The CDA Board will study and approve amended dwelling layout designs

The CDA Board will study and approve amended dwelling layout designs

Islamabad: According to news reported on March 24, the city administration has determined that instances involving the updated layout plans (LOPs) of the housing scheme will be assessed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board for approval.

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Prior to Wednesday, instances involving amended layout plans were resolved by the CDA Planning Wing. However, the chairman secretariat changed the process after becoming aware that the revised LOPs had been approved without the CDA Board’s consent.

The member planning office has been prohibited from accepting the updated floor plans for housing projects in the city without the board’s consent, according to the official sources from the Planning Wing.

According to the letter from the chairman secretariat, the CDA Board will be presented with all permissions pertaining to the revision of LOPs, and any necessary amendments to regulations will be included. The letter further said that the Planning Wing will perform better as a result of this choice.

According to the sources, many housing project owners previously obtained LOP permission from the CDA and sold out plots without obtaining a no-objection certificate (NOC) for the specified purpose. The owners of housing projects frequently sold off property that was originally intended for parks, mosques, schools, cemeteries, and other facilities.

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