Top 10 Most Popular Types of Houses in 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Types of Houses in 2021

Most Popular Types of Houses

Do you already know what kind of home you want if you’re in the market to buy one? The country’s rich multicultural background has impacted design and architecture in the Pakistan. As a result, house hunters have a wide choice of possibilities to choose from. With so many types of houses styles to choose from, it might not be easy to narrow down your choices. We’ll demonstrate to you the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2021.

1- Single Family Detached

As the name implies, a detached single-family home has no shared walls or land with other houses. Instead, these types of houses are typically intended to accommodate one family comfortably and have a lawn, garage, driveway, and garden. According to Builder, this is the style of home that is most popular among 80 percent of people. A common justification is a desire for privacy from one’s neighbours.


Apartment complexes are made up of several comparable apartments that are all housed in the same building. Each renter pays rent, which usually includes payments for extra services like laundry, housekeeping, and on-site amenities. Apartments are generally cheaper than houses, but residents share walls and have less seclusion. For example, Blue World City provides magnificent residences with all the features mentioned above, which is extremely popular.

3- Condominium

Condominiums, or condos for reference, are comparable in size and design to apartments. It is widely popular because condos, on the other hand, are purchased rather than rented. You wouldn’t buy the entire facility, but you will own your apartment. The building’s condo owners establish a Homeowners Association (HOA) and part-owner of the shared spaces. On issues like upkeep & maintenance, appointed individuals of the HOA decide things in the community’s interests. Condos are a terrific choice for folks who want to be homeowners but can’t afford a single-family home.

4- Town-House

A townhouse, like a flat or a condominium, is surrounded by other units. However, you’ll just have to share either one of two walls with your neighbors. Because the apartments in townhomes are multilayered, you won’t have any upstairs or downstairs neighbors. Instead of a communal door, townhomes have their very own access from the street. Townhomes are presented for rent or purchase which is why they made up to our list of the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2021.

5- Co-Op

A co-op is similar in appearance to apartments and condos, but it has its own economic and accounting structure. You are purchasing a portion of the firm that owns the property rather than a unit. In other words, instead of being a property owner, you become a corporate stakeholder. The amount of room you’re given is usually determined according to how many co-op shares you hold. This could be a matter of size or luxury. As a co-op member, you can participate in common area choices and the approval or refusal of new purchases.

6- Tiny Home

Tiny-home living became fashionable during the Recession. Americans used adversity as an opening to reconsider their allegiance to material possessions. Even in 2020, 56% of Americans said they would think about residing in a tiny house. So, what would it imply to live in a small space? Tiny homes range in size from 60 to 400 square feet, with some being transportable. Residents are compelled to keep the number and quantity of their own things to a minimum. They frequently have to get inventive when it relates to storage, although some would say that this is part of the pleasure. Tiny house inhabitants get more psychological and financial independence in compensation for their compromises.

7- Multifamily Home

Multifamily housing encompasses any property with two or more dwellings. Multifamily housing might be an apartment building, a condominium development, or a series of town houses. Multifamily complexes are popular among property investors because they provide several rental revenue sources. If you’re seeking to broaden your investment portfolio, consider engaging in the residential housing market in Capital Smart City.

8- Mobile Home

Before being transported to a lot, mobile homes are constructed in a factory. Even though these homes may be relocated if necessary, they are not designed to be towed frequently. The owner owns the house, but the ground or pad on which it sits is rented. Trailer homes range in price from affordable to wealthy, and they cost a quarter of the price of a traditional detached house. Mobile homes, contrary to widespread belief, is actually very popular and may provide comfortable living in desirable places.

9- Bungalow

Bungalows are modest, cheap residences that were designed with elegance and artistry in mind. They usually have one level, with a half-story inserted into the attic sometimes. Much like in Nova City, a front porch is nearly always a key component. Bungalows are rarely created these days since people prefer larger residences. They were a delightful survivor from the first part of the twentieth century when Americans looked for a practical, comfortable home at a reasonable price. They’re still preferred, particularly among first-time buyers looking for a starter house they can manage to refurbish.

10- Mansion

The ordinary dwelling is substantially smaller than a mansion. These are the types of houses usually created and maintained by privileged families and individuals, generally more prominent than 8,000 square feet. While there is no formal specification of how many rooms or sq ft a house must have to be considered a mansion, you will recognize one whenever you see one. They’re big, bold, extremely popular and create a big impression.


It’s critical to choose the correct home type and style. The types of houses you prefer your home not only represent your taste but also has to suit your functional requirements. Given the wide range of housing options accessible in Pakistan’s property market, this is no simple task. However, Estate Land Marketing has compiled a list of the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2021, which serves as a good reminder of the diversity of our cultural influences.


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