Etihad town Lahore

Etihad town Lahore

Etihad town Lahore

Etihad town commits itself to provide Pakistan with an unprecedented quality of real estate development. It is a housing society offering luxury apartments for an extravagant lifestyle. It is ensuring a pleasant and living environment with the aid of modern amenities and cutting-edge technology. It is located at a supreme location providing you with the best of both worlds as it is distant from traffic noise but has easy accessibility to all famous landmarks nearby. Moreover, the town offers you the best means of entertainment to have a memorable time with your family. Society includes well-maintained parks, playing areas, shopping malls, and educational institutions, making this a perfect place to live a luxurious life and save for your future.

Developers and Owners

Eithad holdings are the developers of the Eithad town Lahore. They are well known for their best and well-planned infrastructure.

Eithad holdings

The goodwill of a project greatly depends on the developers. If the developers have a good name in the market, then a general trust is built about the housing societies’ excellence. Eithad holdings are a renowned name in the construction industry. In addition, they are well-known developers in the real estate industry. This corporation worked on many popular projects: the UCP Lahore campus, LUMS campus, Sheikh Zaid Medical college, etc. Either town is the first project developed by Eithad holdings.

All these successful projects are proof of the excellence of this corporation in the construction industry.

Location Map

When you want to buy a house or make an investment, the foremost important thing is the project’s location. A project is considered best or suitable if it is nearby hospitals, parks, educational institutes, and shopping malls, catering to all the needs of the tenants.

Either town is developed at one of the top locations in Lahore. It is built near Raiwind road and is 3.5km distance from Thokar Niaz Baig. Many universities, shopping malls, and hospitals are short of Society, making it the best place to live an opulent lifestyle.

Below is the location map of the project.

Etihad town Lahore Location Map

Nearby Landmarks

Following are some important landmarks in the surroundings of the housing society.

It has a direct approach to Multan road, Ring road, Raiwind road. While nearby Lahore’s modern housing societies Johar town, DHA EME, and wapda townIt is also near to the Ring road of Lahore and the train station of orange the line. Many educational institutes are a few minutes away from Society. These landmarks make it the ideal housing society to live in. The price of the plots will be doubled in the next few years, so it is the best time to invest and get fruitful results shortly.

NOC Status

LDA approves this housing society. All the legal requirements have been met.So you can invest without any worries as your investment is in safe hands.

Master Plan 

Etihad town is divided into two phases. Phase 1 comprised 550 Kanal area as approved by the LDA. It has introduced a gilded lifestyle with spearhead technology to give an exceptional experience to its tenants. There is a strong demand for five marla plots in phase 1. A variety of commercial and residential plots is available for booking with easy payment plans. One of the best points for investing in this project is its competitive pricing. It makes this society ideal for living as well as for investment. The project is being famous for its plot sizes and location. Phase 1 has been very successful.

After the successful launch of phase 1, it has unveiled phase 2 of the housing venture, which includes luxuriant apartments, residential and commercial plots with some excellent amenities. Reservations for phase 2 will be announced very soon. It has plots of various sizes ranging from 4 Marla’s to 10 Marla’s.

master plan of Etihad town Lahore

In phase 1 it includes building Society on 500 kanals plus an area that LDA approves.

It has recently launched a master plan of the project.

Development status

Phase 1 is ready to give you possession of plots and is available for construction. While phase 2 is in the developmental process. While developmental work on phase 2 is in full bloom and will be launched soonThe project is more famous for its 5 Marla plots. Society has recently announced payment plans for different plots.

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Etihad town Lahore comprises five blocks A, B, C, D, and E.

A block

Residential plots are available in this block for 5,10, and 18 Marla’s. The block has wide roads and a park built-in.

B Block

This block has residential plots of 1, 5, 10, 12 marlas.Plots of 1kanal are available in this block for possession. In addition, the block has many states of art facilities to provide a better living to its residents.

C and D Block

These blocks are located near the entrance gates and have access to all the societies. Residential Plots of 5 and 10 Marla’s are available for possession in this block.

Payment Plans

Residential plot sizes

Etihad town Lahore is offering different plot sizes as per your ease. Below are the plot sizes for the residential area.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Residential plot Prices

Check out the easy payment plans of the residential area. You can purchase your dream house with multiple instalments. Down payment for the residential plots is 649,500 rupees only.

etihad town lahore payment plan of residential plots

Commercial plot sizes

Etihad town Lahore is offering commercial plots of various sizes as well. These plots are available on the main boulevard providing you with the best location for your business. Below are the plot sizes available for commercial purposes.

  • 4 Marla
  • 5.33 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial plot Prices

Commercial plot prices in etihad town Lahore

Phase 2 payment plan 

Etihad town Lahore got famous for its five marks plots in phase 1, and as a result phase, two was introduced. Phase 2 also comprises different commercial and residential plots. The payment plan for commercial and residential plots in phase 2 are given below.

Phase 2 payment plan of etihad town Lahore

Launching phase 2

Phase 2 is in the developmental stage. It is also designed according to the developments made in phase 1. It is also situated at the same place, so it also has easy access to all significant societies nearby. Different educational institutes are also a few minutes’ drives away, making it the best place to live and invest in the future. For now, it is in the developmental stage, but it will be launched soon. The project provides many modern facilities to the tenants to enjoy an international standard of living within affordable pricing.

Union Luxury Apartments

These apartments are private, where within-room services are available. These apartments are of different sizes like studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed. Every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, large windows, and a balcony. These are built to provide comfortable living with all modern amenities to make your stay memorable.


  • Gated community
  • Swimming pool
  • Well planned infrastructure
  • Grand main entrance
  • Theme parks
  • Sport complex
  • Grand mosque
  • Commercial market
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Underground electricity
  • Shopping malls


Etihad town Lahore  is providing all the contemporary facilities, so you get an incredible experience of living.

  • Parks

72 Kanal area is spared for parks within the Society. Every block has a park to enjoy their idle time with their family in refreshing air and beautiful views. These are planned for the amusement of the community.

  • Union Mall 

The Society includes a union mall which is built to cater to all your needs. Wide passages, spacious shops, and walkways are the most concerning factors for a housing society. Union Mall will satisfy the shopping needs of the residents as well as the visitors. Experience the grandeur of Eithad union mall for an excellent shopping experience.

  • Sports complex

The sports complex is planned within the vicinity of the Society to take care of your health. Trained coaches are available for different sports.

  • Swimming pools

Facilities provided within a society distinguish it from the rest. Many other societies couldn’t deliver luxurious experiences due to the unavailability of certain facilities. Swimming pools are part of this housing society to make it more classy and upscale living.

  • Underground electricity

The Society has an underground electricity system making it safer for the residents. There will be no power outages, and residents could enjoy hustle free life.

  • 24/7 security surveillance

It is a housing society with 24/7 security surveillance. Skilled personnel is hired for the security, which is fully capable of tackling the situation in case of any mishap or accident.

  • Gym

High-standard gyms are built within the Society for your good health. Skilled trainers are hired with a dedication to delivering the best. The town has fully equipped gym gear.

  • Restaurants

International standard restaurants are built in Society to give a luxuriant and classy lifestyle to the residents. Well trained staff is available to serve you with the best.

  • Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque is also part of the Eithad town. It is planned to give an elevating spiritual experience to the tenants.

  • Eithad Clubhouse

It is built to provide exceptional services and experiences which are not available in other competitive societies. For example, the club includes Spa, a Badminton court, swimming pools, etc.

  • Waste Management

Society has a well-planned waste management system. It is designed to meet all the safety and health standards.

Pros and cons


  • Society is offering luxuriant apartments for upscale living.
  • 24/7 security surveillance is available.
  • For investment, different commercial plots are available.
  • Grand mosque is available for tenants so they can pray five times a day.
  • High standard and well-planned infrastructure
  • The Clubhouse is built for tenants’ different needs, including swimming pools, badminton courts, Spa, etc.
  • International standard restaurants are built
  • Society is offering the best gymnasium as compared to the other societies where professional trainers are available.


  • Phase 2 is in the developmental process
  • Commercial plots may have higher prices as compared to other societies

Why invest in Etihad Town?

Following are some salient features of this Society that make this project the best place to invest in.

LDA approved

The project is LDA approved and provides instant possessions. It is providing best the investment opportunities for the community. Looking for a place where your investment gets double in the next few years? then this Society is your best option.

Premium location

This Society has the supreme location, which gives you access to all the major housing societies in the surrounding. Many universities, hospitals, etc., are located nearby. It is the best place whether you want to buy your dream house or invest in the long run.

State of the art amenities

This Society has been developed to meet international standards by providing state of the art amenities. In addition, it provides the best educational and health facilities to its tenants.


24/7 security surveillance is available, which makes it a safer place to live. The security team has well-trained employees to tackle every situation.

Best investing opportunity

Many vital landmarks nearby this project, making it a more significant project and location from an investment point of view. Investing in this project will give higher revenues to the investors shortly. Prices will be doubled in the next few years. This project gives you immense investment opportunities to the community.


Eithad town Lahore provides you with the best investment opportunity to own your desired home at the most premium location within the vicinity of Lahore. You can get residential and commercial plots at very easy payment plans. Society provides you with instant possession of the plots to enjoy a luxuriant lifestyle at affordable prices.

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Q1: Which sizes of plots are available?

Ans: Plots of various sizes are available for possession. Residential plots of size 5 and 10 Marla’s are available. Commercial plots of sizes 4, 5.33, 6, 8 are available.

Q2: When will be plots available for possession?

Ans: Society has issued their payment plans, and soon plots will be available for possession.

Q3: What is the total area of the project?

Ans: The total area of phase 1 is 560 Kanal, and phase 2 has 1950 Kanal.

Q4: What is the status of NOC?

Ans: Society is approved from LDA.

Q5: Is there any possibility to transfer the plot during instalments?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer the plot anytime during instalment.

Q6: Is there any parking area available?

Ans: Yes, parking is available for both residential and commercial plots.

Q7: Are there any developmental charges involved after possession?

Ans: NO, there are no developmental charges as they are already included in the price.

Q8: How can I get the application form?

Ans: Applications forms are available online. You can also visit our office to get an application form.

Q9: Are there any colleges and universities nearby?

Ans: Society is located at a very prime location where many universities are few minute drives away.

Q10: Is the place secure to live in?

Ans: Yes, 24/7 security surveillance is available.


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