Kingdom Valley Islamabad Launched the Heroes Block


Kingdom Valley is launching a new block named the Kingdom Valley heroes block. Also, this will be famous for celebrating our heroes, which details will be available soon. As far as we have received the legal and authentic information, the property details will be available soon. The purpose of building this new block is to create a living space with all amenities that offer investors a sustainable and blissful livelihood. There will be multiple plots for sale available at this hero’s block.

Most importantly, the developers have also launched a payment plan that gives a sense of having an affordable investment opportunity here. So, let’s explore all the available details regarding the heroes block.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom valley Islamabad is a famous and in-demand housing project by inland and overseas investors. Moreover, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location is close to twin cities making it the ultimate investment opportunity for nearby investors. There will be easy instalment plans available for the investors. And that is the reason the Kingdom Valley Payment Plans are highly affordable.

The project is highly reasonable because it was started under the previous government Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Recently, new developers have been developing the Kingdom Valley Heroes Block, which will also be the ultimate space to start an optimal living standard.

Kingdom Valley Heroes block

Detailed information regarding the Kingdom Valley heroes block concept will be available soon. Also, the living space will associate with sports celebrities. Moreover, society has offered an easy and payable payment plan. They are ensuring that all investors find investing more feasible and viable. Further, there is multiple properties provision available in the community. Lastly, the property details are discussed below.

Master plan

The property specifications are available as per the official announcements. Moreover, the developers are keeping global living standards to uplift the livelihood among future residents. The premium quality infrastructure and accessibility of all basics and luxurious commodities will be part of this heroes’ community. Finally, the plot specification for this hero’s block is available here.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Heroes Block Payment Plan

The kingdom Valley Islamabad is always up for facilitating investors with the most affordable investment opportunities. Similarly, the heroes block will aid the shareholders in making the most reasonable investment. So without delay, let’s look at the kingdom valley heroes block payment plan details.

Heroes Block Payment Plan

5 Marla Plot Price

The 5 Marla properties are this housing scheme’s most popular and in-demand investment plots. Also, the price of these properties falls in most investors’ range. So, let’s look at the five marla plots’ price specifications.

  • 5 Marla total price is PKR 19,00,000/-
  • The easy payable downpayment and confirmation amount is PKR 190,000/-
  • Eight half-yearly instalments of five marla plots are PKR 105,000/-
  • Forty-eight monthly instalments of the five marla properties are PKR 17,000/-

7 Marla Plot for Sale

The seven-marla plot is another profitable investment opportunity for everyone. Moreover, there are highly affordable installments available for everyone in the community. And these are the 7 Marla plots installment specifications:

  • 7 Marla plot total price at heroes block is PKR 24,00,000/-
  • The downpayment and confirmation amount will be PKR 240,000/-
  • PKR 127,000/- are eight half-yearly installments
  • PKR 22,600/- are the forty-eight monthly installments.

10 Marla Plot Price

The ten marla plots are also excellent investment properties available for all investors in the community. So, their payment plans encourage investors to make a desirable investment here.

  • The total amount of 10 Marla plots is PKR 31,00,000/-
  • Confirmation and downpayment is PKR 310,000/-
  • PKR 155,000/- are eight half-yearly installments
  • Lastly, the forty-eight monthly installments are PKR 31,000/-

1 Kanal Plot Price

Investors can now attain a luxurious living standard by investing in Kanal properties. The premium quality infrastructure and world-class amenities will be accessible at this block. And the price specifications are.

  • PKR 48,00,000/- is the total amount of the 1 Kanal plot
  • Confirmation and downpayment are PKR 480,000/-
  • Eight Half Yearly installments are PKR 230,000/-
  • Lastly, the 48 Monthly installments are PKR 50,000/-


Kingdom Valley Heroes Block is the latest addition in the kingdom valley Islamabad. Moreover, the developers are willing to create a sustainable yet luxurious lifestyle for all investors. And that is why they are making a block that will not only associate the celebrities’ names but also offer global living standards to everyone. Further, the location and the plot’s price specifications are available on this blog, which is highly affordable and within range of most investors. There are other terms and clauses pertinent to book a desirable plot here. And to get updated details and guidance, contact the Estate Land Marketing professional team immediately.

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