces is to promote an eco-friendly housing project. Apart from that, it would have properly paved roads with greenery all around. As of now, some of its residential and commercial plots are available for auction.


Payment Plan

This housing project has an affordable payment plan with easy installments. The investors may book their plots with a down payment of 25%, while the amount of 15% has to be paid during the possession of plots.


The owners of Rose Valley Rawalpindi are providing all types of world-class facilities at affordable rates. The facilities are an important part of any luxurious housing project, as they transform the entire project into a complete housing scheme. Furthermore, the developers have also reserved a huge area for establishing green parks. The main focus of the project developers is a sustainable, and luxurious housing project for the residents. Following are some features of this housing project.

24/7 Security

A secure housing project ensures that the residents do not live in fear. The project developers consider the security of their residents, as their top priority. So, they are planning to install CCTV cameras in every sector. Such cameras would keep an eye on every movement within the housing project. Furthermore, the entire housing project would be made full proof with other surveillance tools.

Educational Complex

Apart from security measures, education remains the top priority for the owners of this housing project. So, they are also planning to establish an educational complex that guarantees a provision of top-notch education to the residents of Rose Valley. They plan to establish high schools, and universities in that complex, which would have foreign-educated staff.

Commercial Hub

The developers have also catered to the commercial needs of their residents. For this purpose, they would reserve a huge area for commercial projects, where there would be Shopping Malls, and Retail Stores. This particular area would also be helpful in fulfilling the daily needs of the residents, along with giving them a good shopping experience.

Grand Mosque

The project developers have also planned to build a huge mosque with world-class architecture, and technological features. The mosque would have a unique design, as compared to other religious places in the housing project.

Community Centers

The owners have planned to develop several community centers, where the residents would be socializing with each other. The centers would be big enough to have the facility of celebrating different occasions i.e., Birthdays, New Year functions, and Independence Day celebrations. The main purpose of building a community center is to make the residents socially active.

Why Invest in Rose Valley Rawalpindi?

The developers of this housing project have created a balance between luxurious facilities and payment plans. So that it is easy for the investors to invest their money in their favorite property, hence turning their dream into a reality. The best part of this housing project is that it is in the center of Rawalpindi. It is currently developing at a rapid speed, and its overseas and gardenia sectors have been a huge success. The developers are also working on the spacious road at every boulevard for the ease of residents.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Eco-friendly project
  • Well carpeted roads for pedestrians
  • Healthy & Peaceful Environment


  • No NOC approval
  • Huge plot rates perception


Rose Valley Rawalpindi is going to have a world-class infrastructure, which makes it the most attractive housing project in Rawalpindi. The location of this housing project further increases its worth. Another important feature of this housing project is the payment plan that is available at easy installments. For more information regarding this project, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We have a team of real estate experts, who would explain the benefits of this housing project.


Q1: What is Rose Valley Rawalpindi?

Rose Valley Rawalpindi is an upcoming elite housing project in Rawalpindi.

Q2: Where is it located?

It is locatable on Adiala Road, right near to Saddar and Lalkurti, and adjacent to Rudn Enclave.

Q3: Who are the owners of this project?

Falcon Real Estate are the owners of this project, and they have delivered several marvelous projects before.

Q4: Does it have an affordable payment plan?

Yes, due to its easy installment plans, the payment plan is highly affordable for every investor.

Q5: Is it approved?

The owners are talking to Rawalpindi Development Authority for the approval of its NOC. After the NOC approval, the development work would speed up.

Q6: Does it guarantee a high investment return?

Yes, due to flexible installment schedules, any individual can buy the properties in this housing project. So there is a huge chance of a high return on investment.


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