DHAI-R opens Central Park, Jacaranda Parking commercial prospects

DHAI-R opens Central Park, Jacaranda Parking commercial prospects

According to a video posted on the Defence Housing Authority Islamabad-(DHAI-R) Rawalpindi’s official social media account on March 29, the authority provides new business prospects at Central Park and Jacaranda Parking in Phase II.

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The authority, according to the information, has fresh space accessible for national and international businesses to improve their commercial chances from a strategic location. Businesses can benefit from continual foot traffic in the twin cities and conduct operations around well-known brands.

The well-known companies already present in Central Park are:

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wild Wings, Burning Brownie Layers Bakeshop
The size of the plots that are offered in both locations has not been further specified by the authority. Call the DHAI-R hotline at 051-111-555-400 Extn 1220 to reserve your space.

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The remaining work on Margalla Road is to be finished by FWO

The remaining work on Margalla Road is to be finished by FWO

Islamabad: According to a news source on March 29, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Engineering Branch has directed the Frontier Work Organization (FWO) to finish the last of the work on Margalla Road.

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According to the news source, CDA requested that FWO, the construction company responsible for building Margalla Road from GT Road to D-12, put road signs and cat eyes and finish some asphalt work on Margalla Road. The civic organization has asked the contractor to finish lane marking, signs, and road construction as well as enhance the condition of the mentioned route.

Also, the city managers have instructed FWO to finish the construction of the approach roads for the Shah Allah Ditta Underpass, retaining walls, drainage work, drain cleaning, and tourist and historical signs. The 10.4-kilometer Margalla Road project, which runs from GT Road to D-12, was completed two months ago, and this is important to highlight. The road’s fencing, however, has not yet been begun.

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Ministry considers Overseas Pakistanis' property protection bill

Ministry considers Overseas Pakistanis’ property protection bill

Islamabad: A new bill that will address the problems of expatriates with regard to their properties has been proposed by the Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development as part of an initiative to protect the properties of Overseas Pakistanis, according to news reported on March 29.

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According to a document released by the ministry, about 9 million Pakistanis live and work in various nations throughout the world and contribute to the socioeconomic development of their own nation. The lack of a direct channel for providing remedies to secure their properties was emphasized.
An earlier proposal was presented to the Cabinet Division about the creation of Special Courts for Overseas Pakistanis by an Ordinance or Act of Parliament. The establishment of Special Courts (Overseas Pakistanis Property), Act/Ordinance 2022 was reviewed by the Cabinet Division and approved. The ordinance, however, has not been published in accordance with Article 89 of the Constitution.

Through the Law & Justice Division, the ministry has once more forwarded the Prime Minister the plan summary. According to reports, the Prime Minister’s office met with representatives from the HRD and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and instructed them to consult with all interested parties.
These instructions have been followed, and the summary has been distributed to the following departments: the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication; the Islamabad High Court; the Office of the Chief Commissioner ICT; the Law & Justice Division; the Finance Division; the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF); the Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab; and the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
The measure will once again be routed for processing of the ordinance when the departments submit their reviews.

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B-sector of Kings Town balloting is complete

B-sector of Kings Town balloting is complete

According to a post on the developer’s official social media account, the Al Kabir Developers have announced that the balloting for Kings Town Sector-B has been completed successfully.

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The notification also stated that the Kings Town Sector-B voting results would be posted on their official website within the next 8 to 10 days. For additional information, interested parties should call 042-111-111-339 or go to www.alkabirdeveloper.com.

Associated news: The developer has extended the deadline for submitting open forms for Al Kabir Town Phase II, Kings Town, and Maryam Town to May 1. Moreover, the developer will not impose a 100% surcharge or restoration fees for forms received prior to the specified deadline.

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Blue World City Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Complete Details

Blue World City Shoaib Akhtar Enclave Complete Details

Blue World City, a magnificent housing project facilitating investors from the twin cities, is developing a new block. Moreover, it is the project of the Blue Group of Companies, which is one of Pakistan’s top real estate development firms. The project aims to offer its inhabitants a stylish and comfortable way of life. In addition, the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave is a new block in Blue World City Islamabad, just established by the management. Lastly, the BWC management has appointed legendary cricketer Shoaib Akhtar as Blue World City’s new block’s brand ambassador. Lastly, the blog will cover this new block’s authentic and available details.


The Sports Valley Block is where the Blue World City Shoaib Akhtar Enclave will be available. The largest cricket stadium is where investors can find this new block. As per the information, the new residential unit will have villas that will offer future residents a sport-centric living standard. Also, it is close to Blue World City’s main entrance, making it easy to access from the main road.

Most importantly, the housing project has been developing at a prime location, close to twin cities. And that is why inland and overseas investors look forward to making a sustainable and profitable investment in the community.

Master Plan

Blue World City’s Shoaib Akhtar Enclave will be a gated community created to give residents a luxurious and exclusive way of life. Moreover, high-end homes, apartments, and townhouses will be available in 170 Kanal (about 85 hectares). Soon the Blue World City development work will begin at this block.

The project will symbolize a high-end residential neighborhood with cutting-edge features. The clubhouse, pool, exercise center, and landscaped gardens are a few of these features. Lastly, the plot specifications here will be as follows:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Payment Plan

The residing area is in its initial stages of being available for all investors. However, the developers are ready to make it possible for all investors to make a long-term investment opportunity for everyone. So, soon investors will have access to the prelaunch rates. As the officials announced the new block’s payment plan details, you can also find them on the estate land marketing’s official website. So, keep yourself updated and get more valuable insights regarding the new block from our page.

Shoaib Akhtar Enclave payment plan


Several amenities will be available in the community that will make the livelihood more blissful and helpful in creating a sustainable asset. And here are the few significant perks that all future residents will have by investing in its new living space.

Sports Facilities

The best aspect for all residents living in this spectacular residential area will be its several sports activities. Also, the block will be in the surrounding of the sports valley. The Blue World City Sports Valley has several sports arenas like the largest cricket stadium, Villagio Mall, Blue Mosue Replica, torch hotel, and many more. All these provisions will be on the doorsteps of the prospective residents.

Provision of all Basics

Per the developer’s aim, the prospective inhabitants will have a blissful living standard here. Also, they can access the facilities and features they dream of to attain a sustainable lifestyle. There will be electricity provision for all residents as a grid station facility is accessible to everyone. Including to that the requirements of water filtration plants and gas supply will also uplift the resident’s way of life.

Secured Environment

The Shoaib Akhtar Enclave has the most secure living standard for all investors. Moreover, there will be well-equipped features accessible to everyone so that all investors can get the desirable living standards. The CCTV cameras will capture all the activities going around. So, future investors can lead a peaceful way of living standards. Lastly, the security guards will also be helping mitigate the inconvenience in the community.

Eco-Friendly Project

The central concept is facilitating most investors with sustainable and serene living standards. Also, there will be greenery in most of the community, which will help the investors and prospective inhabitants lead a peaceful living standard. Moreover, the developers are building this enclave around the Blue World City Sports Valley, which already has an open-air gym and other sports facilities. So that future inhabitants can attain a luxurious yet blissful living experience.


The block is one of the newest Blue World City Islamabad additions. The new block will surround the Blue World City Sports Valley. Therefore, the investors can also enjoy the facilities available at the Sports Valley. Also, the location of the Shoaib Akhtar Enclave is highly accessible. However, the developers have not shared the payment plan yet. Therefore, there will be other facilities and features that will help the prospective investors in making the desirable and, at the same time, profitable investment opportunity here.

Lastly, there will be other developments in the community, and for the latest updates, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing.

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Kingdom Valley Discount Form Complete Details

Kingdom Valley Discount Form Complete Details


Kingdom valley discount forms allow investors to pay the installment more efficiently. Moreover, developers are creating an opportunity to save money in buying. And that attracts not only investors to develop a residential investment that is in their range and easily payable. The blog will cover all the details required to get the discount form and how it will benefit investors in many ways. However, the kingdom valley KDF form allows investors to save a good amount of money. for example, if the investors pay PKR 80,000/- via KDF, then the receipt of the total paid amount will be PKR 100,000/-. One point to remember is that the kingdom valley kdf form applies to the general block plots. Lastly, keep reading to get more updates on the Kingdom valley New kdf.

Kingdom valley Discount FormKingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a lucrative residential and commercial investment opportunity near the twin cities. Also, world-class features and facilities will be available in the community, where all future residents can strive and lead desirable living standards. Especially regarding the site map and the plot for sale prices, the housing project creates the best option for sustainable investment. Recently, the residential community has launched the kingdom valley Islamabad Discount form. Also, the Kingdom valley discount offer area allows the investors to create the ideal investment.

Kingdom valley Islamabad Discount Form

The investors eagerly wanted to know about the kingdom valley discount forms kdf. Moreover, the properties’ discount offers vary according to the plot specifications. And here are the details of all kingdom valley installment forms for the General Block.

Kingdom valley Islamabad Discount Form

Four KDF Plan

The investors can get a discount of 25% on 3.5, 4 and 5 Marla plots. Moreover, future investors must buy the four kingdom valley installment forms to avail of this opportunity in these plot specifications. In addition, the investors can buy these four kdf for PKR 80,000/-. However, the total receipt investors will be PKR 100000/-. Therefore, future inhabitants can get the optimal discount by using these kdf. But one aspect is vital to contact authorized dealers to check the kingdom valley kdf verification. The same procedure applies to the 3.5, 4, and 5 Marla plots.

Six KDF Plan

For the 10 and 8 marla plots, six kingdom valley discount forms will be required. Also, the kingdom valley deposit slip received by the investors will be pf PKR 150,000/-. However, the payable amount will be PKR 120,000/-. Thus future investors can get a discount of PKR 30,000/-. We know that the same amount and number of kdf apply for eight and ten marla general block properties. Again, an authentic dealer can help you achieve the ideal discounts. So, without a doubt, contact the estate land marketing consultants right away.

Eight KDF Plan

The one Kanal plot will require eight Kdf forms for the desirable discounts. Moreover, future investors will pay PKR 160,000/-. But the final kingdom valley deposit slip will have the PKR 200,000/- amount. Thus, do not wait for this outstanding Kingdom Valley investment opportunity to contact professional realtors immediately for the best results. Lastly, the investors can only get this discount on the general block 1 Kanal plot.

Ten KDF Plan

Investors can now get this discount on the 2 and 4 Kanal properties. Also, the developers are making the buying process viable for all income groups by giving accessible downpayment facilities. In addition, the investors have to pay PKR 200,000/- and can get the Kingdom Valley deposit slip of PKR 250,000/-. The facility will let the inland and overseas investors decide to make a long-term investment option. Therefore, invest here right away to avail this opportunity.

Twelve KDF Plan

The last plot category for the investment here will be 8 Kanal plots. Further, prospective investors can get the 8 Kanal plot by buying 12 Kdf. And these kingdom valley discount forms will allow them the benefit of PKR 60,000/-. In addition, the investors have to pay the amount of PKR 240,000/-. At the same time, they will get the kingdom valley deposit slip of PKR 300,000/-. So, why wait to avail this unprecedented discount offer? Contact us now for more details.

Kingdom Valley New KDF Plans

After balloting, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Owner has launched a new kdf plan. Now the investors have various options to make desirable investment opportunities in the community. Further details of the kdf and its benefits are achievable with our expert real estate consultations. Also, the table below has the elaborative specifications of the Kingdom Valley New Kdf Plans.

Kingdom Valley New KDF Plans


Kingdom valley discount forms are available to make the investment process for all investors highly feasible and efficient. The KDF allows investors to save a sufficient monetary value. Also, there will be a fair chance for all investors available that will help create a sustainable and profitable investment. Also, the kdf provision will be only available General block. So all properties available there will have this discount offer.

Further, the kingdom valley development charges and the plot prices will be easy to pay after using these discount forms. As discussed in the article, the plots will have different kdf applications. And for more apt and detailed guidance, visit the Estate Land Marketing website or contact our professional real estate consultants.

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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Launched the Heroes Block


Kingdom Valley is launching a new block named the Kingdom Valley heroes block. Also, this will be famous for celebrating our heroes, which details will be available soon. As far as we have received the legal and authentic information, the property details will be available soon. The purpose of building this new block is to create a living space with all amenities that offer investors a sustainable and blissful livelihood. There will be multiple plots for sale available at this hero’s block.

Most importantly, the developers have also launched a payment plan that gives a sense of having an affordable investment opportunity here. So, let’s explore all the available details regarding the heroes block.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is a famous and in-demand housing project by inland and overseas investors. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location is close to twin cities making it the ultimate investment opportunity for nearby investors. There will be easy instalment plans available for the investors. And that is the reason the Kingdom Valley Payment Plans are highly affordable.

The project is highly reasonable because it was started under the previous government Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Recently, new developers have been developing the Kingdom Valley Heroes Block, which will also be the ultimate space to start an optimal living standard.

Kingdom Valley Heroes block

Detailed information regarding the Kingdom Valley heroes block concept will be available soon. Also, the living space will associate with sports celebrities. Moreover, society has offered an easy and payable payment plan. They are ensuring that all investors find investing more feasible and viable. Further, there is multiple properties provision available in the community. Lastly, the property details are discussed below.

Master plan

The property specifications are available as per the official announcements. Moreover, the developers are keeping global living standards to uplift the livelihood among future residents. The premium quality infrastructure and accessibility of all basics and luxurious commodities will be part of this heroes’ community. Finally, the plot specification for this hero’s block is available here.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Heroes Block Payment Plan

The kingdom Valley Islamabad is always up for facilitating investors with the most affordable investment opportunities. Similarly, the heroes block will aid the shareholders in making the most reasonable investment. So without delay, let’s look at the kingdom valley heroes block payment plan details.

Heroes Block Payment Plan

5 Marla Plot Price

The 5 Marla properties are this housing scheme’s most popular and in-demand investment plots. Also, the price of these properties falls in most investors’ range. So, let’s look at the five marla plots’ price specifications.

  • 5 Marla total price is PKR 19,00,000/-
  • The easy payable downpayment and confirmation amount is PKR 190,000/-
  • Eight half-yearly instalments of five marla plots are PKR 105,000/-
  • Forty-eight monthly instalments of the five marla properties are PKR 17,000/-

7 Marla Plot for Sale

The seven-marla plot is another profitable investment opportunity for everyone. Moreover, there are highly affordable installments available for everyone in the community. And these are the 7 Marla plots installment specifications:

  • 7 Marla plot total price at heroes block is PKR 24,00,000/-
  • The downpayment and confirmation amount will be PKR 240,000/-
  • PKR 127,000/- are eight half-yearly installments
  • PKR 22,600/- are the forty-eight monthly installments.

10 Marla Plot Price

The ten marla plots are also excellent investment properties available for all investors in the community. So, their payment plans encourage investors to make a desirable investment here.

  • The total amount of 10 Marla plots is PKR 31,00,000/-
  • Confirmation and downpayment is PKR 310,000/-
  • PKR 155,000/- are eight half-yearly installments
  • Lastly, the forty-eight monthly installments are PKR 31,000/-

1 Kanal Plot Price

Investors can now attain a luxurious living standard by investing in Kanal properties. The premium quality infrastructure and world-class amenities will be accessible at this block. And the price specifications are.

  • PKR 48,00,000/- is the total amount of the 1 Kanal plot
  • Confirmation and downpayment are PKR 480,000/-
  • Eight Half Yearly installments are PKR 230,000/-
  • Lastly, the 48 Monthly installments are PKR 50,000/-


Kingdom Valley Heroes Block is the latest addition in the kingdom valley Islamabad. Moreover, the developers are willing to create a sustainable yet luxurious lifestyle for all investors. And that is why they are making a block that will not only associate the celebrities’ names but also offer global living standards to everyone. Further, the location and the plot’s price specifications are available on this blog, which is highly affordable and within range of most investors. There are other terms and clauses pertinent to book a desirable plot here. And to get updated details and guidance, contact the Estate Land Marketing professional team immediately.

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New Punjab structures must be earthquake-proof

New Punjab structures must be earthquake-proof

In order to lessen the damage caused by earthquakes, Senior Member Board of Revenue (SMBR) Relief Commissioner Punjab Nabeel Javed has instructed the line departments to utilize earthquake-proof materials in newly built buildings in Punjab, according to a news source on March 24.

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On his visit to the command center of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Javed issued these instructions. He gave the government an order to investigate high-rise structures while he was there to see if earthquake-resistant materials were being used. He issued a warning that anyone who use unconventional building materials will face harsh punishment.

Imran Qureshi, director general of the PDMA, informed the relief commissioner on the earthquake and gave him the preliminary report. Additionally, he requested that all districts submit information on the tools they have at their disposal to handle such disasters.

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DHA LHR grants NICOP plots in Overseas Enclave

DHA LHR grants NICOP plots in Overseas Enclave

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore has allowed NICOP holders to take ownership of plots in Phase VII’s Overseas Enclave (Sector T). On March 24, this was disclosed via a post on the authority’s official Facebook page.

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These chosen plots, described as “an exclusive chance for NICOP holders,” come in 1 kanal and 10 marla sizes. These plots can be purchased in 2-year installments.

The article further states that candidates interested in this job can begin applying on March 27. Applications for these plots must be submitted by April 14th.

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Rawalpindi Commissioner demands 100% land revenue record digitalization

Rawalpindi Commissioner demands 100% land revenue record digitalization

According to news stories from March 26, Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha ordered the officials to guarantee that all land revenue records in the division are fully digital before the review meeting set for the following week.

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All assistant commissioners received instructions from the commissioner to finish the manual mozah collection. He added that the goal of land revenue reforms is to avoid needless red tape at the government level and to offer quick fixes for issues relating to land.

To this end, orders have been given to all the districts in the Rawalpindi division, including Rawalpindi, Attock, Talagang, Chakwal, Jhelum, and Murree, to meet the revenue reform targets as quickly as feasible and make sure that all favourable effects benefit the general populace.

The temporary mutation should be finished by March 31 and the Block Khewats should be unblocked, according to Commissioner Chatta. Also, he instructed deputy commissioners to go to sub-registrars’ offices to make sure that they are open to the public and that their business is run fairly.

A target of 702 Dehi Markaz Malls have been established for the division, out of which 686 have been finished and operationalized, according to Additional Commissioner Revenue, who briefed the group on how each district was doing with respect to the five revenue reform objectives.

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