Best Housing Schemes in Lahore on Installments

Best Housing Schemes in Lahore on Installments

Best Housing Schemes in Lahore on Installments

Lahore is Pakistan’s most major historical city, with numerous significant historical structures. It is also home to several cultural sites and some of the country’s most prestigious academic institutions. Furthermore, due to urbanization, Lahore’s population is quickly growing. Similarly, individuals from rural regions are flocking to the city to pursue education, contemporary health care, a higher quality of life, and decent employment. As a result, several housing schemes have sprung up around the city, offering plots to residents at reasonable costs. However, down payment policies differ from civilization to society. Likewise, the size of the property determines the number of installments and the time it takes to complete them. Below mentioned are among the best housing schemes in Lahore on installments.

Lake City Lahore

This housing endeavor is one of the best housing schemes in Lahore on installments, positioned on key Raiwind Road and near to the Lake City Ring Road junction, encircled by societies and beautiful green spaces. Lake City Lahore is a state-of-the-art housing improvement that runs business plots of 5 marlas & 8 marlas on a one-year payment plan. The entire cost of a five-marla business plot is five crores, including an initial deposit of 1 crore plus four quarterly installments of 1 crore, respectively. The eight marla business sites in the market cost eight crores after an upfront fee of 1.6 crores plus four quarterly installments of 1.6 crores, respectively. These properties are available for purchase and are located across from the Lake City Mall, Grand Mosque, Golf Club, & Roundabout. The administration is offering a 10% reduction on the cash payment for the site.

Al Noor Orchard

The project is located approximately 3 minutes near the Faizpur Interchange M2 Motorway on the major Sharaqpur Route. You have easy access to the Lahore Airport Terminal. Ring Road, G.T Road, Orange Line, and Multan Road are all nearby, as is the city center. The Al-Noor Orchard Lahore will offer housing and business plots as part of an affordable 2020 installment plan. With a monthly installment of PKR 20,000 and a bi-annual installment of PKR 100,000, a 5 Marla housing plot outlays PKR 2,500,000. A 10 Marla housing plot expenses PKR 4,500,000 with a once-a-month payment of PKR 36,000 plus an added bi-annual installment of PKR 180,000. A one-Kanal housing plot costs PKR 8,000,000, with a monthly fee of PKR 58,750 and a bi-annual payment of PKR 350,000. These simple payment options make Al Noor one of the best housing schemes in Lahore on installments.

Lahore Smart City

Smart City Lahore is located near Kala Shah Kaku, mostly on Lahore By-pass Road. Future Development Holdings, or FDH, is the administration partnership responsible for developing Lahore Smart City and Islamabad’s Capital Smart City. The Lahore Smart City is slated to become one of the best new housing schemes in Lahore on installments, and it will be built to worldwide norms for smart city infrastructure development. A smart city is built on the notion of digitally enabled eco-friendly & durable urban growth. Lahore Smart City would incorporate all municipal facilities while guaranteeing an efficient cities lifestyle for the entire public. All of the municipal infrastructures of a smart city are data-driven. Individuals, state buildings, transport networks, and other sources of information are used to collect data. Lahore Smart City would be built on an approximated 20000 Kanal of land. Lahore Smart City is expected to help disperse urban strain from the city core to the outskirts.

Al Jalil Garden

The development is situated on Sharaqpur Road, directly across from the Main Faizpur Interchange on the M-2 Motorway. The Ravi Toll Plaza, M-2 Motorway, is only 1.5 kilometers away from Al Jalil Garden Lahore, an 8-minute commute from Lahore District Council and Thokar Niaz Baig. Buyers can purchase plots on a three-year payment plan. First, you must pay a small fee using the payment method specified. For example, a 3 Marla Housing plot price is PKR 1,650,000, with a monthly installment of PKR 15,000 for 33 months. A half-yearly payment is also required in addition to these payments. A 5 Marla Housing plot worth is PKR 2,500,000, with a payment of PKR 25,000 due over 33 months. A half-yearly payment is also required in addition to these payments. The price of a 10,11 Marla Housing plot is PKR 4,550,000, with a monthly installment of PKR 45,000 for 33 months. A half-yearly payment is also required in addition to these payments.

Etihad Town

Another beautiful new housing scheme in Lahore on installment is Etihad Town Lahore, located 3.5 kilometers from Thokar Niaz Baig and the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. The development is close to the Orange Line Railway Station as well as the Lahore Ring Road. It is in a beautiful position and is close to all contemporary conveniences. Residential and business plots of various sizes are available in the housing development. Residential properties of 5, 10, 12, 18, and 1 Kanal and business plots of 4 and 8 marlas are offered for cash purchase in phase 1. Because the inventories are all out, you must make a 30% upfront payment and one installment with a small profit to obtain a residential or business plot.


When it concerns generating investments or residing, housing communities are a key draw. However, the advantages that these communities can bring are considerably greater. Among the handy features of these communities is the ability to pay for plots in installments. So when a middle-class family relocates to a new colony, they may take advantage of this incredible perk. We have listed down a list of the best housing schemes in Lahore on installments for your assistance. Through its authorized agents, Estate land provides services in all of the above-mentioned residential properties.

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